Chapter 457 A Letter from An Old Friend

Xuanyuan Yaochen was not in a hurry to ask, but the pressure in the silence gradually increased. Zhang Pengan felt that it was impossible to be vague about the past.

When he came to see Luo Jiuqing off, he knew that he was in a critical condition and couldn't care less. He didn't expect Xuanyuan Yaochen to react so quickly. As soon as Luo Jiuqing got better, he started asking questions.

Zhang Pengan pursed his lips and remained silent for a long time, "If we return to the prince, we have no malice. We are only concerned about the safety of the princess. If we hadn't discovered it in time, I'm afraid the princess would have suffered a lot. It seems..."

"I am asking you how you will know about this, not what you will analyze. As for the pros and cons, I have my own decision." Xuanyuan Yaochen interrupted him.

"..." Zhang Pengan clenched his fingers slightly, his palms sweating

"If you don't tell me, I can only suspect that the king of Nanjiang has planted his men on the return team. Such a thing is not trivial. General Zhang should know." Xuanyuan Yaochen said in a deep voice.

"..." Zhang penglan stood up and arched his hands." Please don't misunderstand, your majesty. Of course, he knows that this is a serious matter. How dare he do that? In fact... In fact...

Zhang Pengan gritted his teeth. "Since the day the prince and the princess left, the king has secretly sent a light cavalry to follow and protect them all the way. If they are safe and sound, they will naturally not do anything. If anything happens, they can also help. This time the princess is seriously injured. They also sent back the news overnight, so that they can bring medicine to come day and night."

What Zhang Pengan said was not much different from what Xuanyuan Yaochen had expected. It was certainly not a coincidence that Zhang Pengan had come so coincidentally, but he did not dare to do it casually by putting people in his own team. The only thing that could make sense was that another team was secretly following him.

Although he was unhappy in his heart, he could not say anything. He Mingfeng had no malice, only for the safety of Luo Jiuqing, but... This made him feel a little uncomfortable. Naturally, he knew what He Mingfeng was thinking about luo Jiuqing, and it was because he knew that he would mind.

He was silent for a moment. "This time, king Nanjiang's kindness and kindness, I remember in my heart, Qing er is my princess, this kindness I can't repay for her, when we get married, if king Nanjiang is free, I will invite him to join us. I will return the favor."

Zhang Peng smiled bitterly at ease, nodded and said, "Yes, what the prince said will be conveyed truthfully."

Xuanyuan Yaochen said nothing more, and Zhang Pengan also offered his farewell and rode off with his men.

Bai Wenzhu stood in the courtyard and looked at Xuanyuan Yaochen looking up at the sky. He smiled lightly. It was not a bad thing to have an opponent. At least it gave him a sense of urgency and would not neglect qing er. However, after this incident, he was very satisfied with Xuanyuan Yaochen's performance.

She stayed in the liu residence for five days, but in fact, it would take two or three days. Luo Jiuqing was poisoned, and it would be fine as long as she was cured and recuperated. But Xuanyuan Yaochen was afraid that she would not recover well, so he dragged the time to five days.

As a result, the return journey became more and more urgent.

Xuan Yuan yaochen ordered the troops to stay behind, and Luo Jiuqing also divided the thirty cavalry into several parts, light and simple, so that they could report back to the camp as soon as possible, so that Luo Qingtian and others could breathe a sigh of relief.

The rest of the guards returned to their respective positions, and the medicine that Bai Wenzhu had left for the past few days also left without saying goodbye, leaving a letter for Luo Jiuqing to leave.

Xuanyuan Yaochen and Luo Jiuqing walked together, bringing only two dark guards and four fast horses straight to Jingdu.

Along the way, he received letters from Xuanyuan Minhao urging him to return. Seeing that the new year was coming, no one could be absent from the banquet. No matter how brilliant the man in the palace was, he did not dare to show his face at the banquet. In that kind of place, he was afraid that it would not take an hour for him to show his face.

The snow disaster had ended, and it was basically dealt with. Xuanyuan Minhao did well this time, and it was a bargain. Xuanyuan Yaochen had been ill and had done nothing wrong. The crown prince had been imprisoning the east palace and could not go out without the king's orders, which was considered a stage victory.

Xuanyuan Yaochen also received a lot of messages from secret guards on the way. These messages were enough to let him know the situation in Jingdu. Luo Jiuqing also received a letter from Zhang Qing. Yonghui emperor missed her very much. This was the first new year after she met him. She was not around. He and the queen missed her very much.

Luo Jiuqing wrote a letter to him and a letter to the empress, telling them all about his situation, and giving him some gifts to express his yearning.

Xuanyuan Yaochen saw her solemn face and comforted her, "Miss them? Why don't you wait until the new year and I'll ask my father for an imperial edict to accompany you?"

Luo Jiuqing smiled. "It depends. The situation here is not very clear. The queen will not wait for her death. She can't be careless."

"Qing er... You always think of me this way." Xuanyuan Yaochen hugged her and said.

Luo Jiuqing's voice was muffled from his arms. "In the future, your world will be mine too. Of course, I will try my best."

Xuanyuan Yaochen chuckled, his chest shaking slightly.

"Have they heard from General shen? How did you arrange it?" Luo Jiuqing had long wanted to ask him this.

"Their men and horses were split into pieces. Like Wei Lang and the others, they walked light and straight to Jingdu. According to the speed, they should be here in three days, a little faster than us." Xuanyuan Yaochen replied.

"When they get to Jingdu, I want General shen to meet with uncle and chengyan taoist. What do you think?" Luo Jiuqing looked up and asked.

Her lips were slightly red, much better than the ones a few days ago. Xuanyuan Yaochen couldn't help but lower his head and peck her lips. "Okay, whatever you say, listen to you."

Luo Jiuqing was so angry that he laughed. This guy... Ever since he got better this time, he wanted to be by his side all the time, thinking about what Bai Wenzhu had said, what Xuanyuan Yaochen had done after he went into a coma, but he couldn't help but feel warm and sour in his heart.

She took a breath and looked up at the sky. The sky was like a canopy and the moon was like a plate. Not long after that, it was the new year. This year was much different than before.

At this time, the crown prince's palace in Jingdu was filled with a cold and murderous atmosphere.

For such a long time, the crown prince had been living in seclusion. His temper was getting more and more irritable. What was more frightening was that his temper... Seemed to be a little crueler than before. He had been especially bad to the palace people before, and he was always scolding them. However, all this time, it was good to scold them. Today, it was only because a little eunuch accidentally dropped a piece of coal into the stove during the day. He made a light mark on the carpet and the crown prince had him dragged out to kill.

Not only that, he was still standing at the window when he was fighting, so he let him be executed in the courtyard. The little eunuch was beaten so badly that he was covered in flesh and blood that no one could bear to look at him again. However, the crown prince seemed to be in a good mood. Seeing more and more blood, he seemed to be more excited and his eyes were shining.

Everyone in the crown prince's palace was in danger, and no one dared to make any more mistakes. They were doing their jobs carefully, fearing that one of them would be dragged out and killed without even a chance to plead.

Queen hui jin also had a headache these two days. Emperor xuan yuan seemed to be determined to fight her. Not only did she hand over the new year's banquet to Chunpin, but now she was completely gone. The rule that she had to spend the night in the palace on the 15th of the first day of the lunar new year was also exempted.

Is he really the kind of wise king who works for the country? Who are you lying to?

Queen hui jin thought hard, this is not the way to go on. Don't say that his position is in jeopardy. Even the position of the crown prince may not be preserved. The situation on the crown prince's side is not optimistic. After several visits, he could not see the crown prince. This time, Emperor xuan yuan acted seriously. Those who blocked the crown prince's palace were all people sent by Emperor xuan yuan.

No matter how the crown prince was in there, the news could not be spread out. Her heart was like a fire.

In the midst of her agitation, a palace maid came to report, "Empress, someone is asking for an audience."

"Who is it?" Queen hui jin put his hand on his forehead and said impatiently, "There's nothing important these two days. Don't bother me if it doesn't matter."

"Empress," the maidservant stepped forward, holding something in her hands, and handed it over. "Someone came with something like this in their hands and said that you would see him when you saw him."

Queen hui jin fixed his eyes on it and immediately narrowed his eyes when he saw it. He straightened up and said in a hurry, "Bring it up."

The maidservant raised her hands and came over. In her white and tender palm was a yellow jade token. The jade was pure and warm like water. On it was a phoenix carved.

Queen hui jin's heart skipped a beat, and he quickly reached out for it and held it in his hand. "Quick, bring him in, and everyone else out!"


The maid took the order and left. A moment later, a man was led in. The maid stopped behind the screen and then retreated. She did not look at what she should not have, lest she die.

The newcomer was unremarkable, dressed in a brown cardigan, which looked like a Mama outfit, with a cloak draped over it, a little chilly. She took off the cloak and put it on the shelf before walking in slowly.

Queen hui jin widened his eyes and looked at the person carefully. When he saw her approaching step by step, he felt her breathing tighten bit by bit. He held the yellow jade token tightly in his hand and perspired a little.

"The old slave has seen the empress." As Mama spoke, he knelt down with all due respect and without a trace of error.

"Lie down." Queen hui jin looked at the strange face in front of her, completely lost in thought, and the excitement in her heart slowly receded. She did not know who came and why she had this thing in her hand.

"Who are you? Why are you here to see me?" She asked, trying to remain calm.

"When I return to the empress, the old slave came under the orders of Duke rong. The duchess missed the empress and often muttered that she had not been seen for many years. The duchess said that he was going to pay his respects to the emperor. He would come to the capital a year ago and bring his wife with him to visit her in the palace. I hope your mother is prepared."

Queen hui jin's eyes sparkled with joy. She suddenly stood up, walked up to Mama and said, "Is that true? Duke rong is going to beijing?"

Mama nodded and said again, "If you go back to your mother, that's right. The duke said that he would be in Jingdu by the year before. Please let the empress be at ease."