My Endless Love

My Endless Love



Author: Little Demon Gu







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563.Chapter 563 Li Tingchen, Don't Go Too Fast. I'm Coming to Find You


On the day when Gu Yinian's ex-boyfriend got married, she destroyed his wedding. After that, she randomly stopped a hot guy outside the hotel and said: "Hey, handsome. I invite you to marry me. Do you dare?" But when she got the marriage certificate, she regretted it. Then she asked the joyful guy attentively: "Can I invite you to divorce me? Just look at all this as a game." He stared at her and smirked. "There is no precedent where a document I have signed is withdrawn. Are you sure you wanna provoke me?" Later, Gu Yinian finally came to realize who she had messed up with--Li Tingchen, a powerful guy and a business king in City A. He used to beat his ex-boyfriend and torture scheming girls. It was said that he didn't have an interest in women. Only Gu Yinian knew that was all bullsh*t! One day, she got to know the reason why he flash-married her… Even though she was pregnant at that time, she broke into his office and threw the divorce agreement to his handsome face fiercely, "Divorce me! Right now! Now!"

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