Chapter 458 Vent One's Anger

Han Mingyue felt like laughing when he saw the sad look on his face.

"Lian Xin still doesn't let anyone take Miss Meng down to have a good rest. Miss Meng is tired and needs a good rest." Han Mingyue said calmly.

"All right girl, I'll take you out for a walk. It's sunny outside." Chu Qifeng gently said that and then stood up and gently helped Han Mingyue up on the side. The two of them smiled like each other and left this place lovingly in front of Meng Xinyao.

Meng Xinyao stood there shaking his feet in anger.

Lian Xin saw that Meng Xinyao was so deflated, and finally a rare smile appeared on his face. "Miss Meng, let me go to your room. Our princess said that Miss Meng was tired and needed a good rest." Lian Xin also pretended to have a high and cold voice and deliberately said to Meng Xinyao with a straight face.

Lian Xin was overjoyed to see Meng Xinyao so angry.

After leaving the hall, Chu Qifeng asked Han Mingyue gently, "Girl, why did that person stay at your house? Don't you know she's hostile to you?" Although Chu Qifeng was a little apologetic when it came to this matter, after all, it was all because of him. If we were to pursue the responsibility, it would be entirely his fault.

Chu Qifeng was filled with worry. He didn't know Meng Xinyao, so he was worried that meng xinyao would do something inappropriate to Han Mingyue. Although Tai Lung Zuo and Lian Xin were with Han Mingyue, he was still worried that there was nothing wrong with the current job.

"Feng, do you think Miss Meng will leave if you ask her to leave?" She was just trying her best to stay. In order to stay, she even brought the emperor's imperial edict. Not everyone could get the imperial edict at will, but Night Mile was obviously supportive of this matter, so if they chased Meng Xinyao out of the house today, they would still try their best to get them to agree to Meng Xinyao's stay.

Instead of constantly guessing what she wanted to do while she was away, it would be easier to keep her time bomb by her side and watch her every move by herself.

The question Han Mingyue asked was indeed the same. Even if Chu Qifeng rejected Han Mingyue's proposal to drive Meng Xinyao out of Prince qi's mansion, she would still think of a way. Even if she didn't, the people behind her would think of a way.

"Don't worry. Actually, Miss Meng came to the qi palace for you. This goal is very clear, but she thought things too simple, so in order to avoid her doing anything, we should put her beside us." Han Mingyue gently explained to Chu Qifeng why he wanted to keep Meng Xinyao.

It was precisely because he was certain that Chu Qifeng would not agree to this matter, and would not look at Meng Xinyao directly, that Han Mingyue made this decision.

"Well, I only have one condition for her to stay in Prince qi's mansion: she's obedient. If she doesn't have any good intentions, I'll just have Tai Lung sweep her out of the house immediately and never set foot in Prince qi's mansion." This was Chu Qifeng's only condition. He had to ensure Han Mingyue's safety.

Han Mingyue nodded gently. "Yeah, don't worry."

Meng Xinyao's previous sarcastic and sarcastic remarks about Han Mingyue had been kept in his heart. So when han Ming Yue told her to prepare a room for Meng Xinyao, Lian Xin felt that his chance had come and she could finally avenge her master.

Prince qi's mansion was very big. Han Mingyue and Chu Qifeng lived in the east of Prince qi's mansion, which was the most sunny place. Han Mingyue liked the sunshine, so Chu Qifeng chose to live in the east. He hoped that the first sunshine in the morning would be sprinkled on Han Mingyue's bed and wake up the sleeping Han Mingyue.

Apart from the private area on the east side, the rest of the courtyards were not allowed to enter casually, but lian xin took Meng Xinyao to the most western courtyard, far away from Han Mingyue's courtyard, and this courtyard on the west side was actually the most remote place in the courtyard, because it was too far away, there were not many maids who usually came here to clean.

Lian Xin's slap for han Ming Yue was really loud.

Han Mingyue looked at Meng Xinyao's beautiful face. The smug smile had disappeared, and it was full of anger. But for some reason, it didn't happen.

Meng Xinyao was still resentful of what Han Mingyue had just done to her and did not notice that Lian Xin had brought them to an increasingly remote place in the house.

When meng xinyao stood at the gate of the courtyard, her face was full of disbelief. She saw that although it was not overgrown with weeds, it was not much better than that environment. For a moment, the anger that was suppressed in her heart could no longer be tolerated.

How could the eldest lady of her royal general's mansion live in such a place? Look at every place here. There was nothing that could make her see. There were a lot of dense spider silk in the corner. It was obvious that very few people lived in this courtyard.

"You want me to live in a place like this?" Meng Xinyao shrieked sarcastically with an unquestionable face.

"You will immediately give our young lady a better place to live. Do you know what our general will do if he finds out that you have arranged our young lady to live in a place like this?" Cai er raised his eyebrows and warned Lian Xin in the same shrill voice.

But this time, Lian Xin would not be intimidated by them.

"Miss Meng, I'm sorry. Our qi residence is indeed incomparable to the general's residence where you usually live. After all, our prince and princess usually pay attention to frugality." Lian Xin seemed calm on the surface, probably watching them bully Han Mingyue like this today, Lian Xin, who was as docile as a lamb, would be completely angry.

Lian Xin, who had always been a yes-man, spoke with great courage today.

"Miss Meng, this is specially arranged by our prince and prince, so if Miss Meng is willing to stay here in the qi palace, just stay at ease. The princess said that if Miss Meng is in need of anything, just tell him." Lian Xin then turned around and pushed open the door behind him with great force, and the plan of the inside suddenly appeared in front of them.

It was as simple as ever. Although Meng Xinyao and Cai er were angry, Lian Xin straightened up and walked past them calmly with a satisfied smile on his lips.

Miss, Lian Xin has finally vented his anger on you. She was in a good mood, and everything she saw was so pleasing to her eyes.

As soon as Lian Xin left, Meng Xinyao let out a scream of anger. Lian Xin, who had walked far away, couldn't help but look back at the west courtyard.

"Cai er, give me another place right away. I don't want to live in this kind of place." Meng Xinyao was so angry that her beautiful face had lost its former beauty, and it looked very scary.

Her beautiful eyes quickly scanned every inch of the place, but the more she looked at Meng Xinyao, the angrier she became.

"Miss, if you were to change places, would your servant explain this to prince qi?" Cai er also realized this important problem. Not to mention changing places, Chu Qifeng didn't agree with Meng Xinyao's intention to stay here at all, but fortunately, Han Mingyue opened her mouth and she finally stayed. If she went to Chu Qifeng and begged for another place at this time, Chu Qifeng would probably take this opportunity to send them back to the general's mansion.

No, she couldn't look at the miss's plan that she couldn't bear to stay behind and fail again.

Miss can't go to find king qi. That woman probably arranged for you to stay here on purpose, just to see if we can't stand it and beg King qi later, and now they can also use this opportunity to drive us out of the house. It was all that woman's scheme. So miss, you have to think twice." Cai er said with a heavy forehead.

As expected, Meng Xinyao stopped the commotion and began to think carefully about what Cai er had just said.

However, they all misunderstood Han Mingyue. Han Mingyue did not use such a low-level method to deal with them. The reason why they were arranged in the most humble place of the qi palace was that all of them were arranged by Lian Xin, and han Ming Yue did not know anything about this arrangement.

After thinking about it from head to toe for a moment, Meng Xinyao finally compromised on the arrangement in front of her. As Cai er said, if she made a fuss about changing her house, then Chu Qifeng and Han Mingyue would probably take this opportunity to sweep her out of the house. Then the matter that she finally stayed behind failed again, just in time to solemnly Han Mingyue's heart.

But how could she let Han Mingyue win? Meng Xinyao was very competitive, especially in the case of Chu Qifeng, she could not admit defeat.

Since he had decided to stay in the qi palace, Meng Xinyao chose to accept it even though the environment in front of him was very bad.

After Han Mingyue came back, he was in a good mood to see Lian Xin, who had been silent for a long time, working with a faint smile on his face.

"Lian Xin, what happened today?" Han Mingyue asked softly, this Lian Xin has always been right, everything is on his face, it is really simple.

"It's nothing." Lian Xin put away the smile on her face and spoke softly to Han Mingyue. Lian Xin didn't want Han Mingyue to know about that and add to her troubles. "Miss, why did you keep them here? The eldest lady of the general's mansion always thinks that she is not a good person. Miss, please be careful of her." Lian Xin suddenly warned Han Mingyue with a straight face.

Meng Xinyao's attitude towards Han Mingyue could be described as extremely bad. He did not take Han Mingyue seriously at all. Lian Xin could only let Han Mingyue watch her carefully while keeping a close eye on her.