Chapter 5 Permanent Bed Ticket

That night, after I got off the morning shift, I looked at the time. It was already past three in the morning. I was beaten black and blue during the day and still looked a little embarrassed.

But I still went out with my room card.

When I arrived at room 302, I tried to knock on the door, but no one answered me after a while. I was a little confused. What do you mean? Are you kidding me?

After some thought, I opened the door.

With the lights on and the warm pink light, the hotel's theme room seemed to be filled with lust. On the bed, there was a tempting goblin, Su Mei.

Seeing me come in, she looked at me with a smile.

She was wearing a gauze nightgown, and the hazy feeling was even more enticing. With a buzzing sound on my head, my breath became heavy.

Step by step, I smiled and said, "You know how to pick a place."

"There are guests who like this hotel and come often." She said casually.

My face froze in embarrassment.

I don't know if it was my illusion or not, but her eyes darkened for a moment, but then she recovered immediately. She smiled self-deprecatingly and said, "You think I'm dirty, don't you?"

I didn't say anything, but it was dirty, and I didn't think it was dirty. After staying in this industry for a long time, my mind would change a little. I did miss her, but I protected her, but I didn't really like her. I couldn't tell the exact reason.

"That's the only thing between men and women. When you get out of the body, they pay for everything they need. There's nothing dirty about it." I thought about it and said.

The expression on her face immediately eased a lot. She stood up with a smile and stood up in front of me in a beautiful way. After twirling around for two times, when my soul was about to come out, she said, "Tonight, this body is yours. You don't have to pay for it. You can play whatever you want."

Mom, this is the end of the story. If I can hold it back, I won't be a man!

What I had been looking forward to for so long had finally come true. God knows how excited I was.

Her figure really exploded. She was so close that her sandpaper nightdress couldn't cover anything. Under the warm pink light, there was a beautiful thing in front of me that I wanted to use!

I pounced like a hungry wolf.

"Are you in such a hurry?" She said with a blush on her pretty face.

I chuckled and knew in my heart that this shy look was mostly fake. I've heard people say before that in their line of work, acting is very important. No matter how much I don't want to sleep with each other, I have to pretend. The better I pretend, the more alike I act, the more money I give!

Even if there were some men who couldn't do the job, they didn't feel anything at all. They had to pretend to scream twice.

I don't know if she was faking it, but I was really set on fire.

To be honest, I am not a child. In these days, a few hundred yuan is enough to be a wild man, and a chicken's nest can vent fire. Although the beauty, quality and enjoyment are not as good as those of Su Mei, they can manage their fill.

I ripped open the gauze nightgown roughly, because it was not strong enough, and with a groan, all the beauty was revealed in front of me, without a doubt, and that kind of cheerfulness made me want to howl.

She wasn't wearing stockings, but she was wearing simple three-point underwear. The mountain on her chest was trembling because of her movements. I swallowed hard, buried my head in it, and took deep breaths. There was a faint fragrance on her body, like the fragrance of a rose and lily.

Without too much foreplay, I quickly mounted the gun.

She was very cooperative, and the sound of the waves was even more exciting to my blood spurting, working hard.

Looking at her snake-like body tossing and turning under me, her messy hair howling, and her body dripping with sweat, I felt a deep sense of satisfaction.

After all, it was something I risked my life to get. I felt very satisfied. I felt good in the clouds. I felt that it was worth getting beaten up!

This trip lasted until seven or eight in the morning, when my back ached and I lay down on the bed, panting. She lit a cigarette for me and lay on my chest like a kitten. The mountain was squeezed into meat patties in front of my chest. It was very soft and comfortable. Su Mei's valuable cigarette was in my mouth. I felt like an immortal at that time.

She told me that if I wanted to, I could contact her anytime.

A permanent bed ticket! It's worth it!