Chapter 503 I Have A Child with Her


Zongbei li ignored Nanny Wu as if he had not heard her.

Nanny Wu sighed helplessly, turned around and was about to leave when a slight noise came from behind. He immediately stopped and turned around, "Young master Zong?"

There was no sound.

Zong Beili's black eyes were fixed on the picture of Lan Shaoyan in his hand. His sharp features shot out a strong murderous air. The air pressure in the study was getting lower and lower, making it almost breathless.

After a long time, Zong Beili picked up the phone on the table and made a call.

After a while, the phone was picked up and he said, "Stop staring at him. He's not the real Lan Shaoyan!"


Ye Shen, who was on a surveillance mission, was shocked.

"Check all the cars that have driven out of the lan family these days, and find out where they have gone!"

Zong Beili's eyes were cold as he stared at the photo. His memory was correct. Lan Shaoyan didn't have this mole on his neck! They had been fooled by a fake for so many days!

Since the fake is here, then it really must be with Tong Huaer!

Thinking of that little thing, Zong Beili felt a dull pain in his chest and frowned patiently.

"Yes! Your subordinates will investigate immediately!" Ye shen said.

Lan Shaoyan, if she's really not in your hands, why do you need to find a fake to distract me instead?

Ye Shen moved quickly. Of all the Lan family cars these days, only one had been to the airport, just the night after they left!

"Young master Zong, the flight path shows that this plane ended up in the cayman islands." Ye shen said.

The cayman islands!

Zong Beili's cold black eyes suddenly burst into light that he had never seen before. His big hand suddenly clenched the photo in his hand, and he suddenly stood up and strode out, "Prepare the plane!"

It took Ye Shen a long time to locate Miss Tong. Naturally, Ye Shen did not dare to neglect him and immediately took out his cell phone to make a call.

Half an hour later, a private plane took off from the airport.

Zong Beili sat by the window with a frown on his face, his dark eyes staring out at the sky. Tong Huaer, I see how you can run this time!

In the morning, Tong Huaer sat on the coffee table in the lobby and taught Tangdou how to draw. Ever since Lan Shaoyan told her that the upstairs position was easy to be targeted by snipers, she tried to minimize the possibility of staying in the bedroom during the day.

Lan Shaoyan walked down the stairs and saw a picture of Tong Huaer circling Tangdou from behind, his small hand holding Tangdou's hand moving on the drawing paper, and his gentle side face in the morning light so that people couldn't take their eyes off it.

"Second young master."

Seeing him walk out, the bodyguard at the side lowered his head respectfully. His voice startled the two people who were drawing. Tong Huaer and Tangdou turned their heads to look at him.

"Yes." Lan Shaoyan walked down the steps with his lips hooked and his feet raised. His eyes shot a murderous glance at the bodyguard.

You're the only one who talks too much!

The bodyguard lowered his head in fear, his eyes full of confusion as he said what he had done wrong.

"Uncle." Tangdou greeted lan shaoyan.

"What are you drawing?" Master lan walked over and casually looked at the drawing paper on the table. A smile flashed across her eyes." Well, it's a good drawing, but why is it that she's the only one holding your hand and I'm standing by myself?" Lan He, are you being too biased?"

"Ah?" The child who was named blinked, looked down at the painting, and looked up at Lan Shaoyan strangely, "Uncle, this is not you, this is my brother!"


A smile froze on Lan Shaoyan's evil face.

Tangdou looked at him innocently, as if' you really think too much'.


Tong Huaer couldn't help but turn around and laugh.

Lan Shaoyan glanced at her trembling shoulders, raised his eyebrows, and sat down on the sofa. There was no embarrassment in his evil face, "Oh? What are you drawing him for?"

"Because I miss my brother, so does sister Huaer!" Tangdou's milky voice said naturally.


Tong Huaer couldn't laugh anymore. He lowered his head and looked at the cartoon character in the picture. The corner of his mouth became stiff.

The atmosphere in the hall was momentarily quiet. Lan Shaoyan glanced at her and a sneer flashed in his phoenix eyes, "What brother? How old is he? You still call him that!"

"Hmph, brother is brother..."

Tangdou made a face at lan shaoyan.

"Stop drawing! Let's go, take you to the beach!"

Lan Shaoyan stood up and walked towards child Huaer. Tong Huaer regained his composure and looked up at him with a flash of hesitation in his eyes, "I don't think so. It's too dangerous..."

Originally, her main task was to avoid Zong Beili, and now even saving her life was part of it.

"I've already said that I won't let him do it again! Tong Tong, you believe me!"

A rare frown appeared on Lan Shaoyan's evil face.

He knew that she had been terrified for the past few days, but he had promised her that he would do it!

"What are you talking about? Sister Huaer, are we going to the beach? Great! I haven't been there for a long time!"

Tangdou said excitedly.

"You have to think about Lan He. He can't stay in his room all the time." Master lan said.

Tong Huaer looked at Tangdou and nodded reluctantly, "Well... Well."

It was obviously going to the beach, but Tong Huaer made it look like he was going to die. Lan Shaoyan thought it was funny, but he didn't say anything.

The destination was not the same beach as before. After getting out of the car, Tong Huaer looked at the empty sea and was a little surprised.

"It's all cleared. It's safe enough. You can play with Lan He." Lan Shaoyan walked over.


Although Tong Huaer felt that this behavior was too exaggerated, it was really much safer. On the beach with only them and bodyguards, a dog walking 500 meters away would be found.


Tong Huaer nodded and held Tangdou's hand as they walked towards the water. They heard that the tide had just receded and they could now pick up a lot of shells.

Tong Huaer was wearing a light blue dress, and the sea breeze raised her skirt and long hair, creating a beautiful arc in the air.

Lan Shaoyan stood not far away, his eyes looking at them faintly, and suddenly he snapped his fingers.

"Second young master." A bodyguard came respectfully.

"Do you think I look better than lan he when you say I have a child with her?" Master lan said.

The bodyguard was so frightened by Lan Shaoyan's expectant expression that he wanted to jump into the sea. He nodded, "Yes!"

He had no guts to say no.

Lan Shaoyan raised his eyebrows and looked at the bodyguard in a good mood, "I think so too."

Bodyguard: ..."

The question is, second young master, do you have a chance like this?

Everyone can tell that Miss Tong is not very enthusiastic about you, okay?

Lan Shaoyan, of course, was not in the mood to care about the bodyguards and was still immersed in the idea of how perfect his genetic fusion with Tong Huaer was. He looked at Tong Huaer with his lips hooked for a while and walked towards them with his feet raised.