Chapter 460 I Will Take Away Everything That Belongs to You

"Prince, I knew you were inside. Xinyao has something important to do here." Meng Xinyao had quickly reached Chu Qifeng's side as he spoke, but stopped a few steps away from Chu Qifeng.

Chu Qifeng's eyes made her not dare to get close at all, so she could only stop there.

Meng Xinyao looked at Chu Qifeng with a bright smile on his face. "Prince, Xinyao just came to the qi palace. He still doesn't know how to be polite. Please forgive me."

But no matter what Meng Xinyao said, in Chu Qifeng's vague memory, she did not have any impression or any good feelings.

Even very bored.

If it weren't for what Tai Lung said just now, fearing that she would disturb Han Mingyue, Chu Qifeng wouldn't have come out to talk to Meng Xinyao.

"Tell me what Miss Meng has to say. Our prince has something important to do later." Tai Lung stood beside Chu Qifeng, looking coldly at Meng Xinyao, and his tone was even colder.

Tai Lung's position was right in the middle of Meng Xinyao and Chu Qifeng, seemingly intentional. If Meng Xinyao suddenly stepped forward, Tai Lung would not hesitate to stop her from approaching.

Meng Xinyao saw that Tai Lung was standing in the middle of him and Chu Qifeng, and with a smile on his face, he rolled his eyes at Tai Lung, trying to get past Tai Lung and face Chu Qifeng directly. He didn't know that Tai Lung wouldn't give her a chance at all. At the moment when he lifted his foot, he had already pre-emptively locked his feet.

If you dare to move a little, you will definitely regret it.

"It seems that Miss Meng has nothing important to say." Chu Qifeng put his hands behind his back and looked straight ahead, ignoring Meng Xinyao.

When Meng Xinyao heard this, she was worried. She had more energy to fight with Tai Lung, so she could only quickly retract her feet and take several steps back. "Prince, Xinyao really has something to say to prince. It's just these words..." After saying that, she looked at Tai Lung with a troubled expression. "It's just that these words are very important and not suitable for too many people to hear."

This Tai Lung has done bad things to him over and over again, stopping Chu Qifeng every time. It's almost impossible to spend time alone with Chu Qifeng, but in the future, Meng Xinyao can only create opportunities for himself.

"There are no outsiders here, Miss Meng. You can say whatever you want." Chu Qifeng's cold words shattered Meng Xinyao's initial hope. This was not giving her a chance at all.

Meng Xinyao was angry, but he could only vent his anger on Cai er. His nimble fingers tightly grasped Cai er's thin arm. The pain quickly buried her, but Cai er did not dare to make a cry of pain. He could only endure it.

Knowing that all the anger in Meng Xinyao's heart had been vented out, she let go of Cai er and looked at Chu Qifeng coldly. "Since the prince said there are no outsiders here, then there are no outsiders here. Xinyao has come to the qi palace for the time being and is responsible for taking care of prince qi's life, so please don't target Xinyao everywhere."

Chu Qifeng did not like her. Meng Xinyao had known about it since she entered the mansion, but she was not angry at all. Instead, she smiled and brought out such a hidden matter.

Miss Meng, you think too much. How can a seven-foot man target an unarmed woman like you? It's not a good thing to spread this. Besides, since Miss Meng said he was a guest of his family, how can a guest take care of his master? Don't Miss Meng even know the most basic rules? Master takes care of guests. This is the rule that should be followed. Otherwise, outsiders would know that Miss Meng had made Miss Meng do a lot of things during his stay in Prince qi's mansion. I'm afraid it would only make people misunderstand him even more. So Miss Meng should enjoy the hospitality of the qi palace."

This sentence further distanced herself from Meng Xinyao, and in this sentence, Chu Qifeng specifically emphasized a lot of things, from Meng Xinyao's face Chu Qifeng already knew that she understood these words, otherwise how could she be so angry, but could only bear it.

Meng Xinyao did not expect Chu Qifeng to say so much to herself. Naturally, she was very happy, thinking that Chu Qifeng was hurting her, but after carefully tasting these words, she realized that Chu Qifeng was only saying these words to draw a clearer line between them.

She was just a guest of the qi palace!

Meng Xinyao was a little sad. After all, a woman like her had never been so interested in anyone, only Chu Qifeng, but he obviously did not accept his feelings.

"Tai Lung, let someone take good care of Miss Meng. If there is anything wrong with miss meng in the qi palace, then the general and the emperor will blame her. I ask for you." Chu Qifeng said coldly and left without giving Meng Xinyao a chance.

After Chu Qifeng left coldly, Meng Xinyao was forced to stay where he was, his face full of anger, and he could only stomp his feet anxiously. Cai er could only watch anxiously, but he did not dare to go forward easily. The pain on Meng Xinyao's arm, which had just punished him, had not completely disappeared. If he had to go forward and suffer such treatment, Cai er naturally did not dare to go forward easily.

Even when they approached Meng Xinyao, they held the distance between them.

Not far away, a pair of nimble eyes saw everything that had happened here, and the owner of these eyes was Han Mingyue.

Standing behind Han Mingyue, Lian Xin did not expect a proposal of his own to let himself and Han Mingyue see such a good show. He did not expect Chu Qifeng to be so vicious.

Looking at Meng Xinyao's ugly face, Lian Xin couldn't help but be happy.

Han Ming Yue's calm face could not tell whether he was angry or happy, but just looked at Meng Xinyao so calmly not far away, so dull, I don't know what was on his mind.

It was not until Lian Xin reminded him that Han Mingyue turned his head gently to look at Lian Xin. "Okay, let's go." Since Chu Qifeng is not here now, what's the point of her coming here again? Originally, she just wanted to go out for a walk and get some air, but she didn't want to meet Meng Xinyao here to look for Chu Qifeng. Han Mingyue was just curious. She had just come to the qi palace. How did she know that Chu Qifeng was here?

Han Mingyue only thought about this question in his mind, but did not say it out loud. There were some things that did not need to be said out loud.

Now go forward, but can't help but argue with Meng Xinyao for a long time. Instead of wasting time here with her, it's better to go to the park to admire the flowers.

Until all the people left here, Meng Xinyao was still unwilling to stand there in a daze. Cai er could only go forward and kindly remind Meng Xinyao, "Miss, since prince qi is not free, let's go back." Cai er was worried. After all, she could see Chu Qifeng's attitude clearly.

It seemed that there was really no hope for her miss. Cai er had already made a judgment for Meng Xinyao in her heart, but she did not dare to let Meng Xinyao know.

After listening to her, Meng Xinyao could only look at Cai er resentfully and leave in a rage.

Since coming to the qi palace, Meng Xinyao seemed to be very angry, so Cai er was no longer the same as before, and even his words became a little cautious.

Not long after Han Mingyue and Lian Xin left, they caught up with Chu Qifeng, or Chu Qifeng was waiting for Han Mingyue on purpose.

"Why did you come out? Didn't you say you were tired? You should rest more when you're tired!" Chu Qifeng held Han Mingyue's hand and said, as if the man with the cold face just now was not him at all.

"There was a bit of boredom in the room, so I went out for a walk, but I didn't expect to see a good show." There was a hint of a smile in Han Mingyue's calm tone.

Chu Qifeng's performance just went beyond his imagination. Originally, he thought that Chu Qifeng would ignore Meng Xinyao at most, but he didn't expect that not only did he not give Meng Xinyao any face, but he also scolded her so viciously in the end, which totally didn't match the image of prince qi, who was always cold and aloof.

"Since you just came, why didn't you come out?" Chu Qifeng smiled gently. His big hand wrapped Han Mingyue's small hand in it. The temperature of his palm even warmed Han Mingyue's whole heart.

"If I were to come out, then you wouldn't be able to act in that play you just played. Now it's even more impossible for us to get away so easily." Han Mingyue glanced at Chu Qifeng.

It was obvious that she had asked for nothing. If Meng Xinyao looked at her, would she still look so gentle? Han Mingyue was not afraid of her, but now was not the time for Han Mingyue to fight Meng Xinyao. When the time came, she would naturally meet Meng Xinyao.

Han Mingyue snorted when he saw that Chu Qifeng was still as calm as ever. It seemed that he really didn't care about Miss Meng from the general's mansion.

There was only one way back, so when Meng Xinyao went back, he found Chu Qifeng who had just rejected him, and now he was looking at the woman beside him with a gentle face, and the woman beside him was not anyone else but Han Mingyue who made her feel bad.

Meng Xinyao was jealous when she saw the two people talking and laughing, completely unaware of her presence behind her. She suddenly thought of Chu Qifeng's ruthless treatment of her just now. It was all because of Han Mingyue, so all her anger was transferred to Han Mingyue, and Han Mingyue, who was completely unaware in front of her, once again became the scapegoat.

Han Mingyue, I will take away everything you have now.