Chapter 8 Compromise

I won't be mistaken. This is indeed Huang Lei's girlfriend, Liu Rong, and it was taken in a princess uniform.

"What do you mean?" I looked up at elder sister Hong.

"Don't you understand? I heard that you and Huang Lei have been having a bad time lately. To show your sincerity, his girlfriend gave it to you." Elder sister Hong shrugged and took it for granted.

I stood up in a flash, "Elder sister Hong, I'm not a good person, but I have a bottom line. Huang Lei did it for me, and I sought revenge for Huang Lei. I can't do it. Huang Lei is not a thing, but this Liu Rong, I always thought she was a good girl, so..."

Unexpectedly, before I could finish speaking, elder sister Hong burst out laughing, because the movements were too large, and the surge in his chest began to tremble.

"What are you laughing at?" I frowned slightly.

"You can answer me after you see the photo. This girl, are you playing?" Elder sister Hong raised an eyebrow and looked at me with a burning gaze.

Only then did I realize that the photos on the table were stacked together. Out of curiosity, I spread them out. The next second, I was stunned.

In the photo, it was still Liu Rong, but the content inside was ugly.

A paunchy nouveau riche was sitting on the sofa with his pants down to his knees, Liu Rong's clothes half-undone, his hair messy and kneeling in front of the nouveau riche, his head buried deep, and his butt trying to figure out what he was doing.


The photos in the back were even more outrageous. There were all kinds of poses, and they were different from several men. The scale was even more forbidding than the small movies I had seen!

I always thought that Liu Rong didn't receive guests, but these photos directly overturned my understanding.

"Don't answer me in a hurry. Think about it. Think about it before you contact me." Elder sister Hong said with a smile, seeing that I was still hesitating.

To be honest, I'm tempted. I've never played with a lot of women. Liu Rong is something I've never played before. If she's really a good girl, I have to think about it. But since she's also a bitch, it's different.

Before I left, elder sister Hong said to me, "By the way, keep the photo. It might be useful."

I stayed in the private room for a long time, and the battle between heaven and man in my heart didn't come to a decision in the end.

With a sigh, I put the photo in my pocket, got up and walked out. As soon as I left the door, a figure directly bumped into me and punched me hard on the nose. I snorted, tilted my head back, and the nosebleed came out in an instant.

"Damn it, Wang Hao. I haven't cleaned you up yet. You put on my little shoes. Do you think Sister Hua can really protect you?" Huang Lei yelled at me, spoiling me.

I can't even open my eyes. I'm still in a daze. Wear shoes? What do you mean?

Later, I found out that before I left the private room, Sister Hua was behind the scenes, deducting Huang Lei's salary for the month, and also implicitly revealing it to Huang Lei. It was my little report.

Needless to say, it was definitely elder sister Hong who was behind it, and blaming me was obviously trying to deepen the conflict between Huang Lei and me.

Huang Lei grabbed my hair and dragged me back to the dorm with a few boys. That night, I was beaten up badly.

After Huang Lei left, I weakly got up from the ground, ignoring the blood stains on my face, and trembling my hands, I took out the photos from my pocket, staring fixedly at Liu Rong, who was in an attractive position.

All night, I was staring at the picture in my hand, not even in class. In the morning, after Qin Feng got off work, he came back to the dormitory and was shocked to see my face covered in blood. He asked me what was wrong.

I didn't say anything. I just shook my head. Then I took out my phone and flipped through elder sister Hong's phone.

Force me, right? Do you want me to play? Okay, then play!

"Elder sister Hong, it's me."

"Wang Hao, what's wrong? Have you considered it?"

"Isn't that what you want to see? But how can you guarantee that Huang Lei won't retaliate against me?"

I'm not a fool. I have a grudge against Huang Lei. If I let him know that I'm on Liu Rong again, he might find someone to break my leg!

"Don't worry about that. Since you've agreed, it's my man. A little Huang Lei can't touch you." Elder sister Hong said confidently.

I don't quite understand the meaning of this, but since elder sister Hong said she was dead, what else should I worry about?

"You don't have to work tonight at 8: 00. Come to Xx hotel and report my name when you go. The people there will arrange it for you." Elder sister Hong hung up after saying that.

After 7 pm, I arrived at the hotel in advance. Two beautiful women were chatting at the front desk. When they saw me, they asked, "Stay? Do you have a reservation?"

"Elder sister Hong asked me to come." I hesitated.

The two of them were obviously stunned. One of them quickly got up and left. The other walked out of the counter affectionately, took my pen and rubbed the meatball on my arm, "You're Brother King, aren't you?"

Brother King? My surname is wang.

Soon, the hotel lobby manager arrived, and even walked up to me in fear, nodding and bowing, "Brother King, right? Come with me. Elder sister Hong has arranged everything."

At the door of a guest room on the fourth floor, I was a little dazed with my room card. Is this the room? Tonight, I'm going up to Liu Rong right here?