Chapter 459 The Show Had Just Begun

Seeing that Lian Xin seemed unwilling to say it, Han Mingyue did not force her, but how could Han Mingyue not know what Lian Xin said?

"Miss Meng, are you settled?" Han Mingyue's face was tired. Obviously, he had walked a lot with Chu Qifeng before, which made Han Mingyue a little unbearable.

Lying on the soft couch, Han Mingyue felt more comfortable when he relaxed.

"Don't worry, miss. Miss Meng's servant has already arranged it. The servant will keep an eye on it. She will never do anything to miss and young master." Lian Xin said affirmatively. Seeing han Ming Yue gently pounding his legs, he could not help but put down the matter in his hands and went straight to Han Mingyue's side. He squatted down and gently tapped Han Mingyue's legs.

As his stomach swelled up, Han Mingyue's skills were no longer as sharp as before, but after a short walk, his legs were already sore.

Han Mingyue finally felt better from the pounding of the light and heavy matters. She looked at Lian Xin with a gentle expression. This loyal servant girl had been following her since she was young. Han Mingyue was full of gratitude to her.

"Lian Xin, don't worry about that young lady from the general's mansion. I know what to do, and I won't lose like I did before. So you'd better stay away from her while she's here!" Han Mingyue said seriously. After all, Ming Yue had already regarded lian xinhan as a family member.

This time, Meng Xinyao knew at a glance that she was prepared. If Lian Xin accidentally offended Lian Xin and let her hurt him, Han Mingyue would be so worried. Since she was here for her, then everything around her would probably be carefully examined by Meng Xinyao.

Lian Xin's hand paused, a little touched. She knew that Han Mingyue said all this for her own good.

"But miss, it took you and the prince a long time to have a life like this. Her appearance will definitely bring you trouble." Lian Xin saw everything that happened in the past, so what happened between Chu Qifeng and Han Mingyue was his own business.

Lian Xin was probably too excited, so the expression on his face seemed a little anxious when he spoke.

"Don't worry. Since I chose to let him stay, I naturally thought of a way to deal with her." She would never raise a tiger to make trouble. Looking at Meng Xinyao, Han Mingyue always unconsciously thought of Han Mingshuang, who had everything to do with her. They had too many similarities.

If she wasn't sure about Meng Xinyao, how could Han Mingyue have promised her to let him stay? Staying here would only cause trouble for herself. Han Mingyue is such a stupid person.

Lian Xin's worries were merely superfluous.

Seeing that han Ming Yue was so confident, it was not easy for Lian Xin to ask any more questions, but there was still some worry on her face.

Han Mingyue did not speak again and closed her eyes gently. She was a little tired and needed a good rest now.

Meng xinyao was not a quiet person, and now in the qi palace, especially so, in order to get more time to get along with Chu Qifeng, Meng Xinyao could be said to have used all means.

Xiyuan had been cleaned up by the maids sent by Lian Xin at this time, but it still could not change the simple appearance. Meng xinyao was sitting there at the moment, looking at the desolate courtyard with an ugly face. Now it was in full bloom, but there was no life in this courtyard. Compared with the courtyard where she lived in the general's mansion, it was not worth mentioning, which made Meng Xinyao's mood even more. Annoyed.

Cai er had already packed up everything. "Miss, you've been tired all day. Have a good rest." Cai er said thoughtfully, but when she saw Meng Xinyao, she was sitting there with an ashen face, and there was a hint of sleepiness on her face.

Rest? Meng Xinyao snorted.

In this harsh environment, how should she rest? The soft quilts she used in the general's mansion were all very advanced. Meng Congshu paid a lot of money to transport them back from other places in the past. How could she sleep if she did not sleep on that soft and soft collapse?

Besides, she hasn't seen Chu Qifeng alone yet. How can she sleep?

"Cai er, hurry up and find out where prince qi is now. If he is here, where is he?" Meng Xinyao said anxiously.

At the same time, he coldly mocked han Ming Yue in his heart, "Han Mingyue, you just want me to back off, but this young lady will not do as you wish. You want to use this method to get me out of Prince qi's mansion, out of Chu Qifeng, I will not do this." Meng Xinyao was a proud person, and she felt that Han Mingyue's actions only completely angered her.

When Cai er came back, he was a little breathless, but the expression on his face was a little excited. "Miss, miss, prince qi is in the palace now, and he doesn't have that woman with him." Cai er was very happy for Meng Xinyao. She felt that now was a good opportunity for Meng Xinyao, and the woman she was talking about was Han Mingyue.

"Really?" Meng Xinyao stood up excitedly from his chair, his face full of expectant eyes.

"It's true. The servant just got the news from the servant girl in this house." Cai er said seriously. When he mentioned the news, Cai er was a little unhappy.

The maids of the qi palace were really tight-lipped. At first, they were all very resistant to themselves. After asking several people in a row, no one answered her question. Finally, they found out that Cai er had used her own things to exchange for this information.

But now Meng Xinyao still cared about how the news came from, and all her attention was on Chu Qifeng.

"Miss, are you going to look for prince qi now?" Cai er asked again.

But Meng Xinyao still had time to answer her, and just as Cai er spoke, Meng Xinyao had already walked out quickly.

Cai er had no choice but to follow Meng Xinyao quickly.

At this moment, Chu Qifeng was in the study dealing with some official documents that Tai Lung had brought back from the palace. Although Chu Qifeng and Night Mile saw that their relationship was not as good as before, Night Mile still believed in Chu Qifeng as usual. A lot of important official documents were handed to Chu Qifeng.

Chu Qifeng merely glanced at the notes that Tai Lung had brought back and did not say anything, so he buried himself in the process.

Tai Lung stood beside Chu Qifeng, and Chu Qifeng was looking at the book in his hand with a serious face. When Tai Lung did not notice, he suddenly said, "Is Miss Meng of the general's mansion safe?"

Although Chu Qifeng promised to keep Meng Xinyao here, it was all for Han Mingyue's sake, but he was not at ease with Meng Xinyao.

"Master, the princess has arranged the people in Xiyuan with her heart and soul. There is no movement for the time being." Tai Lung answered calmly.

Chu Qifeng did not speak any more, and his eyes and mind were completely absorbed in the memorials.

It was just that some people were always ignorant and soon broke the silence.

Chu Qifeng was quick at handling things, and he quickly cleaned up the stacks of notes as high as a hill. At this moment, the untimely voice sounded outside the door.

Meng Xinyao stood outside Chu Qifeng's study and looked at the closed door. "Prince, prince, are you there? I have something important to talk to you about?"

When Chu Qifeng heard her voice, the hand holding the pen paused, raised its black eyes, and looked out with a thick expression of displeasure on its face.

Tai Lung was very unhappy to see Chu Qifeng, and took the initiative to raise his foot to stop Meng Xinyao outside, but Chu Qifeng's voice came, "Don't worry about her and let her scream outside!" Chu Qifeng didn't want to talk to Meng Xinyao at all and knew what she was here for.

Tai Lung stopped in his tracks and stood there, but his eyes were on the outside, and he was laughing at Meng Xinyao outside the door in his heart. How dare he come to the door so boldly? It seemed like a good show was about to begin.

Meng Xinyao shouted outside for a long time, but the closed door showed no sign of opening. Cai er watched Meng Xinyao's face change from happy to ugly. Cai er was a little worried.

Cai er wanted to stop Meng Xinyao from shouting like that, but she didn't dare to stop Meng Xinyao.

It was not until Chu Qifeng had finished all the memorials in front of him that he stood up and walked to the tightly closed window. He stretched out his long fingers and gently opened a gap in the tightly closed window. Although it was very small, it was enough to see clearly what was going on outside.

Especially at this moment, Meng Xinyao was standing outside anxiously, stomping her feet in anger, but because of this, she was afraid to alarm Chu Qifeng and could not and did not dare to act up.

But she did not know that her every move at this moment had fallen into Chu Qifeng's eyes.

"Master, do you need a subordinate to drive her away? If you let her continue like this here, I'm afraid it will alarm the princess." Tai Lung cautioned carefully. After all, Meng Xinyao's actions outside were not small at all. Prince qi's mansion was just that big, and how could everything in this house escape Han Mingyue's sharp eyes?

Chu Qifeng's cold eyes tightened, and his frozen footsteps finally lifted up. He went outside to play, but his face was very ugly.

Meng Xinyao was a little exhausted and wanted to give up, but the closed door opened at this time. Meng Xinyao's dim eyes suddenly brightened, and his ugly face disappeared in a flash. At this moment, he was full of smiles.