Chapter 504 Thank You

"Tong Tong, what are you doing?"


Tong Huaer was working on the shell. When she heard Lan Shaoyan's voice, her hand retracted. The sharp edge of the shell cut her finger and red blood flowed down.

"Be careful!"

Lan Shaoyan glanced at the center of his eyebrow and squatted down to pick up child Huaer's injured finger and put it into his mouth.


Tong Huaer looked at him in astonishment, subconsciously wanting to take her hand back, but she could not match Lan Shaoyan's strength. She could only look at Lan Shaoyan's thin lips wrapped around her wound in astonishment.

"Why are you not careful!"

After a while, Lan Shaoyan took out her hand, a reproachful tone in her deep voice, and some of her blood on her thin lips. The evildoer's face looked even more sinister.

"Tangdou said he wanted to dig up some shells to make soup."

Tong Huaer awkwardly took his hand back and looked down at the wound. The blood did not stop completely.

"Just let the bodyguards do these things. Let's go back and bandage you."

Lan Shaoyan glanced at his eyebrows.

Tong Huaer didn't say anything. He looked at the shell and saw that it was enough for a meal of soup, so he got up and walked to the car parked on the side of the road with Tangdou.

Back at the villa, Lan Shaoyan asked the maid to bring the medicine box. Tong Huaer was about to reach for it when the back of his hand was suddenly hit.

"Lan Shaoyan, what are you doing?"

Tong Huaer withdrew his hand in pain and frowned.

"Did you wash your hands?"

Master lan yanfeng gave her a blank look and without a word brought the gauze and disinfectant over and lowered her head to bandage her wound.

Tong Huaer: ..." She's got goose bumps!

It was just a small gap, so there was no need to stir up so much attention. If it was her previous life, she didn't even need to disinfect it, just wrap it in toilet paper.


Tong Huaer tilted her head to look at Lan Shaoyan. Why did she always think he was a little weird today?

Lan Shaoyan was always alert to his surroundings. Tong Huaer looked at him so closely, and he could feel it.

A trace of satisfaction appeared on the man's evil face. He bandaged the wound and looked up at the child, Huaer, with a smile, "All right."

How is it? He's much more handsome than zongbei li, isn't he?

"Thank you."

Tong Huaer regained his composure, looked away, and smiled gratefully at him.

Lunch was a nutritious six-course soup, and Tong Huaer looked at Tangdou with a headache.

"Tangdou, you can't stop eating vegetables!"

"Well, I'll finish this chicken wing."

Tangdou smiled at Huaer, who was a child, and his chubby little hands were eating chicken wings happily.

Tong Huaer looked at him helplessly. This little guy usually doesn't count at the table.

The afternoon sun shone in and the atmosphere in the restaurant was especially warm. Lan Shaoyan looked at her delicate face and said, "Forget it. He can eat whatever he wants. It's so painful to be forced to eat what he doesn't like."

"Exactly!" Tangdou immediately reconsidered.

"Just what!" Tong Huaer glared at Tangdou, and Tangdou immediately didn't dare to speak. He lowered his head and silently nibbled on the chicken wings. Tong Huaer frowned and turned to Master lan, "It took me a long time to help him change his picky eating habits, but you're good. After spending some time with you, he was picky again. If Nanny Wu were here, he wouldn't..."

Before he could finish his sentence, he suddenly stopped. Tong Huaer looked at Lan Shaoyan in a daze. His lips moved and his eyes became silent.

Lan Shaoyan raised her eyebrows and looked at her. Anything that had anything to do with Zong Beili reminded her of that man, and then she would show this look of lovelessness.

"Sister Huaer, stop scolding your uncle. Tangdou, have a good meal."

In the quiet restaurant, Tangdou looked at Tong Huaer submissively, reluctant to put down the chicken wings.

Tong Huaer regained his senses and a complicated emotion flashed in his eyes. He smiled at Tangdou and picked up his chopsticks, "Let's eat."

Tangdou still didn't know about her leaving Zong Beili. She couldn't be too obvious in front of him.

Master lan yanfeng glanced at her without any trace, her eyes flashed with a hint of understanding, and her thin lips curled up in a pleasant arc.

After lunch, Tong Huaer arranged for Tangdou to sleep and walked upstairs with his head down.

Although she was now Tangdou's full-time nanny, it had to be said that these things saved her a lot of time to think.

"Ah!" Walking up the last step, Tong Huaer didn't notice anyone in front of him and crashed into a hard chest. Suddenly, his falling body was wrapped around his waist by a big hand. Lan Shaoyan's deep voice sounded above his head, "Be careful!"

"You..." Tong Huaer stood up and pushed him away, frowning doubtfully, "Why are you here?"

And she didn't make a sound at all, which almost made her roll down the stairs.

"Tong Tong, I saved you just now. Why didn't you say anything to thank me?"

Lan Shaoyan leaned against the wall and looked at her smilingly.

"Hmm?" Tong Huaer was stunned for two seconds and thought it was funny, "If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have been scared. If there was nothing else, I would have gone back to my room."

In fact, after they had been together for so long, the relationship between Tong Huaer and Lan Shaoyan was not much more harmonious than before. They belonged to the kind of people who could not speak without speaking.

"Of course I have something to do with you. Come with me."

Before tong Huaer could refuse, Master lan yan grabbed her slender wrist and strode downstairs.

"Eh? Lan Shaoyan, what are you doing? Let go of me! Lan Shaoyan!"

Tong Huaer desperately tried to break free, but her wrists were tied tightly by Master lan, and she went down the stairs to the basement in a short while.

"Second young master, Miss Tong."

A bodyguard standing on the walkway bowed his head respectfully at them.

"In the afternoon."

Lan Shaoyan waved his hand, and the bodyguard quickly left. The big hand that held her wrist loosened. Tong Huaer picked up her wrist and moved it, frowning and looking around curiously.

She lived here for several days, not knowing that there was a basement down there.

"Why did you bring me here?" Tong Huaer asked.

Master lan yan blinked at her, "Of course it's against you. Otherwise, why would I bring you to a place where no one else is around?"


Tong Huaer was stunned for two seconds. Her beautiful eyes fixed on Lan Shaoyan. After a while, she regained her senses and walked forward with her feet raised. She said with disapproval, "You're sick!"

"... He was ignored!

Lan Shaoyan's evil phoenix eyes fixed on the back of the front, can you be more serious? He really wanted to cheat on her!

"What is this place for?"

Tong Huaer walked a little ahead and found a room that was glass isolated. It was a little dark inside because the lights weren't turned on, so she couldn't see clearly.