Chapter 501 About Leaving

Blame yourself...

Zongbei's handsome face suddenly became extremely ugly. He pursed his lips and said nothing. He raised his feet and strode outside. The bodyguards behind him immediately followed him.

Lan Shaoyan didn't want his answer, either. Anyway, he had already answered his goal. He sat on the sofa with his lips curled up and didn't even blink.

Outside the villa, Ye Shen frowned at Zong Beili with a gloomy face and said, "Young master Zong, shall we just let it go? Do you want to look around?"

"He won't hide people here and keep an eye on him! Report any movement to me immediately!"

Zong Beili's cold voice had no warmth at all.

"Yes!" Ye Shen bowed his head respectfully.

Zong Beili got into the car and the luxury cars drove away from the villa. After a while, he suddenly said, "Where's the medicine?"


Ye Shen was shocked and immediately handed over a bottle of sleeping pills.

Zong Beili took it, poured two into his mouth, didn't even swallow the water, frowned and stared straight at the roof, forcing himself to rest.

He rarely slept these days, but after what happened just now, zong beili understood that this was a long battle, and he had to ensure that he did not fall down to find her!

Tong Huaer, just cooperate with Lan Shaoyan and hide. You can't run away from the ends of the earth!

In the villa.

Lan Shaoyan was sitting on the sofa drinking tea. After a while, Lan Yan quietly appeared behind him and brought a person along.

"Gone?" Lan Shaoyan looked down at the tea in the cup, his deep voice calm.

"He's gone." Lan Yan replied.

"You've been doing well these past few days."

After Lan Shaoyan finished speaking, the man standing behind him was shocked, and the face similar to Lan Shaoyan's lowered his head respectfully, "This is what your subordinate should do."

"Zong Beili is not that easy to fool. You should be careful in the future. Lan Yan, get the plane ready." Lan Shaoyan put down his teacup and stood up.

"Second young master is going to talk business?" Lan Yan said.

"Hmm?" Lan Shaoyan stopped and frowned slightly, "What business? I'm going to the island."

"Second young master is going to see that Miss Tong?" Lan Yan's expressionless face finally cracked and frowned, "But now you should go to the company."

"Yeah, second young master, there's a lot going on at the company." Said the man who resembled Lan Shaoyan.

Although he could use a face-changing technique similar to Lan Shaoyan, he couldn't work for Lan Shaoyan.

"That makes sense." Lan Shaoyan frowned thoughtfully, "I should be handling business now. Look at how badly zong beili has been hit. If I work harder, the Lan shi will surpass the zong family soon!"


No one dared to speak.

Lan Yan suddenly had a bad feeling.

"But why do I only want to go to the island?"

Lan Shaoyan sighed, "Forget it, Lan Yan. Get ready for the plane."

Think about that pair of figures on the beach, isn't it nice? Why would he waste his time on business?

"But young master Zong will definitely send someone to monitor the villa. Second young master, you will attract his attention." Lan Yan wanted to persuade him again.

"Isn't he still here?" Lan Shaoyan glanced at the man standing by.

Of course, a Lan Yan couldn't hold Zong Beili back, but what if there was someone very similar to him at first glance? What could zong beili detect when he traveled between the company and the villa every day instead of him?


"Cut the crap! You're responsible for delaying my breakfast with them?" Lan Shaoyan looked at Lan Yan with a half-smile.

Lan Yan suddenly seemed to be surrounded by ice. He lowered his head and said, "Yes."

Lan Shaoyan didn't make it to breakfast, and Zong Beili's men moved quickly. It took them a while to get away from their surveillance.

Tong Huaer heard that Tangdou was on the beach after his nap, so he went out to look for the little guy. Just as he walked out of the villa door, he suddenly saw a figure coming in from outside. He was stunned for a few seconds, then walked over quickly.

"Lan Shaoyan, you're back!"


Lan Shaoyan was almost stunned for a few seconds. Her eyes were fixed on Tong Huaer's smiling face. Would this little girl show this expression to him?

Did she treat him...

"You're finally back! I have something to tell you. I want to leave here. Can you lend me some money?"

Tong Huaer said.


In an instant, there was only the sound of the sea breeze, the heat burning the earth, and even the air was stuffy.

Lan Shaoyan looked at the little face in front of him that he had been worried about for several days and gradually raised his lips, "Tong Tong, I finally understand now."

Tong Huaer was stunned and frowned doubtfully, "What do you understand?"

I understand why zong beili will beat you up!

What a slap!

"Nothing." Lan Shaoyan smiled and glanced at her forehead, "Is the wound healed?"

"Ah? Yes."

Tong Huaer reacted to the wound on her forehead and nodded slightly.

Although the stitches were done, the wound was just at the hairline, covered by hair, and not obvious if you don't look closely.

"... Lan Shaoyan looked at her and nodded. Tong Huaer was stunned and said," by the way, what I just told you" ...

"Tong Tong." Lan Shaoyan interrupted her, and Tong Huaer was shocked. The man's evil eyes fixed on her and said, "I just came back. I'm a little tired and want to take a rest. Can we talk about this later?"

Tong Huaer really wanted to talk now.

But after looking at Lan Shaoyan, he could only nod and agree.

After all, he had helped her, and she had just returned.

"Then you rest. I'll go find Tangdou first."

Tong Huaer looked at Lan Shaoyan.


Lan Shaoyan curled her lips and looked at her back as she walked out. Her eyes suddenly turned cold.

In the evening, Tong Huaer wanted to talk to Lan Shaoyan about leaving, but the maid said he was out and dinner was not at the villa.

Tong Huaer didn't know what to say either. He only accompanied Tangdou to do his homework and draw as usual. He didn't leave until he coaxed the little guy to sleep.

The next day, Tong Huaer went to Lan Shaoyan. The maid said he went to see his business partner.

On the third day, Lan Shaoyan went to the bar.

On the fourth day, Tong Huaer stopped Lan Shaoyan at the stairs.

"Oh, Tong Tong, are you waiting for me?"

Lan Shaoyan, in a light blue suit, leaned against the stairs and looked at her with a smile.

"I want to tell you..."

"I know. You want to talk about leaving!" Lan Shaoyan cut her off with his lips hooked. He walked down the stairs and sat down on the sofa. He rubbed his brows with his eyes closed, "I'm sorry, I've been busy these days, so I forgot about you. Tong Tong, you can't blame me, can you?"