Chapter 9 Peak of Life

When I opened the door, I walked in, thinking about when elder sister Hong would send Liu Rong to me.

But I didn't expect to see a girl lying in her bed as soon as I went in!

She looked like she was asleep under the blanket, and this girl was clearly Liu Rong!

I wipe, it is already arranged ah, careful I also found that the bedside table, even the safety equipment has been prepared for me, all kinds of brands and types are available!

I was a little nervous. In the past, when I was in the company, these princesses were getting more and more arrogant and humble in front of our waiters. At this moment, all of a sudden, I did not react.

"Liu Rong? Wake up." I called out tentatively and patted her face carefully.

Seeing that she didn't respond, I got bolder. I reached out and slowly lifted the quilt. Liu Rong was naked inside!

A wave of white flowers swayed in front of my eyes, eyes following the trend down, through the flat stomach, a mysterious dark let my brain instantly bloodshot!

I clenched my teeth, and such a beautiful woman lay naked on the bed and did whatever I wanted to do. If I could bear it, I wouldn't be a man.

With a push of his arm, he threw the blanket out, and Liu Rong, who was naked, appeared in front of me.

I couldn't wait for my whole body to press down on it and take deep breaths. It was a wonderful feeling, completely different from what Su Mei gave me.

Su Mei was willing and knew how to cooperate, but this Liu Rong, let me have a strange sense of speed, feeling!

After sucking and playing for a while, I didn't feel very satisfied. I just sat up and planned to get straight to work. But when I got up, I saw Liu Rong's eyes looking at me too!

My mind exploded. Oh my god, when did I wake up? Elder sister Hong's drug is not effective! How can this end if the chain falls off at a critical moment?

"Well, Liu Rong, listen to me..."

Unexpectedly, Liu Rong smiled and said, "Brother King, stop it. I understand."

Understand? What do you know? I was confused.

The next second, Liu Rong took the initiative, a pair of slender legs directly around me, holding my waist, arms like octopus climbed up to my neck, cherry mouth immediately pressed up.

It suddenly dawned on me that elder sister Hong had done a good job in this area!

In fact, it was right to think about it. Since Liu Rong was so cheap, the purpose of course was to make money. Elder sister Hong did not look like a person who lacked money at first sight!

In that case, I have nothing to hesitate about. I leaned over and pressed liu rong directly under my body. I turned to look at the bedside table.

Liu Rong's brain was also nimble. With a laugh, her cherry lips pressed against my ear, and her lilac tongue licked my earlobe, she said, "If Brother King doesn't like it, you don't have to use it. Rongrong is yours tonight. Brother King can play whatever he wants."

The corners of my mouth rose slightly and I narrowed my eyes and said, "Really anything?"

She was stunned, then nodded and said with a bashful look, "Of course, elder sister Hong told me. Brother King can come."

Somehow, I suddenly thought of Huang Lei. When I thought of Huang Lei and some of my friends beating me up, my face immediately darkened. Without a word, I grabbed Liu Rong's hair and pressed it down.

This night, I really used everything I had learned in a small movie. Liu Rong was also dedicated and cooperative throughout. Even if she hurt her sometimes, she had to keep smiling.

This kind of king's enjoyment, which was above everything else, made me feel very excited, and soon stopped. If not, I could have another round!

I slept in a daze until morning. When I woke up, Liu Rong had already left. Looking at the marks of the water stains on the bed, I was a little surprised. Was it so crazy last night?

My legs were a little weak, so I put on my clothes and went back to the company. When I came out of the elevator, the company lobby was in front of me.

As soon as I came out, I saw the hall full of people. I suddenly realized that it was time for the morning meeting.

I skipped work last night. Although elder sister Hong said it was okay, I didn't know what to do!

The person who was lecturing was Sister Hua. When he saw me coming out of the elevator, Sister Hua shouted, "Wang Hao, you're just in time. Come over here."

I was a little nervous, thinking that I was going to teach her about skipping work, so I nervously walked over to her and looked up. Besides the waiter, all that was left was the scantily dressed public relations and princess. Yingying and yanyan were all beautiful women.

"Let me introduce you. This is Wang Hao from our company. From today on, he is the foreman of the waiter and the part-time assistant manager of the lobby." Sister Hua said in a startling voice.