Chapter 499 You Have A Crush on That Man

After a few words, Lan Shaoyan hung up the phone and looked up at her with his lips hooked up.

"You... Are you on the phone with Zong Beili?" Tong Huaer bit his lip and asked bluntly.

Lan Shaoyan stared at her for a long time and suddenly smiled. His evil face was even more dazzling than the sun on the beach, "Tong Tong, do you think if it was Zong Beili, he would be so angry and call me?"

The dress she was wearing today was beautiful, with a short white dress covering her thighs. It was much more conservative than these beach bikinis, but it looked a little better than them.

"I see..." Tong Huaer was immersed in her own world and nodded thoughtfully, unaware of Lan Shaoyan's gaze.

When she heard the tone of Lan Shaoyan's phone call, she thought he was on the phone with Zong Beili, but she was thinking too much.

Tong Huaer could not tell how she felt. She wanted to know about Zong Beili, but she was afraid to know.

This feeling was like a knife hidden in the dark, running out from time to time to cut her heart!

Tong Huaer thought that after leaving, even if she didn't see Zong Beili, she could find out about him from all kinds of news magazines. She never thought that she would be so completely cut off from Zong Beili...

"Tong Tong."

Suddenly, she heard someone calling her.

Tong Huaer regained his senses and looked down at Lan Shaoyan because he was standing, "Hmm? Are you calling me?"

"I asked if you want to sit down and have a drink?" Lan Shaoyan looked at her with his lips hooked. He did not know when he had put on his sunglasses. Even though his handsome face was half covered, it still could not stop his evil demeanor.

"No, I'll go see Tangdou."

Tong Huaer smiled and turned to walk towards Tangdou, who was building a castle on the beach.

How cold!

Lan Shaoyan looked at her back and shook her head. Her eyes fell on her long, snow-white legs. The bottom of her eyes warmed up and she looked away with difficulty.

He wasn't on the phone with Zong Beili, but it was because of Zong Beili.

The man found the hotel much earlier than he expected!

It was not that Lan Shaoyan did not know how powerful Zong Beili was, and it was precisely because he was afraid of him that Lan shi's business over the years had mostly avoided the zong family and avoided confrontation with him.

But now...

Lan Shaoyan turned his head to look at the big and small ones on the beach. Zong Beili would never have dreamed that they were here!

"Sister Huaer, we succeeded!" After building a castle, Tangdou cheered excitedly, "Let's ask uncle to come and see it too!"


Tong Huaer nodded slightly and turned to look aside. He was stunned for a moment, then turned around with a red face.

Lan Shaoyan hugged a blonde and kissed her passionately. If it weren't for the limited beach conditions here, Tong Huaer would have thought they were going to be there...

"Uncle... Woo!"

Tangdou had just uttered a word when Tong Huaer suddenly covered his mouth and turned the little boy's head around to prevent him from seeing the inappropriate scene.

But it was still a step too late. Tangdou still saw it. He picked up Tong Huaer's hand with a smile and said, "Sister Huaer, I saw uncle playing kisses, just like you and brother!"


Tong Huaer was stunned.

Zong Beili...

"But it's not the same." Tangdou suddenly added, "Brother is kissing you, but uncle is kissing everyone."

"What did you say?" Tong Huaer returned to his senses and looked at Tangdou in a daze.

An irresistible name popped up from her mind like an invisible hand gripping her nerves, causing her pain.

"It's my brother. I haven't seen him for a long time. I miss him so much. Sister Huaer, do you miss my brother?"

Tangdou said.

Did she miss Zong Beili?

Tong Huaer bit his lips and his face turned pale, unable to say a word.

"Hi~" suddenly sounded a warm greeting. Tong Huaer turned around and looked up to see a foreign man standing beside her, smiling and watching what she was saying.

Tong Huaer's english was barely passable. The man spoke with a slight accent and his speed was so fast that she didn't understand him very well.

Guessing that the man was asking for help, Tong Huaer simply waved his hand at the man, ready to ask someone who could understand to help him, but did not expect the man's hand to suddenly be placed on her waist.

"What are you doing!" Tong Huaer screamed and threw the man's hand away, frowning unhappily. The foreign man said something to her enthusiastically, his hand reaching out to Tong Huaer's face.

"Go away!"

Tong Huaer frowned and avoided the man's hand. Suddenly, a strong force pulled her aside. Lan Shaoyan's tall figure blocked her.


Before Tong Huaer could react, the foreign man was knocked to the ground by Lan Shaoyan, and then a group of bodyguards rushed over to fight and kick around the man.

Screams and whistles from onlookers rang out on the beach.

"Lan Shaoyan..." Tong Huaer was simply shocked by the situation in front of him. Lan Shaoyan turned around, his evil face happily curved his lips, "Afraid?"


Tong Huaer was stunned and shook his head gently.

She probably knew what the foreign man wanted to do, but she didn't expect them to be so open.

In the end, the man was thrown into the sea before it was over. There was a splash on the sea, and cheers were heard around him.

Only Tong Huaer could not help but tremble when he heard the sound of falling into the water.

"Are you angry?" Lan Shaoyan put his arm on Tong Huaer's shoulder and looked at her with an eyebrow raised.

"..." Tong Huaer frowned, guessing that Lan Shaoyan was in a good mood and didn't realize what he was doing. Without a trace, he took his arm away, and said indifferently," I'm going back. You guys have fun.

After that, Tong Huaer turned around and walked towards the villa.

She didn't like to see the sea, because it reminded her of what happened with Zong Beili at sea. The roaring of the waves had been torturing her ears...

As soon as she reached the garden, she was suddenly pulled by a strong force. Tong Huaer looked back and saw Lan Shaoyan's eyes light up and go out.

This familiar action just now, she subconsciously thought it was Zong Beili.

"What's wrong with you?" Lan Shaoyan looked at her with a bewildered expression, "Have you taken a fancy to that foreign man?"

Otherwise, why was she fine just now? When he finished lecturing that man, her face changed.

"How is that possible?" Tong Huaer froze for a few seconds before regaining his composure. A smile flashed through his calm eyes.

She really found it funny.

Lan Shaoyan immediately understood what she meant. She didn't like the foreign man.

The other meaning of this sentence was: how could she possibly like someone other than Zong Beili!