Chapter 496 What about Her?

"How's brother?"

Tangdou looked at her and smiled, "How about grandma wu? Did they miss me?"

I haven't seen them for a few days. Tangdou is very concerned about Zong Beili and Nanny Wu.

Tong Huaer was stunned for a few seconds, then looked at Tangdou and smiled, "They're all fine. It's late now. Tangdou should rest."

"Well, well, sister hua' er, I'll see you tomorrow. Good night."

Although he really wanted to talk to sister Huaer, sister Huaer should rest now. Let's talk tomorrow.

"Good night."

Tong Huaer said with his lips hooked.

The plane had already taken off. Tong Huaer looked through the glass at the dark sky. The last time she took the plane, it seemed that she was still with Zong Beili...

On the other side.

Dongfang gradually turned white. Zong Beili frowned on the big bed and tightened his arms, holding his embrace. After a few seconds, he suddenly opened his eyes and looked down into his arms.


"Tong Huaer?" Zong Beili sat up and shouted.


It was quiet in the bedroom.

The curtains by the french windows were blown up by the wind.

Zong Beili squinted at the balcony, lifted the quilt, got out of bed and strode towards the bathroom.

Two minutes later, Zong Beili came out of the bathroom and walked quickly to the cloakroom!

No one!

Zongbei li opened the bedroom door and the bodyguards looked at him respectfully, "Young master Zong."

"Where is she?" Zong Beili frowned.

"..." The bodyguards were all shocked. At this moment, suddenly an underling ran up from downstairs in a panic." Young master Zong, it's not good! Our people were attacked last night!

Zongbei's eagle eyes suddenly tightened and his handsome face turned completely ugly, "What did you say?"

Ten minutes later.

The air in the main hall of the villa was so low that one could not breathe. Zongbei sat on the sofa with his eyes closed. The bodyguards and maids stood in a row in front of him, all with their heads lowered and did not dare to breathe out.

"Young master Zong, the people from yesterday's bowl were well prepared. We were going to send a signal, but we didn't expect them to not only be skilled, but they also seemed to have some medicine. We fainted within seconds of smelling it."

A bodyguard stood in front of Zong Beili, lowered his head and said with a serious face.

Miss Tong disappeared right under their noses. This time, they were really guilty of death!

"Young master Zong, we found Miss Tong's location! The anklet is located in the villa area!"

Ye Shen came over with his computer.

Zong Beili suddenly opened his eyes, glanced coldly at the screen, stood up and strode out of the villa.

Ten minutes later, several cars stopped at the side of the road near the gate of the villa area. Zong Beili opened the door and got out of the car. A bodyguard walked towards him quickly, holding Tong Huaer's anklet in his hand, "Master zong..."

They were able to locate the satellite as fast as they could, but they only found this ring in the grass and didn't see Tong Huaer at all.


The cool morning temperature immediately dropped to freezing point!

Zong Beili stared at the silver anklet, narrowing his eyes and shooting out a murderous rage.

She actually took it off!

A few hours ago, he was still fighting with him, hugging him and saying that he would never leave again. Now throw the anklet here! She wanted him to never find her!

"Master zong..." Ye Shen realized the situation was not good and walked over.

"Look!" Zong Beili's cold voice seemed to squeeze through his teeth, and his stern handsome face was frighteningly grim, "All the bus tickets, all the cameras in the city! Find them all for me!"

"Yes!" Ye shen gestured to the bodyguards behind him.

Zong Beili stared at the anklet in his hand, his handsome jaw clenched, and his dark eyes filled with cold. Tong Huaer, do you want to leave? Then you better pray that I never find you!


On the plane, Tong Huaer suddenly sneezed and wiped the corners of his lips with a tissue.

"You have a cold?" Lan Shaoyan walked over from behind and saw Tong Huaer's eyes clearly. She was still wearing the suit jacket he gave her yesterday, and the big clothes covered her slender body.

"Uncle." Tangdou greeted him politely. Master lan smiled at him and the little guy lowered his head to continue eating.

"I don't know. Maybe it was the wind yesterday." Tong Huaer said softly, lowering his head and stirring the milk in the glass. His long eyelashes trembled slightly, and his exquisite profile was perfect.

"Lan He, go play with uncle A Dong for a while." Lan Shaoyan looked away and patted Tangdou on the head.

"Oh." Tangdou slid down from his chair and ran away.

"Are you worried that zong beili will look for you?"

Tong Huaer didn't expect that the first thing Lan Shaoyan said was about Zong Beili.

"No." Tong Huaer shook his head gently and looked at the clouds outside the window with a twinkle in his eyes. He said in a low voice, "He may not be looking for me."

Zong Beili's personality was so changeable that he might have decided to ignore her forever in a fit of anger.

Tong Huaer didn't dare to think about the look on the man's face when Zong Beili woke up and saw that she was gone.

He wouldn't look for her...

Lan Shaoyan raised his eyebrows slightly. Would he tell her that Tianshui was completely closed to traffic and that even flights were under control?

It's not that Zong Beili isn't looking for her now, but... He's looking for her all over the world!

In the evening, the plane slowly landed in the afterglow of the setting sun.

Tong Huaer and Tangdou got off the plane and looked around doubtfully, "Where is this?"

"Little island, sister Huaer, aren't you here to accompany me on vacation?"

Tangdou looked up at her with a smile.


Tong Huaer was stunned.


"Let's go." Lan Shaoyan came up from behind.

Tong Huaer frowned at his back. She didn't go to Zong Beili's island, but she went to an island with Lan Shaoyan!

However, this island was not Lan Shaoyan's private. On the way to the villa, Tong Huaer saw a lot of blond people, and estimated that this should be a tourist destination.

Soon, the car stopped in front of a villa. After Tong Huaer got out of the car, he turned around and looked around.

The three-story villa surrounded by coconut trees is not far from the sea, and the scenery and view are excellent.

"What do you think of this place?" Lan Shaoyan walked towards her with a faint smile.

Tong Huaer regained his composure and gently hooked his lips, "It's good."

Now, it's the same where she lives.

"Tangdou, let's go in."

Tong Huaer didn't say anything more. He called Tangdou and the two of them walked towards the door of the villa together.

Such a perfunctory attitude...

However, she had just left Zong Beili, and it was normal for her to be in a bad mood. Lan Shaoyan's evil face raised an eyebrow, glanced at the back of his eyes, and raised her heels.

A row of maids stood in front of the villa. When they saw Tong Huaer and Tangdou, they bowed their heads respectfully, "Madam, young master, we have been waiting for a long time."