Chapter 463 To Strike First Is to Be Strong

Luo Jiuqing couldn't help but smile when he saw the housekeeper in Prince an's mansion leave.

Xuanyuan Yaochen showed Duke rong this trick. He saw him at the entrance of the palace last night. It was estimated that Duke rong would come into the palace today and the saint would tell him whether he saw Xuanyuan Yaochen go hunting intentionally or unintentionally. At that time, Emperor xuan yuan was so suspicious that he would doubt whether Xuanyuan Yaochen was really ill and scold him.

Before Duke rong entered the palace, Xuanyuan Yaochen spread the news of his relapse and invited the imperial physician to see him.

Luo Jiuqing turned to dongling and said, "Prepare some gifts. Let's go and see how Your highness an is doing."

"Yes." Dong Ling hurriedly turned around and packed a lot of presents.

Xuanyuan Yaochen was chatting with Imperial physician liu in the room. Imperial physician liu was a member of Prime Minister Liu's family, and when he was alive, prime minister liu had been a great benefactor to the liu family. Imperial physician liu's ancestor was just a quack, and he almost died of cold and hunger when he was in a state of decline. To Imperial physician liu's generation, it was already the third generation.

Imperial physician liu naturally knew whether Xuanyuan Yaochen was sick or not, but he still came often. The prescription, the diagnosis and treatment, and the medicine were the same as the normal treatment.

Xuanyuan Yaochen was naturally relieved in this regard, and the hospital could not find anything. This morning, he sent for Imperial physician liu for the same reason that the butler had told luo Jiuqing. He was just a little fit and couldn't help but hunt. That night, he had a relapse.

Imperial physician liu came to write the prescription and ordered someone to make the medicine. The yard was filled with the fragrance of the medicine. Then the two of them sat down and chatted for a while.

At this moment, someone came to report that Yongan princess had arrived, and Imperial physician liu got up and left.

Xuanyuan Yaochen was very happy. Although he hadn't seen her for a while, he missed her so much. As soon as Luo Jiuqing entered the room, he looked at her with a smile.

Luo Jiuqing said with a smile, "Well, I heard that Your highness an is ill. I came here specially to visit. I wonder what's going on now?"

Xuanyuan Yaochen held back his laughter. "I feel better after taking Imperial physician liu's medicine."

Luo Jiuqing stepped forward. "All right, stop pretending. I don't know if Duke rong will enter the palace today. You pretended to be sick in time."

"That's right," said Xuanyuan Yaochen. "That old man is as smart as a fox. I can't let him get ahead of me. Even if he sees that my illness is fake, so what? I've done enough on the surface. Even if he knows what he's doing, he has evidence."

"That's good." Luo Jiuqing nodded and said, "It will be better if we delay the illness for a while. Now that General shen is going to the capital, you still have to be busy. It's not like that to stay in the mansion all the time."

"Okay," Xuanyuan Yaochen thought for a moment. "Deal with what Duke rong wants to tell me first, then I'll ask Imperial physician liu to change his prescription and get better slowly."

"By the way," Luo Jiuqing said in a low voice, "Someone broke into luo mansion last night. How's it going here?"

"What?" Xuanyuan Yaochen raised his eyebrows and looked worried. He grabbed Luo Jiuqing's hand and said, "How are you? Is everything okay? Are you hurt?"

Luo Jiuqing shook his head and smiled, "It's okay. I'm fine. Isn't this a good place to stand? One of their men, on the other hand, was injured by Bai Mo and the others."

"Someone who knows who?" Xuanyuan Yaochen asked with a short smile. "You don't have to think about it. It must be Duke rong's. I didn't expect him to move so fast and so urgently."

"That's right," Luo Jiuqing said, "It also reflected his mentality. He had not been clear about the situation in the city since he left Capital city all these years. Yes, there were many of his old troops in the city, but in such a long time, people would change. Those young people, those pillars, now have children, and even become grandfathers. How could these people's fighting spirit still be the same as before?"

"Your men, the forces in their hands, are all new and lower young people. They are brave, strong, and fearless of sacrifice. They want to prove themselves, they want to put those myths under their feet, and they want to prove to the court that they are the current middle class pillars. Which one has the better chance of winning?"

Xuanyuan Yaochen curled her lips slightly and twirled her fingers around her hair, feeling as smooth as silk. Did I get sick and lie down to sleep?"

"You're so beautiful." Luo Jiuqing took out a topographic map from his sleeve and spread it out on his desk, "Look, this is the topographic map of the mountain. Uncle gave it to me. Let's study it and see what's more suitable for Shen Jiajun's camp."

When it came to war and the military, Xuanyuan Yaochen immediately looked like a different person. He was smiling just now, but now he looked serious and strategic.

After a long discussion in the room, the two of them finally had a rough idea. When General shen arrived, they told him about the picture and their thoughts.

When he got up early in the morning, Duke rong ordered his servants to bring the suit he had brought with him. The butler who had followed him for many years, the son of a The mansion family, held the suit in his hands and said, "Duke, you haven't worn this suit for a long time."

"After leaving the court, there is no chance to wear it again. I don't know if I can achieve the expected effect when I enter the palace this time." Duke rong said as he put on his clothes.

"Don't worry. The emperor has always respected you. Your words will certainly work." The butler smiled.

Duke rong sighed. "After all these years, things have been hard to say. Did you see that the situation has changed a lot since he didn't enter the court in the past few years? When he left earlier, the empress and the crown prince were in the middle of the sun. King an was not afraid at all. If you don't say anything else, his reputation was not even one-tenth of the crown prince's. But now?"

He tightened his belt. "Not to mention King an, even King wing came out. I heard that King an did not have much credit for this snow disaster, but he often remembered in his illness. He wrote his own ideas in a book, not to mention King wing's limelight. What about the crown prince? Not only was it useless, it was also reprimanded, and in the end, it was imprisoned in the east palace. If not for that, the old lady would not have come back in such a hurry!"

"Yes, yes." The housekeeper continued, "When you come back, everything will be out. Isn't the empress pointing at you as well?"

Duke rong nodded and was about to go out when suddenly there was a sound of hurried footsteps outside. A guard ran in and said in a low voice, "Grandpa, I just got the news that King an's old illness had relapsed. I've invited the imperial physician to the hospital for treatment."

"What?" Duke rong paused. "Relapse?"

"Yes." The guard replied, "He said it was because he went hunting yesterday, and it relapsed last night. He immediately invited the imperial physician into the house at dawn today. He didn't leave until after breakfast."

"Oh?" Duke rong's eyebrows furrowed slightly, and he felt a little strange in his heart. This thing... It was a little too coincidental. I just saw King an yesterday, and there was no sign of illness other than a slight pallor. Why...

However, he could not jump to a conclusion. However, his speech about going to the palace to meet the holy one today would have to be changed.

"Keep a close eye on the situation over there. Also, don't be too obvious, don't be noticed," Duke rong said thoughtfully, "It would be best if... You can call king an's mansion and arrange an informant for us."

Just as the guard was about to withdraw from the arrangement, Duke rong waved his hand to stop him and said, "It's all right. Don't worry, wait until I see the empress in the palace."


Duke rong got up and entered the palace. He had no intention of going directly to the court. He had been in the court for many years and naturally knew how cold the emperor had been since ancient times.

He came back this time to help the empress and the crown prince regain the attention of the emperor. He could not fall into it and be rejected by the emperor. That would be bad.

The emperor was not in a good mood today. Chunpin had been sick in the palace for the past few days. He did not come out and did not see anyone.

She had rarely interacted with other concubines, because she was born into a poor family, many concubines looked down on her, but she was very spoiled and did not dare to provoke her, so she simply did not associate with her.

The emperor knew about it and knew it. He didn't usually feel anything. After this incident, he felt very guilty. He felt sorry for Chunpin. He knew that she could only rely on himself, but he still didn't believe her and hurt her heart.

Speaking of which, it was all the queen's fault. She ran up to her and said that Chunpin had a different heart and that there were other men in her heart. If he didn't believe her, he could give it a try. He couldn't help but want to see what happened. Who knew that in the end, he would try to get such a result.

This made him happy and guilty.

Happily, Chunpin really had him in his heart, thinking about him all the time, and feeling guilty about how he treated her.

Therefore, even now that Chunpin had made him petty, he tolerated it and felt that it was appropriate to send things to the pure concubines' palace like a flowing water table every day.

Chunpin accepted them one by one, but there was no other expression. This silence made the emperor scratch his heart like a hundred claws.

He said a few words in the court. It was almost the end of the new year and there was nothing important. He left the court early and wanted to go to Chunpin's palace. As soon as he reached the palace gate, he was stopped again. He said that Chunpin did not sleep well last night. Today, he said that he should rest well.

The emperor had no choice but to sigh and walk back. On the way, he met the people in the flower house. This kind of light green plum blossoms had actually been cultivated in the freezing weather.

He immediately ordered the eunuch of the greenhouse to send the two plum trees to Chunpin's palace to make her happy.

The eunuch next to him asked where he was going. He stood there and smiled. "It's ridiculous that I own the world, have the harem, and stand here without a place to go."

"How can it be?" The eunuch hurriedly held it in his hands and said, "If you want to go to any master's palace, which one doesn't welcome you well, you are always looking forward to it."

The emperor waved his hand, not in the mood. "Forget it, go back to the study."

Not long after he returned to his study, the palace maid beside the empress happened to pass by and saw from afar that the two green plums had actually been given to Chunpin. She could not help but quicken her steps and quickly returned to the palace.

The empress had been in a good mood these past few days. When she learned that Duke rong was coming, which was two days away, she immediately felt that she had a strong backing and was full of confidence.

At the front of the dressing table, the palace maid was trying out a new hairstyle. The palace maid who was out on business rushed in and came to her and said, "Queen, it's not good."

"What's wrong?" Queen hui jin frowned. "What's the matter? Take your time. Why are you so flustered? I have never seen any storms in this palace."

"Yes." The maid bowed her head and admitted her mistake. She whispered, "Mother, those two green plums... Have a master."