Chapter 500 To Blame Oneself

"You go play. I want to go back and rest." Tong Huaer didn't want to talk much. He smiled at lan shaoyan and turned to walk into the villa.

Lan Shaoyan raised an eyebrow and stared at her back. She no longer liked other men, did she?

Ah, interesting.

Tong Huaer went back to her room and sat down on the sofa. Zong Beili's name was all over her head. It was like a spell. She followed everywhere she went.

Tong Huaer lay down and slowly closed his eyes, "Zong Beili..." Is he okay?

Zong Beili was not good.

In the spacious living room of the Zongjia mansion, all the famous elders of the Zongjia gathered together in a rare way. They all frowned at Zong Beili who was sitting on the sofa.

They were very unhappy that Zong Beili did not appear in the Zongjia yesterday.

Liu Fei was also sitting on the sofa not far away. After what happened last time, she was a little afraid of zong beili and didn't dare to look at him.

Suddenly, Ye Shen walked in and strode over to Zong Beili. He lowered his head and whispered, "Young master Zong, there's news of Lan Shaoyan."

Zong Beili glanced up at him, narrowed his black eyes, and suddenly stood up and walked out.

"Beili!" Zong Baihou suddenly stopped him, "Where are you going? Is that the only woman in your eyes now that you don't even care about us?!"

Zong Beili has turned Tianshui upside down in the past few days, and the Zongjia naturally know what he's doing!

Zong Beili stopped in his tracks and turned around expressionlessly, "Uncles and uncles are very clear about the current situation of the clan. They must be satisfied with the income. In that case, we don't have to waste time."

After that, Zong Beili was about to leave.

Zong Baihou stopped him again. This time, his face became even worse, "Beili! You haven't been to the company for three days! Are you going to keep doing this?"

It's not like the zong family can't run without Zong Beili for a day, but no company can never run without a president.

"Then you have to thank the daughter-in-law you like. If she hadn't forced her away, things wouldn't have come to this!"

After that, Zong Beili turned around and walked out of the study without looking back.

"Beili!" Zong bai's face was livid with anger.

"I... What's wrong with me? I'm just protecting my marriage... What did I do wrong... Why shouldn't Beili blame that bitch? Blame me..."

Zong Beili embarrassed her in public, and Liu Fei covered her face and cried her heart out.

But there was no one around to talk to her. After all, it was imperative that Zong Beili return to the clan. No one cared about her love affairs.

The next day.

She and Tangdou were the only ones having breakfast. Tong Huaer played with the little guy after breakfast and got up to walk out.

"Miss Tong, where are you going?" Just as she reached the entrance of the garden, a bodyguard stopped her.

Tong Huaer frowned. "You want me under house arrest?"

She was too familiar with this feeling, and the expressions of these bodyguards were exactly the same as those who had been guarding her bedroom door.

"Miss Tong, you misunderstood. Second young master asked us to take care of your safety. After all, robberies often happen here. It's better to be careful."

The bodyguard said.

So it was.

"I'm just going to the beach to find Lan Shaoyan." Tong Huaer's face softened a little.

"Miss Tong, second young master isn't at the beach. He left yesterday." The bodyguard said.

"What did you say?" Tong Huaer was stunned.

Miss Tong, don't you know? Second young master's plane left yesterday afternoon."

She really didn't know!

Lan Shaoyan never told her about it.

But on second thought, why would he be told?

"Did he say when he would be back?" Tong Huaer asked.

The bodyguard shook his head, "No, second young master's whereabouts are always confidential. Miss Tong, you should go back inside and wait."


When will that be?

Tong Huaer wanted to ask, but he didn't think it was necessary. They couldn't ask the bodyguards why, so they turned around and walked into the room with frowns.

"Miss Tong." A maid greeted her.


Tong Huaer nodded, walked absent-mindedly into the hall, sat down beside Tangdou, and watched the little guy play games.

On the other side.

In the villa surrounded by green mountains and rivers, the surface of the hall was calm and the undercurrent was surging.

Lan Shaoyan's evil face looked at the man sitting across from him. It was really dangerous. He had only been off the plane for an hour, and this guy came looking for him.

"I heard that young master Zong, you've been looking for me for the past few days. What's the matter? Is it just to play the game of the wooden man with me?"

"Where is she?"

Zong Beili threw out two words, his handsome and noble face expressionless.

"What?" Master lan yan's hand holding the teacup paused, slightly surprised.

"Don't play dumb." Zong Beili sneered and narrowed his eyes at him, "Let me ask you, where's Tong Huaer?!"

It was obvious that Zong Beili had been having a bad time these days. His eyes were bloodshot and heavy with fatigue. It seemed that he had not rested well these days, and most importantly... Zong Beili, who had always been known to be calm, was now completely impatient!

Ah, it seems that the little girl's influence on him is really not ordinary!

"Her? Isn't she with you?" Master lan yanfeng's eyes flashed, as if he understood something. He put down the cup and looked at Zong Beili in surprise, "Young master Zong, it's not that your people are missing, is it?"

"..." Zongbei's handsome face suddenly darkened, and his squinted black eyes shot a murderous look

Lan Shaoyan did not stop, frowning and shaking his head, "But why did young master Zong come to me? You don't think she's here with me, do you?"

"Where else can she be?" Zong Beili sneered, "Lan Shaoyan, do you think I would believe you if you pretended not to know?"

"Well, young master Zong has to talk about evidence. You said she was with me. Where's the evidence?"

Master lan said.

"You're the only one she knows who can unlock the door!"

"What lock? Young master Zong, you locked her up?" Lan Shaoyan frowned, "Young master Zong, I came back a few days ago. There are so many people in the company who can testify for me. There are several presidents who have met me. Don't pin the kidnapping on me!"

He made it clear that he didn't admit it at all and didn't know anything about tong Huaer's disappearance.

Zongbei glared at Lan Shaoyan with a murderous look in his eyes, "You won't admit it? Okay! Lan Shaoyan, you seem to take good care of her! Otherwise, you know what will happen!"

"I believe young master Zong, you will not wrongly accuse innocent people." Lan Shaoyan curled his lips and refused to admit it.

Zong Beili laughed coldly, got up and walked towards the door without looking back.

"Young master Zong." Lan Shaoyan's voice suddenly sounded behind him. Zong Beili stopped and Master lan yanfeng looked at his back. His tone was very light, "When you tricked her into getting engaged to another woman, did you really not think that there would be today? She left you only because you deserved it!"