Chapter 459 Go with the Flow

Chunpin still hung his head and said, "Your concubine didn't mean that, nor did she suspect the empress of anything. Your concubine went through all the trouble and didn't rest so late. She only stared at the night sky in your palace. Your concubine was terrified."

"You..." Queen hui jin heard her retort and wanted to raise her hand to hit her.

"Stop!" Suddenly, a shout came from the door and a cold voice said, "Queen, what are you doing?"

As soon as Queen hui jin saw Emperor xuan yuan come out, he hurriedly went up and bowed. "Your majesty, your concubine had already fallen asleep and had to report to the guards that a carrier pigeon flew out of Chunpin's palace. My concubine wondered why there was a carrier pigeon flying out here. Later, I remembered that Chunpin had received an order to raise a few in the palace for fun. Originally, my concubines thought that she was from a poor family, but after getting these things here in the future, I didn't expect... That she would actually use this to send messages to the outside world!"

Queen hui jin said, then took another step forward and pointed at the bamboo tube on the leg of the pigeon's corpse. "Your majesty, please see that every word of your servant and concubine is true and absolutely true! The concubine knew that this matter was serious and did not dare to open it at will. She came to Chunpin to verify that the emperor was here and asked him to make the decision!"

When she finished speaking loudly, everyone in the palace was silent, and no one dared to breathe loudly. They all secretly felt that the wind in the palace was about to change again, and I'm afraid that Chunpin would be finished in the future.

Emperor xuan yuan walked over slowly and stood down in front of Chunpin. He reached out and pinched her chin, forcing her to look up at him. His eyes were deep and dark, and he could not tell what was going on.

No one spoke.

Emperor xuan yuan didn't say anything, neither did Chunpin. She just looked at each other quietly, and empress huijin didn't say anything. She stared at her closely, her eyes widened, waiting to see the situation unfold. Her fingers were tightly held under her sleeves, and her palms were sweating.

After a long time, Emperor xuan yuan asked, "Tell me, is what the queen said true?"

Chunpin whispered, "What does the emperor mean?"

"Of course, it means that you have an affair with someone outside. I would like to know who is so bold and who is worth it. Is it... Your lover?" Queen hui jin said in a strange tone.

"Nonsense!" Emperor xuan yuan snapped.

"Empress, you can say such things, and you are not afraid of being tainted by others!" Chunpin said coldly.

"You..." Queen hui jin wanted to say something. Seeing Emperor xuan yuan's gloomy eyes swallow back, he thought to himself. Chunpin wouldn't be strong for long anyway, and let her go.

"Tell me, is it true?" Emperor xuan yuan pinched Chunpin's chin and his fingers tightened. "Answer me."

"Does the emperor not trust his concubines?" Chunpin didn't cry out in pain, but his eyes slowly filled with water, looking pitiful.

"The answer to my question is whether I believe it or not. I have my own conclusion." Emperor xuan yuan said.

Chunpin bit his lip and said coldly, "Whatever the emperor says, the emperor doesn't believe his concubines, and he says nothing for nothing."

Emperor xuan yuan gritted his teeth and looked at her for a long time, "Come on, take the bamboo tube off the carrier pigeon and see what's written inside."

"Your majesty," Queen hui jin stepped forward and took the bamboo tube from the eunuch. "It's a matter of Chunpin's sister's innocence. How can you be careless? How can we let these servants do it? Let the servants and concubines do it themselves."

As she spoke, she opened the bamboo tube and took out a note from it. She threw the tube aside and hurriedly opened the note as she read it.

"When the emperor comes tonight and talks about the affairs of the court, I feel very uneasy, and then..."

When she read this, she suddenly became hoarse and looked at the note without saying a word for a long time.

"Then what?" Chunpin looked at her. "Why didn't the empress read down?"

Queen hui jin gritted his teeth and looked at her, his eyes wishing they could pierce through her face.

"Hmm?" Emperor xuan yuan felt something was wrong and said, "Yes."

Queen hui jin opened his mouth but did not say anything more.

Chunpin sneered and continued, "Then I want to ask grandfather to find a herb in the mountain. It is said that it grows in the crevice of the mountain wall. Its root is red and leaves are green, and its top has small yellow flowers. One plant is best for three flowers. This herb can nourish one's vitality, calm one's mind, and make one sleep peacefully. But this grass is rare. Grandfather is getting old, and granddaughter is really guilty of asking grandfather to do this kind of thing. However, in order to make the emperor's dragon healthy, she also asked grandfather to try and find it. Thank you for not being my granddaughter."

She finished reading word by word, exactly the same as the note in Queen hui jin's hand. Queen hui jin's face was pale, and she held the paper for a long time, speechless, not knowing what to say.

"Chun' er..." Emperor xuan yuan was also stunned and hurriedly released Chunpin's chin, but her smooth white and tender chin still had purple finger marks, which looked very shocking.

Emperor xuan yuan regretted it and felt that his hand was a little heavy. Chunpin pursed his lips slightly. The water in his eyes was misty and slowly condensed into tears. "Your majesty, I heard you say that there is something troubling in my heart. When I saw you sleeping unsteadily, I remembered that there was a flower on the mountain wall of my hometown. I wanted to relieve your worry and let you sleep peacefully. I didn't think..."

She didn't say anything more, but it was heartbreaking. Emperor xuan yuan held her in his arms, looked at Queen hui jin, who was standing there in a daze, and said angrily, "You did a good job!~"

Queen hui jin clutched the note and looked at it over and over again, but there was no way to tell. It was just a plain piece of paper, but she didn't want to believe it in her heart. This game was in vain again. Besides, Chunpin let the pigeon out in the middle of the night just to send out such a message?

Did she really care so much about the emperor? He was unwilling to believe anything.

But now, there was really no clue, so she had to rub the paper ball in her hand and salute Emperor xuan yuan, "Your majesty, it is... Your concubine's fault, your concubine did not observe, wronged sister Chunpin, and asked your majesty to punish her."

Emperor xuan yuan was even more angry at her attitude. He snorted coldly and said, "Hmph, it's rare for the empress to admit her mistake. If that's the case, apologize to chun' er."

Queen hui jin was stunned, and the people in the courtyard lowered their heads even lower.

Although this matter was said to have wronged Chunpin, there was absolutely no reason for the empress of the palace to make amends to a concubine. It was no different from slapping the empress in the face. She bit her lips and refused to go forward. The palace lights in the courtyard fluttered in the night wind, reflecting her pale face.

"What?" Emperor xuan yuan raised his eyebrows.

"Concubine..." Queen hui jin was not convinced, but helpless. She could only say to Chunpin, "This palace has not found out the truth of the matter and wronged sister Chunpin. Please don't mind."

Chunpin wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes and said with a sob, "I dare not."

She paused for a moment and then said, "I have nothing else to ask for. As long as the empress does not keep her eyes on me and does not suspect that I will do harm to the emperor."

"Sister Chunpin... Where did you start?" Queen hui jin smiled stiffly.

"From where to begin, the empress knows what she is thinking, and the concubines don't want to talk about it anymore," said Chunpin, lowering her eyes, "The empress is dressed so neatly in the middle of the night, saying that she got up only after the bodyguard informed her. How can I believe that?"

Queen hui jin glanced at Xuanyuan Yaochen, pursed her lips and swallowed back the words that had come to her mouth.

Emperor xuan yuan cleared his throat and said to empress huijin, "Get out of here. What are you still doing here?"

"Your majesty," Chunpin said to Emperor xuan yuan politely, "Your concubine feels a little unwell. I'm afraid I can't serve you anymore tonight. Please move with the empress and wait for your concubine to get better before serving you."

"Chun' er..." Emperor xuan yuan frowned slightly and wanted to say something more, but Chunpin could not get up with a salute. He had no choice but to nod. "Well, you have a good rest. I will come to see you tomorrow."

After that, he turned his head and glared at Queen hui jin. Without saying anything, he strode off.

Queen hui jin hurried up and asked in a low voice as he walked, "Your majesty, your concubines serve you..."

"No need." Emperor xuan yuan interrupted her. "The queen should go back to the palace and reflect on herself. I'll go to the study and rest."

Queen hui jin's footsteps paused as she watched him walk away, holding the paper in his hand tightly. She said coldly, "Go back to the palace!~"

Chunpin looked at the palace which had calmed down again. Her lips were slightly raised and a cold smile appeared. She slowly walked over, picked up the small bamboo tube on the ground, held it in her hand and looked at it, then turned around and returned to the house.

She said to the maids beside her, "All of you, step back."

"Yes." The maids filed out and closed the palace door.

She came to the candlelight, pulled out the Hairpin on her head and touched the heart of the candle. The candlelight jumped, illuminating her cold smile.

Do you really think she doesn't know? She had long realized that Emperor xuan yuan was a little different today. She talked too much, and it was a bad thing about Queen hui jin, and Duke rong. No matter how much she doted on her, this kind of thing was not suitable for her to say.

There must be a devil if something went wrong. She was prepared for it.

So he decided to take advantage of the opportunity to send the news out tonight. If he did, he would be overzealous. If he could not send it out, he would not lose anything. He could also test the emperor's heart, dispel his doubts, and let the empress be struck again.

Sure enough, Emperor xuan yuan was fickle. He didn't believe her at all and refused to give her that little bit of trust. She smiled contemptuously. The most important information was not on the paper in the bamboo tube, but on the bamboo tube itself.

When she melted it with a special potion, it would turn into a thin piece of paper, and the handwriting on it would show up, as Xuanyuan Yaochen had taught her.

This time, the message could be delivered accurately.

When Xuanyuan Yaochen and Luo Jiuqing received the news, Xuanyuan Yaochen's face darkened slightly.

Luo Jiuqing looked at the note, pondered for a moment and said, "Duke rong? Didn't he return to his hometown long ago?"

"Yes, I did, but I didn't get fired. I kept my position and all my rights. I just went home to live," Xuanyuan Yaochen said coldly.

"So, this time, he can't help but feel lonely and want to come out and take care of the empress and the crown prince?" Luo Jiuqing said with a faint smile.

"It seems that he has such a plan. He and the queen's mother's family are close friends and have a lot of connections. In the past, he also strongly advocated the establishment of the crown prince, so this time he entered the capital, there must be no good thing." Xuanyuan Yaochen said and turned the note into ashes.