Chapter 462 Night Attack Counterattack

Luo Qingtian could not help but feel nervous when she saw how serious luo Jiuqing looked. "What is it?"

"Duke rong, do you remember?"

"Him? Of course I remember." Luo Qingtian nodded. "I don't know him very well. I just feel that he is very deep. In the past, he used to act as an imperial master in the court. Many people don't care about him."

"He has returned to the capital," said Luo Jiuqing, "He may see him in the court in two days."

"What?" Luo Qingtian was stunned. "Back to beijing? Court? This... But he has already left the court."

"But the emperor did not revoke his rights. He only allowed him to retire from old age. He did not take his position, nor did he take the power in his hands. Do you remember that?"

"Yes, I do, but even though that's the way it is said, most people know that this is just a polite remark from the emperor. They don't want people to think that he is cold and thin. They have never heard of anyone who can return to the court after being old. Isn't that too boring?" Luo Qingtian said as he shook his head.

"But they don't think so. Come back as soon as you come back. As long as you don't give up their officials, and as long as you don't have the right to cut them off, why can't you come back?"

"Have you seen him?" Luo Qingtian was so sure of what she said that she thought she had seen it before.

"Yes," Luo Jiuqing nodded and said, "I have indeed seen him. In front of the door of Prince an's mansion, that man is not a light bulb at all."

"That's right," Luo Qingtian said with a short smile, "That old man has a stomach full of bad water, and all kinds of dirty tricks emerge one after another. Anyway, my impression of him is like this. I just don't know if I have changed it now."

"It's easy to change, but it's hard to change. What's there to change?" Luo Jiuqing said, "Now that he's back, the specific purpose is unclear. In short, pay special attention to him, especially those mentioned just now, and no one will find out."

Luo Qingtian nodded solemnly. "I understand."

Coming out of the study, it was not early. Luo Jiuqing went back to his yard. As soon as he entered the yard, he smelled the fragrance. Before he entered the room, several people came out to greet him when they heard the noise.

Dong Ling said happily, "Princess, you're back. The water is ready. Clean your hands and wash your face. We've prepared a table for you."

Bai Mo also said, "The butler just sent someone to bring the soup. It smells especially fresh. You should try it."

Luo Jiuqing entered the room in their embrace. Sure enough, the aroma was so strong that a table of food was laid out. The copper basin was steaming hot and water had been poured out.

She felt warm in her heart and walked over to wash her hands and face. She came to the table, looked at the dishes all over the table and said to everyone, "All right, don't hold back. Sit down."

The few of them looked at each other. Dong Ling waved his hand and said, "Princess, the servants don't dare. We are servants. How can we eat at the same table with you?"

"Okay..." Luo Jiuqing said, "There are no masters and servants, no servants. You are all my brothers and sisters. Sit down and have a happy reunion dinner together."

When the few of them heard this, their hearts were warm and excited. They felt that Luo Jiuqing was really a rare good master. If they gave way again, it would seem pretentious. They sat down. A few of them exchanged glasses, chatted and laughed, and ate happily.

After a long meal, if it weren't for the late hours and the rest, they wouldn't have left.

Luo Jiuqing finished his meal and lay in bed looking at the stars outside the window. He felt that the starry sky of Capital city was not as wide as that of Nanjiang or the grassland, and that the stars were not as bright as there. He sighed in his heart. In his lifetime, he didn't know if he could go there again.

I don't know how the twelve ministries of huzhuo are now, but I haven't heard from them since. And He Mingfeng, who is now the king of Nanjiang, is not happier than before, is he?

As she was thinking about it, she suddenly heard a strange noise in the courtyard. She immediately turned her head, sat up and rushed to the window to listen carefully.

Bai Mo and Mo Bai were in the courtyard, so she didn't have to worry. She pushed open the window and looked out. There were two people in the courtyard, dressed in black and holding a steel knife in their hands. They were fighting with Bai Mo and Mo Bai.

Luo Jiuqing looked at the black-shirted man's moves and found that they were well-behaved. Their fighting moves were wide open and wide open, and their footwork was extremely stable.

However, this kind of person encountered Bai Mo and Mo Bai, two martial arts, flexible, no fixed rules, but fell to the disadvantage.

However, in the two cups of tea, one of them was cut in the arm by the dagger in Bai Mo's hand. Together, the other party's moves became more chaotic and even more disadvantaged.

The two of them fought and retreated, retreating to the wall of circumstances, stepping a little further towards the night sky.

Bai Mo still wanted to go back. Luo Jiuqing stopped them. When they saw that luo Jiuqing was awake, they hurried over to salute him.

"Princess, you're awake."

"I haven't fallen asleep yet, can you tell? What do you think of the two of them?" Luo Jiuqing asked.

Bai Mo snorted coldly. "They should be the soldiers from which house. They are quite capable, and their next set is stable, but they are too proper."

"If it weren't for me and Bai Mo," Mo Bai said, "I'm afraid they would have suffered."

"That's right," Luo Jiuqing nodded. "These two have a long history, and their skills are not bad. I'm afraid they won't give up after today's losses. They are from the army."

"In the army?" Both of them were stunned.

Luo Jiuqing looked at the night and said to them, "I'm afraid it won't be peaceful these days. You should be careful and pay more attention."

"Yes. I understand."

Luo Jiuqing went back to her room and turned off the lights. The light was dim and her cold eyes were reflected. She thought it would be a few days, but she didn't expect it to be so soon. Duke rong... Was too impatient.

If she had guessed correctly, these two people should be from the The mansion. Duke rong had sent someone to his place so soon, probably because of the disrespect he had shown him in front of Prince an's mansion when it was dark, and because he was with Xuanyuan Yaochen at the time.

He was still a headless fly and wanted to help the empress and the crown prince, but now neither of them was very eager. He had to check the people around him to see who was the hidden enemy and opponent. At present, others were on the surface, but he couldn't see himself clearly. And Xuanyuan Yaochen had been complaining of illness. During this period, his news was cut off from the outside world. I'm afraid that if prince rong wanted to find out, he couldn't find out anything.

But when he saw himself and Xuanyuan Yaochen talking at the entrance of the palace, he was afraid to take a leader out of the chaos and start from here.

I wonder if this kind of thing would happen to Prince an's mansion as well.

As Luo Jiuqing had expected, the two men in black were indeed Duke rong's men. They left the Los angeles all the way to a manor in the southeast.

The manor was quiet, with very few people around it. It was a The mansion business. Duke rong used to live here often when he was in Capital city. After he left the capital, he left someone to take care of it.

Two men in black entered the manor and came to the door of the study. The lights were on inside, and Duke rong's shadow was seen through the window.

They looked at each other, hesitated for a moment, and finally knocked on the door.

There was a reply from inside. They pushed the door and went in. As soon as they entered the room, Duke rong frowned. "Are you hurt?"

One of them said, "Yes. If we go back to work, we... Missed."

"I didn't expect Luo Qingtian to be such a good player. After all these years, he hasn't relaxed at all." Duke rong said with narrowed eyes.

"Duke," the injured man said, "We were not injured by luo qingtian's men."

"Hmm? What do you mean?" Duke rong raised his eyebrows.

"We went all the way to the Los angeles and Luo Qingtian ruled by law. It was really good, but we were also from the army and were very familiar with all aspects. It was not difficult to avoid those sentries and patrols. We also managed to find Yongan princess's place, but as soon as we arrived at the courtyard, we were discovered without moving."

"Oh? Is that so?" Duke rong was slightly surprised. "So you were hurt by Yongan princess's men?"

"That's right," the injured man said with a look of shame. "Those two men are extremely skilled, and... They make us unpredictable. When we fight, there is no way to find them at all. They are more like..."

"Like what?"

"Like people in the world."

"People from all over the world." Duke rong thought about it and waved his hand. "You guys go down first and take care of the wound. Besides, don't tell anyone about this. Don't tell anyone about it."

"Yes. I understand."

The two of them retreated, and Duke rong was no longer in the mood to read. He knew that this trip to the Los angeles would not go well, but he did not expect it to turn out like this.

Yongan princess... Was really beyond his expectations. Everything was new. He narrowed his eyes and sneered. If they were so hidden, no wonder the empress and the crown prince were not rivals. Based on what he had seen today and what happened tonight, it was almost certain that the empress and the crown prince had met with a lot of trouble this time.

And Xuanyuan Yaochen, who was clearly not sick and was able to go hunting today, why did he call himself sick? Was he unintentional, unrestrained by nature, or was he playing dumb? When he enters the palace tomorrow, he will mention this to the emperor. No matter what the reason, he will be disgusted first.

The next morning, as soon as Luo Jiuqing got up, someone came to report that someone from the an family had come to see him.

Luo Jiuqing nodded and let people in. When he came to the palace, he saw that it was the housekeeper of the royal family. When he came to Luo Jiuqing, the housekeeper said politely, "I just met your highness. This time, I came here to tell your highness that our royal family's illness... Relapsed."

"What?" Luo Jiuqing was stunned.

"The prince has been ill all this time. He had been ill for a while. It was just a little bit two days ago. Yesterday, he went hunting with the princess, but he came back with a relapse. This morning, he called for the imperial physician to come into the house. The prince was afraid that the princess would be worried, so he specially asked the servant to come back with the princess."

Luo Jiuqing smiled in his heart, but his face did not show. He nodded and said, "Okay, I understand. You go back and tell the prince that we will visit him later and ask him to take good care of his injuries. Don't work any more."

"Yes, the servant will tell the prince the truth and the servant will leave." The butler said respectfully.