Chapter 458 Face to Face Questioning

The lights in the palace flickered, illuminating Queen hui jin's eyes.

Mama nodded and said, "Please don't be angry, empress. Duke rong asked the old slave to tell her that you must not act rashly. You must wait for him to enter the capital before you make any plans."

"Okay, okay." Queen hui jin turned back to his seat and sat down. It was obvious that he had more confidence than before. "Go back and tell Old duke that everything in this palace is up to him, waiting for his good news."

"Yes. The old slave obeyed." Mama answered, then turned and left.

After sending her away, Queen hui jin's mood was obviously much better. Mama, who was beside her, said, "Empress, you can rest assured now. With Duke rong to speak for you, everything will be fine."

Queen hui jin nodded, his face full of joy. "What I said is, this palace has been worried all the time. I didn't want to trouble Duke rong. I thought I would wait until I had to do it. I didn't expect... Duke rong was a member of the three dynasties and worked hard for the court. There were three imperial masters in the family. He was also the emperor's teacher. This weight will definitely make those people in the court shut up."

"Yes, is Duke rong's identity comparable to anything else? Even Prime Minister Liu had to concede three points. Although Old duke had returned to his hometown, his majesty had given him the grace of his majesty, and Old duke had to return home to be an official. Everything was the same as when he was in the capital."

"Well, I can finally sleep in peace." Queen hui jin said with a smile.

That night, she had a good sleep. Emperor xuan yuan received a hundred-mile urgent note, but he was too worried to sleep.

He knew that when Duke rong came, he would definitely speak to Queen hui jin. Duke rong and Queen hui jin's father were close friends. Back then, he knew Queen hui jin because he was still the prince. He quietly changed his clothes and followed Duke rong to his mother's house in Duke rong. He accidentally met him, and he fell in love with him.

But now... Duke rong would definitely ask about Queen hui jin and the crown prince this time. He would have a headache if he thought about it.

Throwing down the fold, he drove to Chunpin's palace. Chunpin served him a bowl of hot water and asked, "Your majesty, your face looks bad, but you've been too busy lately. Are you tired?"

Emperor xuan yuan waved his hand. "No, I'm not tired." He pointed to his heart. "I'm tired here."

Chunpin reached out and rubbed him. He said gently, "Is it much better for me to rub you?"

Emperor xuan yuan laughed loudly and held her in his arms. "Well... I feel much better this way. It's still you. Unlike the empress, she only causes trouble for me."

"The empress and her mother rule the world, and there are many things that need to be consulted by the emperor. Naturally, things are different. You don't have to worry about anything else, just serve the emperor well." Chunpin said shyly.

"You're right. I like it too," Emperor xuan yuan said with a heavy look. "Unfortunately, the empress doesn't understand. She just has too many things on her mind, and all the things she's thinking about are against me."

"What does the emperor say?" Chunpin paused. "Is there a misunderstanding? The empress is virtuous. Why would she do that?"

"Virtuous?" Emperor xuan yuan sneered. "I used to think she was virtuous, but this year, I found out that her virtuousness has always been faked. Once something happens, she will show her true colors. Everything will be based on her own honor and crown prince, afraid of losing the position of crown prince of the east palace."

"The empress only has this crown prince as a son, and he is also the legitimate son. Naturally, she cares more. But the crown prince is also the son of the emperor. How can the emperor really blame him? It's just words." Chunpin said with a smile.

Emperor xuan yuan sighed. "I thought so too. Although the crown prince is not very successful, he is still young. I still want to cultivate him for a few more years, but... The empress doesn't seem to think so. Now, she's actually interested in me. I received a letter from Duke rong today, saying that I haven't been in the capital for many years. I miss him very much. I want to come to Capital city."

Chunpin lowered his eyes and listened quietly. Emperor xuan yuan continued, "Look, he's not coming sooner or later. Why does he come at such a time? What is he trying to do? He's obviously here to ask for a lobbyist for the empress and the crown prince!"

Chunpin said nothing more. At this point in the conversation, it was no longer something that a mere concubine could discuss.

"It must be very cold for the emperor to come here. Will your concubine warm you up?" She said softly.

"Okay." Emperor xuan yuan said with a smile.

After all the work, Chunpin finally took Emperor xuan yuan to sleep. She put out a few lights in the hall, walked to the desk, picked up a pen and paper, and wrote a few lines. Then, she went out of the hall.

Emperor xuan yuan, who should have fallen asleep in the hall, suddenly opened his eyes when he heard the door. His eyes went through the empty hall and looked in the direction of the door. It was cold and cold.

After a while, there was a small sound of footsteps outside the palace. Chunpin came back slowly. She closed the door, walked to the charcoal fire and roasted it, then walked to the bedside.

Emperor xuan yuan mumbled, "Where did you go..."

Chunpin chuckled and patted Emperor xuan yuan on the shoulder. "The emperor is sleepy. Go to sleep. I'm here."

She didn't say.

Not long after Chunpin lay down, he was about to drink a cup of tea when he suddenly heard a commotion outside, as if there were many people coming, and there were people patting on the palace door. The eunuchs and palace maids who were guarding the yard also got up and held the lights.

Chunpin hurriedly sat up, afraid that she would wake Emperor xuan yuan up. As she put on her clothes and stayed on the bed, she asked the maid, "But it's noisy outside?"

"Yes, if you go back to your mother." Said the maid.

"Do you know what happened?" Chunpin asked doubtfully.

"I don't know yet. I'll go and find out." The palace maid said, picked up a lantern and walked out.

She had just come out of the palace door and down the steps. Before she could reach the courtyard, she heard the palace door being broken open. The little eunuch who was guarding the door came running in and said loudly, "Go back to your mother. It's not good."

Before Chunpin could ask what was going on, he heard an angry shout from outside. "How dare you! My palace is here. What did you say was wrong? Is the palace a monster?"

As soon as this was said, the little eunuch immediately did not dare to say much and lay down on the side, his head hanging down and his breath not daring to breathe.

Chunpin gathered his cloak and looked at the group of people walking in.

The palace eunuch stood one minute left and right, and the empress of huitie stepped out from the middle. She was dressed in a lake-blue palace dress, embroidered with gold thread with the hundred islands facing the phoenix, shining brightly in the night candlelight, covered with a black mink fur cloak, and looked extremely expensive.

Her hair was neatly combed, and in the center of her forehead was a phoenix hairpin inlaid with eight treasures in red gold. The beads in the phoenix's mouth shook slightly, reflecting the fierceness in her eyes.

Chunpin walked forward slowly and said with a light salute, "Your concubines see the empress."

Queen hui jin sneered. "Chunpin, you still have the face to see this palace?"

Chunpin said in surprise, "What did the empress say? I don't know what I've done wrong, so please let the empress know."

"Express?" Queen hui jin's voice was slightly harsh, and his eyes flashed fiercely. "I'd better advise you to tell me the truth and tell me the truth. If you let me tell you, the nature of the matter will be different."

Chunpin lowered her eyes and quickly went over what she had done in the past few days. There was nothing wrong with it. She smiled and said, "I really don't know what the empress is referring to. Please tell me."

"Chunpin!" Queen hui jin's voice was harsh. "Do you really want me to tell you? I warn you, if I say so, there is no turning back!"

"I asked myself if I had done anything wrong, and the empress might as well tell me that I have no room." Chunpin said word by word.

"Okay! Okay!" Queen hui jin said angrily, "Since you don't want to live, don't blame this palace anymore. I come to ask you, what have you done tonight?"

"Tonight?" Chunpin was slightly surprised. "Your concubine had just finished her dinner and was reading under the window when your majesty came. Your concubine and your majesty talked for a while and waited on your majesty to sleep. Not long after she lay down, the queen's wife came. I wonder what the queen would like to ask her to say? Could it be... That I should have my servants and concubines explain in detail how they serve the emperor?"

"Hmph." Queen hui jin snorted. "I knew you were a fox. I ask you, have you never gone out or done anything else besides this?"

Queen hui jin's heart sank, but his face remained the same. He shook his head and said, "No."

"Who's the witness?" Queen hui jin asked.

"If the empress does not believe it, the emperor is in the palace. It would be better to wake him up and ask him." Chunpin said in a loud voice.

"Impudent!" Queen hui jin said angrily, "How dare you let the emperor be your witness?"

"The concubine had no choice. In the middle of the night, the empress brought someone into the concubine's palace and immediately asked. The concubine really didn't know what she had done wrong, and you still had to prove it. If the concubine spoke of the palace eunuch, I was afraid you would say that the people in her palace couldn't count. But it was so late, apart from the palace and the emperor, the concubine really couldn't find any other witnesses. Let the empress see clearly."

Queen hui jin raised his eyebrows slightly. "What a sharp mouth, but I want to see if you can still do this if you see something like this."

She waved and looked at the eunuch beside her. "Come on."

The eunuch took something out of his sleeve and handed it up with both hands. Queen hui jin covered his nose with a handkerchief. The eunuch immediately understood and stepped forward to Chunpin.

Queen hui jin said, "Chunpin, look, what is this?"

Chunpin looked up and saw that the eunuch was holding nothing but a dead carrier pigeon with a bamboo tube tied to its leg.

Her heart stirred and she said calmly, "It's a carrier pigeon."

"Well, I ask you, do you recognize me?" Queen hui jin asked quickly.

"Yes." Chunpin simply admitted that it was already in her hands, and it was impossible to say no.

"If you admit it frankly, then tell me what you want to do by releasing such a carrier pigeon in the middle of the night. To whom? What letter was it? Say it!"

"I don't want to tell you, and I don't want to tell anyone." Chunpin said calmly.

"Ha!" Queen hui jin smiled briefly. "You don't want to say it? You don't want to say it?! Chunpin, do you really think you should be spoiled these days? Do you really think you have the final say in this harem?"

"Of course, it's up to the empress and her concubines to remember." Chunpin added.

"Well, then answer my question! Who did you write to and what information do you want to release? This palace warns you, you little tube, this palace has not opened, you can't push everything to this palace's head!"