Chapter 497 The Gates of Hell

"Ah?" Tong Huaer was shocked. Knowing that they had misunderstood her relationship with Lan Shaoyan, he quickly said, "No..."

"Ha..." A low laugh suddenly sounded behind her. Tong Huaer turned around and saw Lan Shaoyan standing behind her. He looked at her with a happy face and said to the maids in a low voice, "Call her Miss Tong from now on."

"Yes! Miss Tong!"

The maids did not dare to ask any more questions and made a neat sound.

"... Tong Huaer frowned, and Lan Shaoyan's lips curved." They didn't mean it either. Let's go in and take a look at your room."


Tong Huaer looked at him, didn't say anything, and turned to go upstairs.

The maid took Huaer to a bedroom and left. Tong Huaer walked into the room, looked around at the furnishings, and walked to the window.

From where she was, she could see the beach outside. There were speedboats and strong people surfing on the sea. The girls in bikinis on the beach were very sexy...

It was very lively.

Tong Huaer's eyes twinkled as she looked outside. In just one day, she had arrived in a foreign country, unfamiliar people, unfamiliar environment, unfamiliar language...

Knock knock knock."

Tong Huaer turned around and saw a maid standing at the door, "What's the matter?"

"Miss Tong, let's bring you some clothes." The maid said to her.

Several maids came in with their clothes. Tong Huaer looked at them and walked over.

Now that she needed a dress, Tong Huaer took one and turned around to look around and walked to the bathroom.

Fortunately, the clothes were exactly her size. After putting them on, Tong Huaer opened the bathroom door and was stunned when he walked out.

"Why are you here?"

The maids were all gone, and Lan Shaoyan was the only one in the bedroom.

"Yes, it suits you very well." Master lan yanfeng glanced around Tong Huaer, her eyes darkening.

Tong Huaer frowned and was about to speak when he heard Master lan say, "I'm here to ask you for dinner. Let's go. Lan He is still waiting for us."

After that, Lan Shaoyan turned around and walked out.

Tong Huaer looked at his back, didn't say anything, and raised his heels.

After dinner, Tong Huaer chatted with Tangdou for a while. After sending the little guy back to his room, he went back to his room.

It was completely dark outside, and then the street lights in the garden lit up. Tong Huaer walked to the bed and sat down, staring out the window in a daze.

Zong Beili, what is he doing now?

All day long, the name kept popping up in her head. She could not bear to think about it, but now that she was alone in the dead of night, Tong Huaer found herself completely out of control.

Leaving doesn't mean you're not sad.

But it was better to be sad than to drag him down.

Tong Huaer took a deep breath and smiled as if he were comforting himself. He gradually shrank down and lay down, slowly closing his eyes.

On the other side.

Zong Beili sat on the sofa with a frown, and there was a ring and a cell phone on the coffee table in front of him.

"Young master Zong, we've checked all the surveillance cameras in the city. The car disappeared after leaving the villa. We can't find any clues."

Ye Shen hurried in from the outside and reported that he had been searching all day but found nothing. He was also very tired.

Zong Beili's black eyes were fixed on the phone on the table, and his expressionless handsome face coldly shook three words: "Keep looking!"

"Yes!" Ye Shen lowered his head with a serious expression.

Zong Beili didn't say anything. His thin lips were pursed tightly. He picked up his phone and anklet on the table and strode upstairs.

There was no need for bodyguards anymore. In the quiet corridor, Zong Beili pushed open the door and stopped at the dark bedroom door for a while before walking in.

It was quiet in the room. Everything was the same as yesterday. Zong Beili did not turn on the light and sat grimly by the bed with a frown on his face. The familiar fragrance instantly surrounded him.

A deadly smell.

The corner of his eye flashed, and suddenly he caught a glimpse of a dark object. Zong Beili squinted and looked at the bedside table.

It was the diary he had given to Tong Huaer. He had asked her to keep a diary about him every day, but she was too busy to read it.

Zong Beili's strong memory told him that this diary was not here yesterday!


The bedroom was brightly lit.

Zong Beili reached for the diary and opened it. His eyebrows furrowed and his cold eyes stared at the words on it.

Zong Beili, when you opened this book, I was no longer with you.

Are you angry?

In fact, I really want to leave you openly, but I know you won't agree.

Stop looking for me.

Zong Beili, you are my dream, and I am your nightmare.

It's time for us to wake up.

Take good care of yourself. Don't drink too much during social engagements, don't always skip meals, and take care of yourself. Don't always stay up late to work. "

Unsigned words, familiar handwriting.

Zong Beili's thin lips pulled up a sneer of ridicule, and his big hand tightened sharply, staring at the anger in his black eyes, as if he could light the book!

Tong Huaer, I gave you a notebook for you to write a diary about your love for me. You used it to write a farewell message?!

Zong Beili closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The pain in his chest made him frown.

Knock knock knock."

Suddenly, there were a few soft sounds from the door.

Zong Beili opened his eyes and said in a cold voice, "Come in!"

"Young master Zong, you haven't eaten anything all day. You should eat something first..."

Before Nanny Wu could finish his sentence, Zong Beili stood up and walked out of the darkness like satan through the gates of hell.

"Young master Zong?" Nanny Wu was frightened by Zong Beili and looked at him obediently.

"Where's Ye Shen?" Zong Beili asked coldly.

"Mr. Ye is on the phone downstairs." Nanny Wu said.

Zong Beili narrowed his eyes and strode downstairs. The cold voice quickly disappeared in the corridor.

"Yes, keep looking! Don't miss anything... Young master Zong."

Ye Shen was giving orders to his men when he suddenly saw zong beili coming down the stairs and lowering his head respectfully.

"There's no need to look. She's with Lan Shaoyan! Go to Lan Shaoyan's place!" Zong Beili pursed his lips and said coldly.

"Mr. Lan?" Ye Shen's eyes flashed with doubt. "Young master Zong, that's not possible. Miss Tong hasn't had much contact with Mr. Lan."

Even with Tangdou as a link, everyone knew that Tong Huaer and Lan Shaoyan didn't usually have much contact.

"How capable do you think she is to take down all the bodyguards by herself?"

Zong Beili turned his head to look at Ye Shen and sneered.

"Absolutely not!" Ye shen said.

From the beginning, no one thought that this was done by Tong Huaer alone. She must have found help, but really Lan Shaoyan?

"Of all the people she knew, how many others could untie their ankles and make her disappear in such a short time?"

Zong Beili's squinted black eyes burst with a murderous rage.