Chapter 498 There Was No Place to Die

Ye Shen was suddenly enlightened. He nodded and said, "I understand! Young master Zong, I'll check now!"


Zong Beili walked to the sofa with a cold face and sat down.

In fact, he should have thought of it a long time ago, but anger had taken over his mind, and he had forgotten such an important clue!

"Master zong..." Nanny Wu hesitated and walked over. Zong Beili gave her a cold look, "Shut up if you want me to eat!"

"No... No, young master Zong, I just wanted to remind you that today is the 17th. It's already so late. Shouldn't you go back to the clan? There have been several calls over there..."

Nanny Wu reminded.


Zong Beili frowned and his handsome face became even uglier. After a while, he said without blinking, "No!"

Zong Beili didn't want to eat, sleep, work, or do anything!

There was only one thing in his mind: Tong Huaer was gone!

"This..." Nanny Wu looked at Zong Beili in astonishment.

She was also an old man beside Zong Beili. Naturally, she knew how important this day was. The elders of the Zongjia were all gathered at the Zongjia, but now young master Zong was absent!

Ye Shen moved quickly and the address was delivered to Zong Beili in less than ten minutes.

Zong Beili took a cold glance and strode out of the villa.

Half an hour later, a dozen luxury cars surrounded a five-star hotel. Zong Beili stepped out of one of the cars and strode towards the door, his lips pursed and his handsome face sharp enough to make people retreat.

There was also a group of people walking out of the hotel lobby. Zong Beili did not look at anyone and his long figure brushed past them.


A cold drink suddenly sounded in the hall.

Zong Beili turned his head and narrowed his murderous eyes on the leader who was approaching the door.

The crowd stopped as well. Lan Yan turned around with a cold face and a rather deferential attitude, "I wonder why young master Zong stopped us?"

Zong Beili squinted, "I remember you were with Lan Shaoyan."

He didn't have much contact with Lan Shaoyan, but his ability to remember everything made him remember the man who had been around Lan Shaoyan once.

"I am." Lan Yan did not deny it.

"Where's Lan Shaoyan?" Zong Beili went straight to the point.

"Young master Zong is looking for second young master? But the young master left the day before yesterday."

Lan Yan said with a straight face. There was no expression on his face. It was hard to tell whether he was sincere or lying.

"Gone?" Zong Beili looked at Lan Yan's handsome face and smiled coldly." Where have you been?" He said without blinking."

"Something happened to the Lan shi company. Second young master went back to deal with it." Lan Yan answered fluently.

What a coincidence!

At this time, his company is in trouble!

"Ye Shen!" Zong Beili stared at Lan Yan coldly, and Ye Shen bowed his head respectfully, "Young master Zong, I'll check it right away!"

With that said, Ye Shen made a gesture and the bodyguards behind him quickly walked upstairs.

Zong Beili did not look at anyone and went to the sofa beside him to sit down. The quiet hall was as quiet as death.

The hotel was sealed and no one could get out, so Lan Yan and the others were forced to stay.

Half an hour later, Ye Shen reported with some seriousness. They did not find Master lan yan and tong Huaer at the hotel. More importantly, they did find Lan Shaoyan's flight information, which was the morning before yesterday.

In terms of time, Lan Shaoyan couldn't have been the one who took Tong Huaer away.


You could hear a pin drop in the hall.

"Young master Zong, I already said that second young master is no longer here. I wonder why you are looking for him so aggressively."

Lan Yan asked faintly.

Zong Beili stared at him for a few seconds, then suddenly stood up, his thin lips curling up in a cold arc, "You think I can't find out if you pretend you don't know anything? Give Lan Shaoyan a message. If he dares to touch a strand of her hair, I'll let him die!"

With that said, Zong Beili turned and strode away, his long figure bringing a cold wind.

The bodyguards behind him immediately followed, and soon the group disappeared from the hall as if they had never been here.

Lan Yan's grim face finally showed a trace of expression, frowning at Zong Beili's back, and his eyes flashed with a solemn look.

Outside the hotel, Zong Beili got in the car. Ye Shen turned his head respectfully, "Young master Zong, what do we do now?"

"Keep an eye on them! Find out where Lan Shaoyan is!"

Zong Beili narrowed his eyes and said coldly.

Lan Shaoyan ran so fast. Where did he take Tong Huaer?

Ye Shen was shocked and his eyes were confused, "Young master Zong, do you still think that Miss Tong was taken away by Mr. Lan?"


After a while, Zong Beili's thin lips curled into a sarcastic arc, "Lan Yan is Lan Shaoyan's confidant. Lan Shaoyan is always out drinking and drinking. He stays at the Lan shi to take care of things. He rarely leaves the Lan shi, but now that he's here, Lan Shaoyan goes back to talk business. What does that mean?"

Such an abnormal behavior could only prove that Lan Yan was a cover to delay time!

Ye Shen immediately responded, frowning and nodding, "I understand what to do!"


Zong Beili pursed his lips and looked out of the window with a cold face. A murderous bloodlust flashed through his eyes.

On the other side.

Tong Huaer had breakfast and sat in her room watching tv. It was all foreign shows. She couldn't see any news about the country.

Knock knock knock."

"Come in."

"Miss Tong, the young master is inviting you to the beach." A maid stood respectfully at the door.


Tong Huaer was stunned, nodded, and stood up, "Okay."

The beach was as busy as yesterday. There were many tourists here. The maid took her to where she could see Lan Shaoyan and Tangdou and left.

Tong Huaer raised his foot and walked over. Suddenly, there was a familiar tone.

"Did he really say that? Heh... Be careful... You don't have to..."

In the unfamiliar language around him, the familiar chinese pronunciation was particularly clear to tong Huaer. Seeing that it was Lan Shaoyan on the phone, Tong Huaer's eyes flashed with a complicated emotion and walked behind him.

Lan Shaoyan suddenly turned around.


Tong Huaer was startled, stopped and did not move. The guard that was staring at Lan Shaoyan stood up.

Tong Huaer didn't know why she reacted like this. Maybe... Maybe Lan Shaoyan's eyes made her subconsciously want to protect herself.

"Scared you?"

Seeing that it was her, Lan Shaoyan was still on the phone, and a smile welled up in her eyes. Those bloodshot eyes just now seemed to be Tong Huaer's illusion.


Tong Huaer was stunned, and just as she was about to speak, she suddenly heard Lan Shaoyan say, "Okay, I have something to do here, um... Do as I say."