Chapter 457 A Contest

It was time for him to go to court for so many years, but he was not satisfied with his son. That was why he did not hand over the regime. His only son, Ye Muyun, had no intention of going to court, which broke his heart. Not only did ye muyun not give up looking for the child, he did not give up until Chu Qifeng appeared. Only then did Night Mile see the light of hope. Seeing the country, the hope of the entire Xi chu.

"Well, since General Meng's words have come to this, then I will wait for your good news." Night Mile burst into laughter. If Meng Xinyao could really impress Chu Qifeng, it would really save a lot of trouble. Night Mile was naturally willing to carry out this plan.

With Night Mile's support, Meng Xinyao strutted into Prince qi's mansion with his clothes.

When Tai Lung saw her, he immediately stopped her outside the door. Unfortunately, she held the imperial edict in her hand, which was specifically aimed at this matter, so even though she had a lot of dissatisfaction with her, Tai Lung Zuo could not do anything to her.

Chu Qifeng was also dissatisfied with Meng Xinyao's arrival. Looking at Meng Xinyao standing in front of him, Chu Qifeng's cold face was enough to freeze a few feet away, but he was afraid of hurting Han Mingyue, so he had to put away the cold breath.

"I wonder what is so important about Miss Meng coming to Prince qi's mansion today or is he here to find prince qi as before?" Han Mingyue's calm tone showed no sign of anger.

Even Tai Lung and Zuo couldn't help but look at Han Mingyue. They were all worried. Han Mingyue was not angry last time, but this time?

Is she really that good-tempered?

But whether they believed it or not, Han Mingyue was always gentle and generous, and she just sat there quietly.

Meng Xinyao saw that Han Mingyue was so kind to her, thinking that Han Mingyue was afraid of his identity, so even standing there was pride on his face.

Like a winner, she looked down on Han Mingyue with pride in her eyes.

"Miss Han, of course I'm here to look for prince qi, and I have received the emperor's orders. I just don't need to report to Miss Han what I'm here for." Meng Xinyao looked at Han Mingyue disdainfully, then turned his proud eyes to Chu Qifeng, who was sitting next to Han Mingyue, with a smile on his face.

A wise man could tell the purpose of Meng Xinyao's visit at a glance, not to mention the clever Han Mingyue. As for why she did not immediately chase Meng Xinyao out of Prince qi's mansion, she had her own plans.

Seeing Meng Xinyao bullying Han Mingyue like this, Lian Xin felt very aggrieved for Han Mingyue. She wanted to say something to help han Ming Yue, but she could not say anything. She could only helplessly grab her lapel and glare at Meng Xinyao resentfully.

I thought that this woman would never come back after she left. I didn't expect that she would be so open and honest today, and that she had no respect for han Ming Yue at all.

Although Han Mingyue was not recognized by Night Mile, everyone knew that Han Mingyue was Chu Qifeng's woman and knew that she was the mistress of the qi palace, but in Meng Xinyao's eyes, she had no such consciousness.

She only regarded Han Mingyue as a guest who was staying in the qi palace.

"Miss Meng, watch your tone." Chu Qifeng scolded her coldly. His displeasure with her, whether it was in words or in expression, was tomorrow, but Meng Xinyao turned a blind eye to it.

"If prince qi is angry at Xinyao for saying something inappropriate, then please forgive him. What Xinyao said just now is just the truth, and there is no intention of targeting Miss Han at all." Meng Xinyao looked apologetic and said yes to Han Mingyue. He didn't seem to be an unreasonable person at all.

Han Mingyue looked at Meng Xinyao coldly. Han Mingyue didn't care much about her rudeness to him. "Prince, don't be angry. Miss Meng is our guest. We can't be so rude to our guest." Han Mingyue said softly, and the Su Hand put it on Chu Qifeng's clenched fist at some point. Under Meng Xinyao's gaze, they patted it gently and smiled at Chu Qifeng gently.

Chu Qifeng turned to hold Han Mingyue's Su Hand affectionately and looked at Han Mingyue in a completely different light than Meng Xinyao.

Meng Xinyao's smug smile froze, apparently stimulated by Han Mingyue and Chu Qifeng's intimate behavior.

She made it clear that she was coming for Chu Qifeng, so Han Mingyue naturally picked the things Meng Xinyao disliked the most. She liked to swear sovereignty, very well, then let her know who was the owner of this man, whether the owner of this palace was not important, what was important was who was the owner of this man, who was important in this man's heart.

It had to be said that this move of han Ming Yue was really ruthless. In a moment, Meng Xinyao, who had just been complacent, was pulled down from the clouds, but on the surface, he was still calm and breezy, which made it impossible to see what was wrong with him.

This method of killing was invisible and could be said to be used appropriately.

Seeing that Chu Qifeng and Han Mingyue were so close, Meng Xinyao couldn't bear it. She didn't want Chu Qifeng to touch other women, and her face darkened. "I brought the emperor's decree with me today." With that said, he waved to Cai er behind him. Cai er immediately took the very precious edict in his arms and handed it to Meng Xinyao, then quickly retreated to the side.

"If the prince and Miss Han have any questions, please take a look at this edict." Meng Xinyao's words fell, and the imperial edict in her hand was suddenly opened and presented to Han Mingyue and Chu Qifeng.

The contents of the imperial edict were very simple, talking about the rectification of the general's mansion. Night Mile meant to let Meng Xinyao live in Prince qi's mansion for the time being.

After reading the imperial edict, Chu Qifeng's face darkened. He could not accept or agree to what the imperial edict said. Not only could anyone come in and live in his mansion, but this was his and Han Mingyue's house, and he would never allow anyone to disturb them. Besides, now that Han Mingyue was pregnant, Chu Qifeng would never allow any threat.

He would not accept even the imperial edict.

"Miss Meng, go back and tell the emperor that no matter what the emperor wants, I, chu qifeng, will not agree to this decree. No matter what the emperor wants to punish me, I will not complain." Chu Qifeng coldly refused. In his heart, he criticized Night Mile coldly. He did not expect that Night Mile had used all his means to get him to agree to that matter.

Meng Xinyao was shocked. She did not expect that Chu Qifeng would be willing to accept punishment and would not take her in the qi palace.

The other hand, painted with danko, was tightly held in his sleeve, and the bones of his hand appeared, representing Meng Xinyao's anger at the moment.

She was angry and embarrassed at the same time. Chu Qifeng rejected him so directly that she had no face at all.

Just when Meng Xinyao didn't know what to do, Han Mingyue took the initiative to speak for Meng Xinyao. "Prince, you see, since Miss Meng came to the qi palace under the emperor's orders, the general's mansion is now in the midst of rectification. The guests are guests. We can't do this as hosts. There are so many rooms in Prince qi's mansion. Just arrange a room for Miss Meng." Han Mingyue said gently to Chu Qifeng.

Chu Qifeng and the others were shocked by Han Mingyue's thoughtful and generous actions. Lian Xin even cried out in a hurry, "Miss, what are you doing? She's not a nice person."

But Han Mingyue didn't seem to take her concerns into account.

Chu Qifeng looked at Han Mingyue's still calm face. Although he was confused, he did not ask. He knew that Han Mingyue had done this for a reason.

Even Meng Xinyao did not expect Han Mingyue to take the initiative to plead for her, and his eyes were full of ridicule and ridicule when he looked at Han Mingyue.

She did not expect Han Mingyue to be so generous. She had thought that when she asked this question, the person who should have opposed it most was Han Mingyue, but now she did not object at all, but she helped herself to plead with Chu Qifeng.

I thought han Ming Yue was smart, but in her opinion, Han Mingyue was stupid.

Well, since she took the initiative to help herself, don't blame her for being cruel.

"Miss Meng, in the future, you will live in the qi palace at ease. If there is anything you need, tell me so that I can let the maid prepare." Han Mingyue said calmly, with a dignified and gentle manner that was exactly as polite to the guests as the owner of the royal palace.

Happy Meng Xinyao listened to Han Mingyue's seemingly ordinary words, but there was a feeling of awkwardness. It was only when she saw Han Mingyue's seemingly invisible smile that she realized that she had just been fooled by Han Mingyue.

Because it was Han Mingyue who pleaded for her in front of Chu Qifeng, it also proved that Han Mingyue was the mistress of this family. She was in Chu Qifeng, and she could not replace her position in this family.

But by the time he realized it, it was too late.

"Since you want her to stay, then you should stay." Chu Qifeng warned Meng Xinyao in a cold voice, but he did not look straight at Meng Xinyao as he spoke.

Leaving him was only for Han Mingyue's sake. Chu Qifeng was not interested in Meng Xinyao at all.

Meng Xinyao looked at Chu Qifeng's cold face and wanted to immediately reject Han Mingyue's proposal, but Cai er stopped him.

Cai er kept shaking his head at Meng Xinyao and whispered, "Miss, don't be impulsive." Chu Qifeng finally agreed. If she objected again, she would have to be driven out of Prince qi's mansion.

The secret battle between Han Mingyue and Meng Xinyao just now ended up with Han Mingyue taking the lead.