Chapter 6 Beauty Is A Curse

In the next two days, at work, although my injuries were still not healed, I was very proud. What surprised me most was Su Mei's attitude towards me. Every time I met him in the hallway, I would get sick of him. Every time, I would say a few explicit flirtatious words. I didn't know that I thought we were a couple.

One day, Qin Feng and I had just changed for work, and a thin young man walked up to me. Without a word, he pushed me against the wall and grabbed my neck with one hand.

"Wang Hao, do you want to die? Su Mei, how dare you touch it?" The other party glared fiercely.

This guy's name is Huang Lei, and he's a waitress just like us, but his brother's job at the Procurement division has something to do with it.

I know this guy has had a crush on Su Mei for a long time, but Su Mei is a young girl who is very picky, and the average customer doesn't like her. Unless she is rich and powerful, she has to make sure that she gets a positive return for every effort.

Therefore, it was very difficult for us hardworking workers to get into Su Mei's eyes.

Now that I have brought the beauty back first, his eyes naturally turned red and his face was in trouble.

I told you before that I was timid. If I had been timid before, I would have been timid, but after you and Brother Biao came and went to me a few times, I was a lot skinnier. I was beaten like that b by Brother Biao, and now I'm fine. What can he do to me with such a little brat?

I pushed him away, raised an eyebrow, and said, "Who does Su Mei want to be with? That's her business. It has nothing to do with you. And who are you? Why wouldn't I dare?"

Huang Lei was stunned, and then he realized that he couldn't help but make a move. Qin Feng, who was beside him, quickly came out to make things right, "Huang Lei, forget it. It's not good for anyone at work."

Huang Lei looked at me coldly and said fiercely, "Okay, Wang Hao, just wait and see how I deal with you."

After Huang Lei left, Qin Feng looked at me in surprise and said, "Did Brother Biao beat you up this time? What are you doing against this guy when you have nothing to do? It's not good for you."

"It's just a little punk. Don't be afraid." I said casually.

However, the next day, I was told by the Finance department that my salary was gone last month, and the reason was that the guests complained. I knew clearly that Huang Lei was behind it.

Not to mention, when I got back to the dorm at night, Huang Lei and his men blocked me.

"Aren't you awesome? Can you show me another one? What? Brother Biao hasn't taught you well these two days?" Huang Lei slapped my face and said arrogantly.

When I mentioned brother biao, I felt a surge of anger in my heart. How could I bear it? He punched Huang Lei right in the nose.

Naturally, my fate was very miserable, and I was beaten up by a group of people called by Huang Lei.

Before leaving, Huang Lei stepped on my chest and said to me, "Wang Hao, I'll warn you again. Stay away from su mei. She's mine!"

I didn't say a word, my teeth were broken and I swallowed. My fists were tightly clenched together. I had no money or power. I was bullied into a dog even when I worked!

Speaking of which, Huang Lei is also a jerk. He has a girlfriend and is one of our princesses, but because of Huang Lei's relationship, he doesn't seem to be out of the stage yet, so he just hangs up on a job.

His girlfriend's name is Liu Rong. She's a little baby fat and she's very cute. I've been paying attention to her for a while.

But this Huang Lei guy didn't know how to cherish it. He was just fooling around outside, and this Liu Rong was also thoughtless, so that both of them could be at peace?

Because of Su Mei, Huang Lei was completely at odds with me. For the next week, Brother Biao didn't come to pick me up, but Huang Lei kept tripping me up from time to time, making me completely unable to lift my head.

One day, I was serving drinks to a guest in a private room when a man suddenly flashed out of the way and hit me. The wine on the tray spilled all over the floor and a bottle of valuable red wine was smashed. Needless to say, the money was naturally on my head.

I looked up angrily. The person who hit me was Huang Lei. He was followed by two dog legs who often followed him. He looked at me provocatively and said, "How is it?"

I didn't say anything. I squatted down quietly to clean up. Where were the three of them? And this Huang Lei was so stubborn that he stepped on me and hurt me.

My head heated up, and I suddenly got up and almost rushed up, but just then, a woman appeared.