Chapter 456 Stay at the Qi Residence

Chu Qifeng's words were not meant to dispel Han Mingyue's doubts or explain his relationship with Meng Xinyao. What he said was the truth.

If you ask him now, who was the person you met in the palace and who was the person who came to the qi palace, Chu Qifeng would never be able to tell. He probably only remembers such a person, but he has no impression of her at all.

All the women except Han Mingyue were floating clouds to him.

"Feng, how can you say that? Maybe you don't know yet. The person who came to the qi palace today is the first daughter of the great general who protects the country." Han Mingyue did not expect Chu Qifeng to look so calm. He thought his attitude was already plain enough, but Chu Qifeng showed that it was better than anything else.

But in this environment, status is a symbol of eternity. Although Chu Qifeng did not put Meng Xinyao or general Meng Congshu behind her in his eyes, Han Mingyue still spoke about the issues that Chu Qifeng had overlooked for Chu Qifeng's future.

"I know who they are, but no matter who they are, I will not agree to this. Let them go ahead and make a fool of themselves." Chu Qifeng knew that Han Mingyue said this for him, afraid that he would not be able to raise his head at Night Mile's because of this matter, but even if he could not raise his head, Chu Qifeng would not be forced to agree to their request under such pressure.

But there are things that are so helpless, even if you do everything to stop it, things will eventually happen.

And this time, Chu Qifeng? No matter how much he resisted, Night Mile wasn't the only one to deal with him. He was a cunning man in the book series. After watching his precious daughter make the decision, he would certainly do anything to accomplish what Meng Xinyao wanted.

Han Mingyue was naturally nothing to him.

"Feng, is this the life of the royal family? You want a moment of peace, but you can't." Looking at the bright flowers, Han Mingyue had some sadness in his eyes.

Ever since she became pregnant, she seemed to have been affected by the child and became a little sentimental. Even though she knew in her heart that Chu Qifeng would never do anything wrong to her, his heart could not help but worry.

After her rebirth, Han Mingyue warned herself that as long as she punished those who should be punished, then she would want a quiet life. But now, these things seemed a little different from what she thought. She had thought about this before, but when it really happened, Han Mingyue still felt uncomfortable.

It was like the uncomfortable feeling of having one's personal belongings peeped at.

Han Mingyue had never shown such a disappointed mood, which made Chu Qifeng feel even more guilty. He thought it was because he did not do well that Han Mingyue suddenly did this.

"Girl, don't worry. I'll take care of this." He held Han Mingyue in his arms with a look of remorse, but the expression on his face was so cold that he dared to come to the door on his own initiative. Chu Qifeng's eyes were bloodthirsty and murderous.

After a moment of sadness, Han Mingyue returned to normal. He raised his calm eyes and looked at Chu Qifeng as he was about to say something. His face suddenly turned ugly.

"Mmm..." Han Mingyue snorted and frowned.

"Girl?" Chu Qifeng's face suddenly changed and he was very nervous. He called out to the doctor not far away, "Lian Xin, go get the doctor."

Looking at the nervous look on his face, Han Mingyue's previous worry returned to its original place. "I'm fine. It's just that the little guy lifted me up in his stomach just now, probably protesting that I shouldn't have been angry with you just now." Han Mingyue said with a smile on his face.

As a new father, when he felt everything about the child, he was so surprised and moved. Chu Qifeng stretched out his wide palm, gently placed it on Han Mingyue's bulging abdomen, and gently felt the movements of his child.

But after waiting for a long time, he didn't move.

Han Mingyue looked at Chu Qifeng's serious and happy face and felt even happier. This time was quiet and quiet. It was their time, not to be disturbed.

Spring was chilly, and everything before her seemed so warm and peaceful. Han Mingyue had a faint smile on her face. When her eyes touched Chu Qifeng's gentle and serious look at her bulging abdomen, her wavering heart melted.

Just, just, this outstanding man is his husband, and he has always put himself first, what is she not satisfied with!

"Girl, don't pay attention to what others are saying or doing. Just look at me. Just have me in your eyes, but that's enough." Chu Qifeng's words lingered in Han Mingyue's ears.

As if she had thought of something, Han Mingyue's heart was a little lost, and she was suddenly cheerful, with a smile on her face again.

She was thinking too much.

Meng Congshu stood in front of Night Mile with a calm face. Today, he came to the palace specially because of Meng Xinyao.

But Night Mile did not show much joy when she saw Meng Congshu. Instead, she was a little gloomy. "General Meng, you're here."

"Your majesty, I came here today because of that incident a few days ago." There was no expression on Meng Congshu's serious face, but the more this happened, the more expressions were hidden under the mask.

Indeed, it was for that matter. It was really just a matter of worry.

Night Mile's face was tense. It was agreed, but Chu Qifeng's answer was beyond Night Mile's expectations. It was simple, but Chu Qifeng's refusal made it difficult.

"General Meng, I'm afraid that the matter I discussed with you before will disappoint General Meng." If Chu Qifeng didn't agree, it would be impossible for him to tie Chu Qifeng up and welcome her.

Night Mile had already seen Chu Qifeng's stubbornness.

So it was impossible to force Chu Qifeng to do this. Meng Congshu was a little unhappy when he said that, but because of Night Mile, he couldn't show his anger.

"Your majesty, prince qi has a cold temper. It must be hard to accept this marriage for a while, but I believe that as long as we give them some time, prince qi will definitely accept it." Meng Congshu said calmly, "The emperor also knows that although this daughter of an old minister is not a beautiful girl, she is only a little worse than xi shi. Her character, whether it is four books and five classics or needlework, is not lacking. As Princess qi, such a person with good moral character will definitely be helpful to prince qi in the future." Speaking of Meng Xinyao, Meng Congshu was proud.

As for Meng Xinyao, Night Mile had seen her before. He had indeed had some influence on the general's daughter, and every time he spoke so highly of her, he gladly agreed to Meng Congshu's original proposal.

"What does the general say?" Night Mile was obviously interested in what Meng Congshu had just said. After all, Night Mile also wanted to make this marriage happen.

Their current goals seem to be the same.

"Your majesty, the old minister's previous proposal was just that the old minister thought that the little girl was about to reach the year of death. The old minister only wanted him to find a satisfactory marriage, and prince qi was low-key, modest, and the old minister was very satisfied. The old minister did not hide it from the emperor. In fact, the little girl of the old minister had already met prince qi, and for prince qi, she only gave the old minister one sentence - in this life, prince qi will not marry." As he spoke, he observed Night Mile's reaction carefully.

It was no secret that Night Mile doted on Chu Qifeng, and this prince qi did not pay much attention to him in the light of the night. He did everything in his hands very well, making people unable to find a reason to be picky, and his ability to do things was also first-class.

So even though Chu Qifeng was a cold and aloof man, everyone thought highly of him.

His ability meant everything, which was why ye baili never touched him.

"The old minister knows that neither the emperor nor the crown prince is satisfied with the current woman in prince qi's mansion, and that person is not worthy of prince qi at all, so if the emperor is willing to give the little girl a chance, the little girl will not disappoint the emperor, and she will definitely let prince qi agree to this marriage." Meng Congshu said with certainty.

He was full of confidence in Meng Xinyao. He knew that as long as it was what Meng Xinyao wanted, there was nothing he could not get. It was the same from childhood.

"How do you want me to help her?" Night Mile's deep voice came, and she had acquiesced in what Meng Congshu had said.

"In fact, it's very simple. The emperor only needs to create a little opportunity for the little girl to get along with them more. This is enough. As for the future, the little girl will definitely know what to do." Meng Congshu smiled smugly. "Your majesty, I have been by your side for so many years. I know that your majesty intends to cultivate prince qi, so if this marriage is 10 %, I will do my best to help prince qi." Meng Congshu said directly, not afraid of Night Mile being so angry.

He was a smart man, and he went straight past the crown prince, and directly pointed out Night Mile's heart to chu qifeng, completely put Ye Muyun aside, if someone else, would never dare to say that.

Meng Congshu, who had been through a lot of trouble, exuded a breathtaking aura all over his body. His resolute nature had not changed at all, and he spoke so directly that he would not beat around the bush at all.

Night Mile looked at him, thought for a moment, and finally agreed. What Meng Congshu said was exactly what he thought.