Chapter 461 It Suddenly Changed

A woman who is jealous is terrible, but a woman who is blindly jealous is even scarier.

Cai er seemed to sense Meng Xinyao's anger. Following her gaze, when she saw Chu Qifeng and Han Mingyue's back, the first feeling in Cai er's mind was that the couple in front of her was so happy, even though they were a distance away. She could still see the love between the two of them.

"Cai er, Cai er..." Meng Xinyao called several times, but Cai er did not answer. He turned his head and saw Cai er looking enviously in the direction of Chu Qifeng and Cai er leaving.

Just as the anger that had accumulated in her heart saw that her maid had such an expression, she slapped Cai er's thin back hard. "Cai er, what are you doing? Don't forget who is your master." Meng Xinyao was angry.

"Master, please don't be angry. I was just thinking about what we should do now. I don't know what happened to prince qi. He didn't want such a nice person like my miss, but he wanted to hold a person with nothing in his hand as a treasure. Is prince qi blind?" Cai er stood up for han Ming Yue.

If any man were to choose, anyone would know what to choose, but Chu Qifeng was the blind man who chose fisheye instead of pearls.

Cai er had only said these words to defend Meng Xinyao's grievances and complain, but she had just finished these words, Meng Xinyao did not accept her feelings at all.

"Shut up, I forbid you to say that about him." Meng Xinyao shouted coldly, and Cai er could only lower his head sadly.

Seeing that Cai er was a little depressed, Meng Xinyao seemed to think that his words were too heavy. "Cough, this miss didn't mean that just now. Prince qi will be the future son-in-law of the general's mansion. He will be my future husband of Meng Xinyao. He will also be your master, so you can't be so rude to him. Do you understand?" Meng Xinyao warned solemnly.

No matter what kind of person Chu Qifeng was, only she was qualified to judge. If anyone else dared to say anything wrong with Chu Qifeng, she would be in a hurry with anyone.

Cai er didn't understand why Meng Xinyao was like this, neither did he criticize him, nor did he praise him. Cai er was really in a difficult position. She could only shut her mouth obediently.

Meng Congshu stood under the dark moon, his face not a trace of sleepiness. He looked up at the dark sky. The bright moon was blocked by thick clouds, and he could not see its former brightness.

Meng Congshu was still a little worried, after all, he was completely unsure about Meng Xinyao going to Prince qi's mansion.

So far, no one in the western chu has come too close to Chu Qifeng. He seems to be a little unpredictable. Meng Congshu wants to see Chu Qifeng clearly, but in the end, he gets nothing.

Suddenly, in the dark, a figure flashed in front of Meng Congshu. A man in black had already knelt down and replied respectfully to Meng Congshu, "General."

The man was dressed in a night suit, and even his face was covered. It was obvious that he had gone to inquire about the news and had just returned.

"How is it? How is miss qi doing in prince qi?" Meng Congshu said in a cold voice. He stood there coldly, but did not turn around to look at the man in black behind him.

When meng cong's words fell, the man in black suddenly fell silent. He did not know how to answer. He had been monitoring Prince qi's mansion for a whole day, but he got nothing. This was the first time he had failed in his mission, so the feeling of defeat made the man in black not know how to say these words.

Seeing that the man in black suddenly fell silent, Meng Congshu turned around with his wrinkled face. "What? It's miss. What's the matter in Prince qi's mansion?" The silence of the man in black made Meng Congshu suddenly think that Meng Xinyao might be punished by Chu Qifeng or Han Mingyue. When he thought that his precious daughter would be wronged in Prince qi's mansion, he naturally would not be happy.

After a long time, the man in black opened his mouth, but his tone was especially heavy. "General, miss, she should be fine in Prince qi's mansion..."

"Should I?" Meng Congshu repeated again, "You know how to say this word?" Meng Congshu was obviously a little annoyed. "This general wants an accurate answer, not what you should say."

The man in black was even more worried. "General, I beg your pardon for your incompetence. Although you have been ambushing outside Prince qi's mansion, he really hasn't found a chance." No one would have expected that the ordinary Prince qi's mansion would be so heavily guarded that he could not find a chance to get close to them. He was no match for the few people in the qi palace. If he tried to break in, he would only be found out or even punished. He was unwilling to take risks, so that Meng Xinyao would be exposed.

"General, the security of the qi palace is too tight. The subordinates did not enter the palace at all, and the subordinates did not find any information about the young lady." The man in black said with a serious face. "Your subordinates are not capable enough, so please punish them."

In fact, the man in black did not expect that he would make a mistake once.

After listening to the man in black, Meng Congshu was not angry at all. Instead, he looked into the distance and finally smiled. It seemed that everything the man in black had said was in his expectation.

"Okay. You can go down first." Meng Congshu would have been disappointed if the black-shirted man had been too easy on this mission, but he was satisfied with the results of the investigation.

The dilapidated yard was a little desolate, and the flowers that looked withered but had some life force could not be named stood quietly in the open garden, without a trace of wind, cloud, or a good mood.

Meng Xinyao sat there feebly, looking at the open door, but there was no sign of anyone coming outside.

Cai er stood aside and looked at Meng Xinyao's listless appearance. For a moment, he did not know what to do.

Just as she did not know what to do to persuade Meng Xinyao, there seemed to be footsteps outside the door. Cai er immediately looked at the door vigilantly and said to Meng Xinyao, "Miss, someone is coming!"

Meng Xinyao's face flashed with joy, but when she saw the person coming, the smile on her face froze.

Because the person who walked in was not the Chu Qifeng that meng xinyao thought of, but the Han Mingyue that she hated the most. A trace of disgust quickly appeared in her eyes and disappeared without a trace.

"Miss Meng, are you used to living here?" Han Mingyue smiled and stood across from Meng Xinyao, only ten steps away from each other.

Just as Cai er was worried that Meng Xinyao would be angry at Han Mingyue at this moment, Meng Xinyao's bronze bell sounded in his ear.

"Thank you for Miss Han's help and arrangement. Xinyao lives in the qi palace very well." Meng Xinyao also stood up and looked at Han Mingyue, with the same smile on his face, but would the two of them really start to decide whether to live or die in such an environment?

"Miss Meng is very polite. Since Miss Meng is a guest, how can we treat our guests in Prince qi's mansion?" Han Mingyue continued with a smile. With Lian Xin's help, he slowly walked to a clean place and prepared to sit down.

But as Han Mingyue walked slowly, her small belly, which seemed to have no bulge, was especially obvious, making Meng Xinyao look very glaring.

This time, after hearing these words, Meng Xinyao did not look angry at all. On the contrary, her face was full of smiles. She looked at Han Mingyue with a smile and said softly, "This is all thanks to Miss Han. Miss Han is thoughtful and kind. He is so sincere to everyone. No wonder prince qi dotes on miss han." As she spoke, her bright face was filled with envy, but there was no trace of jealousy in that envy.

A sunny smile, without a hint of gloom.

Even Cai er, who was standing next to Meng Xinyao, could not help but turn to look at her. She did not wait for a verbal battle, nor did she imagine a war. What happened to her young lady? Now she was like a completely different person. Cai er did not know her at all.

Han Mingyue raised his eyebrows and looked at the smiling Meng Xinyao in front of him. He did not expect that the hostile Meng Xinyao would smile at him now. It seemed that she would not be too idle in the qi palace in the future.

It's really interesting!

She had not been in contact with Meng Xinyao for a long time, but Han Mingyue knew that the woman in front of her could not be a person who could bow to others at will, but now she had changed her arrogant and domineering nature and became so docile towards herself?

Is it a change of nature?

It was almost impossible to put such a possibility in Han Mingyue's hands. After all, a person's character could not be changed from the very beginning. Just like Han Mingshuang, who had hurt Han Mingyue many times, and still couldn't change his bad nature in the end. It was no wonder that his final solution would be so miserable.

Meng Xinyao in front of her gave Han Mingyue the feeling that although she was standing beside Han Mingyue, she was wearing that hypocritical mask. Although she was smiling, Han Mingyue knew how to hate her true face under this hypocritical mask.

"It made Miss Meng laugh. Ming Yue just did some ordinary little things. It's not worth Miss Meng's attention at all." Since she wanted to be polite to herself, Han Mingyue followed her lead.

Just recently, she was pregnant. Chu Qifeng had protected her so well that Han Mingyue felt uncomfortable all over. After all, she was not like the big miss housekeeper who was kept in the house. Although he held the noble title of the third miss of the prime minister's house, she did not live a day like the third miss of the prime minister's house.