Chapter 464 Entering the Palace

Queen hui jin was stunned for a moment and then said angrily, "Bastard! How do people in the internal affairs office do things? Don't they know that this palace has been waiting for these two green plums to bloom? Go and let cao teng wen come to see me!"

The palace maid replied, "Back to the empress, I'm afraid it's none of Eunuch cao's business this time. He sent someone here, but... On the way there, he met the emperor. The emperor ordered them to send green plum to Chunpin."

"What?" Queen hui jin got angrier and stood up from the couch. "Really?"

"Mother, I can see it clearly. It's very real. It can't be wrong. It was the emperor's... Personal decree."

"Ha!" Queen hui jin gave a short smile and a grim look appeared in his eyes. "Okay, okay! Chunpin, it looks like she's determined to fight this palace!"

At this moment, a Mama came in and said, "Empress, there's news that it's done."

"Oh?" Queen hui jin narrowed his eyes and slowly curled his lips. "Okay, it's time. Come on, get in the car and go to Chunpin's place to admire the plum blossoms."


Luo Jiuqing was discussing the Shen Jiajun with Xuanyuan Yaochen in Prince an's mansion when Bai Mo came in to report, "Reporting to princess, Duke rong... To the palace."

"Oh?" Luo Jiuqing and Xuanyuan Yaochen looked at each other. "Enter the palace? Isn't it the court?"

"No." Bai Mo replied, "Yes, I am going to the palace. Your subordinates have a good look."

"Okay, you go down first and continue to be monitored. Don't be careless."


Luo Jiuqing put down his pen and said to Xuanyuan Yaochen, "What do you think? The old man's reaction was pretty quick."

"He must have gotten the news, changed his mind, and reacted so quickly, but it's just like him." Xuanyuan Yaochen said sarcastically.

"Only in this way, we don't know what he said when he entered the palace, and we have to send someone to make a thorough inquiry." Luo Jiuqing frowned slightly.

"No, I have my own way." Xuanyuan Yaochen said.

Duke rong left the palace at an early hour under the officials. He walked along a secluded path and entered the palace. He did not meet any officials before the palace gate. He did not want to be known by many people that he had entered the capital. Originally, he wanted to meet everyone today and mentioned Xuanyuan Yaochen's feigned illness in the court, but the news he got this morning disrupted his plan.

He had no choice but to go into the palace and not meet the people for the time being.

Just as he arrived at the entrance of the palace, li wenzhong, the minister of war of today, happened to be a little upset. He went to the toilet first and didn't leave the palace directly. This took a little time. Just as he was about to get into the sedan chair, he turned around and saw a carriage coming over. The curtain was tightly covered.


Why does it look like Duke rong? Could it be that my eyes are dazzled?

He had doubts in his heart and wanted to go over and take a closer look. The carriage had already driven past.

After thinking about it carefully, he felt that it was not right. If Duke rong came, how could he tell himself? Besides, Duke rong's body was not good. It was not a day or two. How could he travel to the palace for a long time?

He shook his head and turned to get into the sedan chair.

The carriage stopped at the entrance of the palace. The guards stopped it with their guns. A waistband was handed out from the carriage. When the guards saw it, they could not help but take a breath and immediately let go.

The carriage passed through six palaces and stopped at the seventh door. Duke rong came down from the carriage. The guard at the door was about twenty years old. He did not recognize him. "Who is it?"

Duke rong narrowed his eyes and looked at the guards on duty. He could not help but sigh with emotion. Time passed so quickly. Few people in the guards knew him.

The coachman next to him stepped forward and handed the waistband to the imperial guards. Their faces changed slightly and the leader immediately said, "Your excellency, please wait a moment."

With that said, he sped inside.

The chief on duty today was called liu qinglin. He was in his thirties and had just finished his patrol. When he saw the soldier trotting in, he could not help but frown and ask, "What's the matter? What are you panicking about?"

"To answer lord liu's question," the imperial guard replied, "There was a leader who was standing outside the seventh palace with a token. He wanted to enter the palace to meet the holy one."

"Oh? What kind of token?" Asked liu qinglin.

"It's a piece of military amulet. No, it's an old piece of military amulet. It's different from the present one, but it's a real piece of military amulet."

"Oh?" Liu qinglin was stunned and looked at the center of the room. Not many people could have the military symbol. It was the same as before. That was... His heart jumped and he immediately said, "You go back to duke de first. I'll go and have a look."


De Gonggong was going to the study to make tea for Emperor xuan yuan. After all these years, Emperor xuan yuan, who was cooked by the maids, was still not used to it. He had to cook it himself. There was a small house inside, and it was ordered for him to make tea.

Outside the door, the little eunuch hurried in, raised a curtain and said, "Father-in-law, there's something to report outside."

"Hmm?" De Gonggong said in a casual voice, "What's the matter? Can't you see that our family is making tea for the emperor?"

"Returning to his father-in-law was a forbidden army, guarding the seventh palace gate. It was said that there was a big man outside the door who asked for an audience, holding an old military symbol. Liu qinglin, who was on duty today, had already gone over to check and asked him to come and report."

"Oh?" De Gonggong raised his eyebrows.

Others did not know that he was an old man next to the emperor.

In addition to what the emperor had taken back, one of the old military amulets was taken away by Duke rong. The emperor had specially ordered it to be allowed, saying that it was because of Old duke's hard work over the years. In fact, everyone who knew about it at that time knew that this old military amulet was probably worth the gold medal for avoiding death.

He was secretly shocked. He had heard the emperor mutter that Duke rong was going to come to the palace to pay his respects. He had thought that his body was not good, but he just said that shangzhezi did not expect that he would really come and come so quickly!

This... I'm afraid it's not too good.

He thought about it for a while and then said, "Let's go and take a look at our house."

The little eunuch led the way. He came out of the side door and saw the young imperial guard.

De Gonggong asked, "Who is the man holding the amulet?"

The imperial guards hurriedly said, "If you return to your father-in-law, he's an old man in his prime. He's in good spirits. His face is red and he looks very dignified. By the way, there's a scar on his left brow."

De Gonggong's eyebrows twitched. Yes, it was Duke rong.

He nodded and said to the imperial guards, "Go ahead and tell liu qinglin to invite someone in."


De Gonggong did not dare to delay. He went back to the house to get some tea and walked quickly into the main hall of the study. He saw Emperor xuan yuan behind the desk, not knowing what he was writing.

He walked over, slowly put the tea aside and said in a low voice, "Your majesty, the imperial guards just came to report that an old man entered the palace to ask for an audience. The old slave asked him about the old man's appearance. According to the description, it should be Duke rong without a doubt."

"What?" Emperor xuan yuan paused and put down the pen in his hand. "Duke rong?"

"Exactly." De Gonggong nodded and said, "The imperial guards said that he had the old military amulet in his hand. He was over years old and had a small scar on his brow, which matched everything."

"But he only handed in the paper and said that he wanted to come into the palace to pay his respects. He didn't say it so quickly." Emperor xuan yuan was not particularly happy. According to his thoughts, it was not a big deal for Duke rong to return to the world, but this was the time when he fought back and broke through six palace gates, holding the talisman in his hand. This was undoubtedly determined and showed his attitude.

"Your majesty, Duke rong has arrived. You mean..."

"Since I'm here and I'm here, can I still not see you?" Emperor xuan yuan pursed her lips. "Just let him in later."


De Gonggong lowered his eyes and retreated slowly, looking at Emperor xuan yuan's emotions.

Duke rong arrived soon. He strode up to the door of the study. The sun was shining down on him. He was so excited to see how many years he had not been here. He did not expect that there would be such a day.

He steadied himself and walked in.

"I see your majesty. Long live your majesty. Long live your majesty." He knelt down and saluted.

Emperor xuan yuan hurriedly said, "Aiqing, get up quickly."

He glanced at De Gonggong beside him and ordered, "Take a seat."

De Gonggong answered and moved a chair. Zheng Tian stood up. De Gonggong said to the side, "Old duke, please sit down. The old slave hasn't served you for a while."

"Thank you, De Gonggong." Duke rong said.

"Aiqing, haven't seen you for a long time. Are you feeling better?" Emperor xuan yuan looked at Duke rong and saw more white hair on the corner of his forehead. Compared to the gray, most of it was now white, and the wrinkles at the corner of his eyes were also thin and dense, looking a little sad.

"Thank you, your majesty. The old minister is much better now. He is no longer in any danger, but he is old and useless. He often makes some small mistakes." Duke rong sighed. "I thought, no matter what, I have to see the emperor before the end of time. Otherwise... I will always feel uneasy."

Emperor xuan yuan said, "Hey... What did aiqing say? I think you're still in good spirits. What time did you say? But I'm glad you came. I haven't seen you for many years. When I saw you, I remembered where you lived in the capital this time when I was young. Do you have a place to stay?"

"Thank you, your majesty," Duke rong said."

"That's good, that's good. Now that you're back, you can stay longer. You can talk to me often when you're free. There aren't many old ministers who can talk to me now."

Emperor xuan yuan sighed. "A few years ago, when old prime minister liu went, I felt sad for a long time. If you were there... Oh, no more. I'm very happy to have you back. Come on. We're having a banquet at the palace this afternoon. I want to welcome Old duke."

"I dare not." Duke rong hastily stood up. "I dare not."

Emperor xuan yuan waved his hand. "Why not? You are an old minister and used to be my teacher. Of course you can take it."

"Just as the emperor said, some of the old ministers are gone, such as prime minister liu. I feel very sad when I think of it. If... I eat with the emperor alone, I am really terrified." Duke rong lowered his head and said.

Emperor xuan yuan knew in his heart that he was... Thinking of bringing Queen hui jin and the crown prince together?

He smiled. "Old duke, don't be uneasy. Today is the day for you and me. There is no one else. You don't have to be so formal in your speech."

Duke rong pursed her lips. There was no turning back at Emperor xuan yuan's words, and it was hard to say more.

They chatted openly and secretly here, and there was no small disturbance in the back palace.

Queen hui jin and his men went to Chunpin's palace. As soon as they arrived at the palace gate, the palace maid who was guarding the palace gate hurriedly said, "See you, empress."

Queen hui jin did not speak. Mama, who was beside her, said, "Where's your master? Come out and welcome the empress."

"If you return to your mother, master... She is not feeling well and is taking a nap," the palace maid said with her head down.