Chapter 465 Deliberately Looking for Trouble

When Mama heard this, he couldn't help but sneer. "Oh? Your master is taking a nap. Do you mean to let the empress wait here?"

"Servant... I don't dare. That's not what I meant." The palace maid hurriedly explained.

"That's not what you mean, then what do you mean?" Mama asked coldly.

"Maidservant... I would like to invite the empress to sit down in the palace, so that I can report to you." The maid whispered.

"Hurry up and go!" Mama shouted.

The maid hurriedly turned around and entered the palace. Chunpin was already awake. She heard the noise outside and said to the people around her, "Go and see what happened."

Mama, who was combing her hair, said, "Don't worry, little master. There is rumei outside. If you still feel tired, take a rest. If anything happens, rumei will report it to you."

At this moment, the palace maid trotted in. It was Rumei.

"In a panic, what are you doing?" Mama scolded.

Rumei took a breath and said in a hurry, "Master, the empress is here. The servant said that you are taking a nap. The empress is not happy anymore. The servant did not dare to delay and hurried to come back to you."

"The empress is here?" Chunpin frowned slightly. "I'm afraid I came to see two green plums. Just welcome."


Mama helped her up and went out of the hall. As expected, Queen hui jin was looking at the two green plums in the yard.

"Oh, sister Chunpin, did I wake you up?" Queen hui jin turned to look at Chunpin and said smilingly, "I'm really sorry. I've heard that green plum blossoms are being cultivated in the flower house of the ministry of internal affairs. It's really rare. I want to see them. I can't believe it. I got the news this morning. The emperor sent someone to send them to you. There's nothing I can do but come and see them."

I see.

Chunpin smiled coldly in her heart. She walked up and saluted. The moment she lowered her head, Queen hui jin's eyes flashed over her head with a hint of fierce pleasure. "Just stop being polite. Come and take a look."

Chunpin really didn't think it was rare. She walked up to the boughs of flowers and looked at them casually. Then she said politely, "Forgive me, empress. I'm not feeling well these days. I always feel dizzy. How about this? If empress likes it, then I'll give you these two green plums. You can take them back and enjoy them. I can't appreciate such elegant things. It's a waste to leave it with your concubines. What does the empress think?"

"Lady Chunpin," said Mama beside Queen hui jin, "Do you mean to give what you don't want to the empress?"

Chunpin turned his head and looked at her slowly. His eyes were as quiet as an ancient well, without any waves. Mama's heart skipped a beat when he saw them.

Chunpin smiled very slowly and said to empress huijin, "Empress, do you think so too?"

Queen hui jin did not expect her to throw the question at him again, so he had to smile briefly. "Of course I know what my sister wants, not that."

"That's good," Chunpin said slowly, his voice slightly cold, like a piercing wind. "I still think that I don't have any family background, I don't have a peerless appearance, and some of them are actually just a little favor of the emperor, but no matter how much this favor is, it won't go beyond the empress. The empress is the lord of the harem, and she has the crown prince to rely on. It is said that I won't make such a small favor of the empress. The concubine is in your eyes."

"But," she changed the subject. "Today, the concubines finally know why. It turns out that there are always these crafty slaves around the empress, constantly stirring up trouble, distorting the meaning of the concubines, causing the empress to be angry, causing the empress to have some dissatisfaction with the concubines."

"Empress, shouldn't the rules of the harem be tightened?"

Mama's face changed slightly, and Queen hui jin smiled briefly. "Sister, isn't that too much?"

Chunpin was not angry. Queen hui jin's words were obviously biased. She said softly, "This is just a suggestion from the concubines. The empress is wise and has been in charge of the harem for many years. Naturally, she knows how to clean up the palace. She shouldn't let the concubines talk too much. It seems that the empress treats her own people and those in other palaces equally. The concubines talk too much and leave."

After she said that, she turned around and left. Queen hui jin choked in his throat.

That Mama was naturally unhappy. She pointed at Chunpin's hair ornament and said to empress huijin, "Empress, look, what's on Chunpin's head!"

Queen hui jin looked around and saw a nine-tailed hairpin inserted in Chunpin's hair. The hairpin was made of pure gold and inlaid with red gemstones. It looked especially beautiful.

However, the imperial concubines of the Xuan Yuan dynasty had a strict system of dressing and wearing jewelry. They were not casually worn, especially the nine-tailed phoenix hairpin, which was only worn by the empress. Not to mention a small concubine, even the imperial concubine, did not have the qualifications.

Queen hui jin was furious and shouted in a cold voice, "How dare you! Chunpin, this palace knows that you have always been dissatisfied with the things that wronged you last time, but this is also the first time you do things without proper rules. If you really want to find medicine for the emperor, you can explain to the tai hospital that the speed of finding medicine is not only fast, but also the quality is more guaranteed. However, you must put some carrier pigeons! Who knows what you want to do?"

"This time, even if you are dissatisfied, you can't go beyond the ancestral system and break the rules. How dare you wear a nine-tailed phoenix hairpin? What do you mean? What do you want? Do you think you're spoiled and that you can replace me one day?"

Chunpin looked up at the empress calmly and said, "What did the empress say... Your position is honorable, and you are the lord of the harem. Could a concubine or a concubine be replaced by a small concubine, or could the throne of the empress of the middle palace be shaken by a small hairpin? What a joke."

Queen hui jin saw that her face was still so calm and calm when it came to her, which was really irritating. She sneered, "In any case, you should be punished for wearing the wrong hair ornament. As you just said, this palace also felt that the rules in this harem should be stricter. Why don't you just start with you?"

When Chunpin heard this, he was not afraid. He looked at Queen hui jin and said, "Well, since you think your concubine is wrong, then your concubine is wrong, and there is nothing to distinguish between them."

When Queen hui jin heard this, he was secretly happy that there was such a silly person in the world. I really don't see him. Before he could finish thinking about this, he suddenly heard Chunpin say, "Mother, since it's the fault of your concubine's hair ornament, then Mama who combed your concubine's hair... How to deal with it, please let her go once more."

She said "Let go," but if she didn't mention it, Queen hui jin didn't mention punishing Mama for combing her hair.

When she said that, Queen hui jin had to ask. She turned her head and her eyes slid across the crowd. "Who is Chunpin's comb, Mama? Stand up for yourself."

Mama, whose surname was wu, was a second-class Mama who had just come to Chunpin's palace for more than a month. Because of her dexterity and ability to comb all kinds of hair, she was valued by Chunpin and asked her to comb her hair day by day.

Wu Mama's heart trembled and he quickly knelt down. "Empress, old slave... I really don't know."

"I don't know?" Queen hui jin smiled coldly. "You're her hairbrush, Mama. You said you don't know. How can I believe that?"

"This..." Wu Mama lowered his head, gritted his teeth and said, "If I go back to my mother, I have just been in Chunpin's palace for more than a month, and I am not familiar with all aspects. Whatever my mother says is what she says. I just comb my hair. As for the choice of hair ornaments, it is lady Chunpin who has the final say. I can't and dare not ask anymore..."

With that said, it was a clean push.

Chunpin did not speak, but Rumei, the palace maid, said angrily, "Bah! You old man, lady Chunpin has treated you well. Why did you say that? When did my mother specify which hairpin and jewelry to wear? It's not always what you say to look good on and what to wear to match your hairstyle."

"You..." Wu Mama wanted to deny, but before he could finish, Queen hui jin sneered and said to Rumei, "You know very well that it's your turn to be presumptuous in front of this palace! Come on, give me a slap!"

"Yes." Mama, who was next to her, stepped forward with a smug smile. "Rumei, you found this yourself. Just when your mother Chunpin said to ask the empress to strictly control the palace rules, you couldn't help but jump out and demonstrate. You're really a good servant of your master."

She said, biting her lips, and with a "Whoosh," she slapped Rumei's face with all her might. With a "Snap" sound, Rumei felt his face go numb. There were stars in front of him, and there was a buzz in his ears. Blood immediately flowed from the corners of his mouth.

"Tsk, tsk," Mama's eyes flashed fiercely. "It's really thin skin and tender flesh. It's just like this with a little push. I don't know how hard I used it."

"Bah!" Rumei spat blood and cursed in a low voice.

"Ha," Mama rolled up his sleeves. "Don't worry. The good news is still behind us."

After she said that, she turned her arms around again, and with all her strength, she was gritting her teeth and about to give a slap, when she suddenly heard someone outside the door call out coldly, "Stop!~"

The voice came a little late. Mama's hand had already swung out, and it was difficult to take it back. Seeing that Rumei was about to be slapped again, suddenly, a figure flashed, raised her leg and kicked Mama on the wrist. She was kicked so badly that she couldn't hit anyone again. With a plop, she fell to the ground.

Queen hui jin was also startled. He turned around in anger and saw a man in a forbidden army uniform standing by, his eyes cold and his expression calm.

"Who are you?" Queen hui jin asked.

"Madam, the leader of the imperial guards, liu qinglin. I'm on duty today." Liu qinglin replied.

"Why did you hit someone?" Queen hui jin said angrily.

Liu qinglin replied, "Your mother's words are too harsh. She didn't want to hit anyone, but just to carry out the emperor's orders. This Mama, regardless of the holy orders, still hit people. If he did, wouldn't it be against the holy will? By then, he wouldn't have suffered this kick?"

"You..." Mama felt that his wrist was about to break. Listening to liu qinglin, he was even angrier.