Chapter 462 Take the Initiative

Probably because she was used to being bullied by those people since she was a child, Han Mingyue had already trained a heart as hard as a stone in the morning. If it wasn't something she valued very much, Han Mingyue would never have been affected.

It was as if this matter with Meng Xinyao, no matter what attitude she had in front of Han Mingyue, was the same for Han Mingyue from beginning to end.

Enemies will never be friends.

The smile on Meng Xinyao's face did not diminish, and even took the initiative to pull the distance between Han Mingyue and Miss Han. "Miss Han should not be too modest. Since Miss Han can be so capable, he must be worthy of such a title."

If Han Mingyue hadn't read so many people, he would have been bewildered by the sunny smile in front of him. Unfortunately, Meng Xinyao was facing Han Mingyue, not others.

"Miss Han, is there a request that Xinyao doesn't know what to say?" While Meng Xinyao was happy, a look of helplessness suddenly appeared on his face.

Even Cai er didn't know what Meng Xinyao wanted to do, but Cai er knew that her young lady would never give up on what she wanted so easily.

Thinking of this, Cai er's dark eyes suddenly sparkled. Was miss using devious tactics to win the woman's favor first?

Cai er was really a servant girl who had been taking care of Meng Xinyao since she was a child. She knew Meng Xinyao's temperament like the back of her hand.

This was exactly what Meng Xinyao planned. Since she couldn't find a chance from chu qifeng, she started with Han Mingyue.

In any case, whether she was in front of herself or Chu Qifeng, she always looked so tolerant and virtuous. Since she was so generous, then she should make good use of this opportunity.

Han Mingyue picked up the hawthorn-flavored tea that Lian Xin had brewed for her and took a sip. The feeling of disgust in her chest eased a little. Then she continued, "Miss Meng is very polite. Since Miss Meng is already a guest in Prince qi's mansion, if there is anything inappropriate, please give Miss Meng a hint."

"Really?" Meng Xinyao caught Han Mingyue's Su Hand in a flash with excitement, which scared Lian Xin. Lian Xin instinctively wanted to stop it, but was blocked by Han Mingyue's gaze.

Even so, Lian Xin's eyes were fixed on Meng Xinyao's hands holding Han Mingyue, afraid that meng xinyao would do anything against Han Mingyue.

Han Mingyue did not show much aversion to Meng Xinyao's touch, but still smiled faintly. "Miss Meng, it's okay to say it."

"Xinyao was the one who was rude to Miss Han because he didn't know what was going on. Xinyao thought about his mistakes and thought that Miss Han was a very kind person. I also wanted to be friends with Miss Han. If Miss Han was willing to forgive Miss Han, why don't we just be sisters from today on? He thought that she liked her." Meng Xinyao said with some excitement, "But if Miss Han is still upset about what happened before, then Xinyao's request seems a little too much?" Meng Xinyao's face was hurt, and her eyes were looking at Han Mingyue with enthusiasm and anticipation. It seemed that if Han Mingyue rejected her request, she would be even sadder.

Han Mingyue smiled knowingly. It was a good idea for Meng Xinyao to strike first.

If he did not agree to her request at this moment, he would appear to be petty and a vengeful person, but if he did, then the future between them would be even more difficult to calculate.

Meng Xinyao was definitely not a vegetarian.

It was a dilemma for Han Mingyue. Whether Han Mingyue agreed or not, it was a dilemma.

Meng Xinyao was really smart.

Just as she was secretly pleased that Han Mingyue didn't know what to do with her choice, Han Mingyue spoke at this time. "Miss Meng said these things out of the ordinary. A lovely girl like miss meng, of course, Ming Yue would like to be sister to Miss Meng." I don't know how to say it on the surface.

Don't think that your little trick can fool Han Mingyue. She doesn't know that one of the tricks she used has been used much earlier by Han Mingyue, so this method of slapping a sweet date has long passed.

"Then elder sister Yue, we'll be sisters from now on." Meng Xinyao wanted to hold Han Mingyue's hand to express his excitement, but this time Han Mingyue cleverly avoided her movements, but did not let anyone notice that her movements were intentional.

In some ways, Meng Xinyao was no match for Han Mingyue, but Han Mingyue still didn't want to expose Meng Xinyao, just to see what she wanted to do in the qi palace. More importantly, Han Mingyue was afraid that if he suddenly chased off Meng Xinyao like this, it would bring some trouble to Han Mingyue.

Han Mingyue still put Chu Qifeng first.

Meng Xinyao was very happy to see Han Mingyue put down his guard so easily, but no matter how close she pretended to be with Han Mingyue, Han Mingyue and Lian Xin would not even believe that Cai er, who was with her, had changed.

Perhaps Han Mingyue was really kind to Meng Xinyao, making her think that Han Mingyue had already treated her like a sister, and even spoke without being polite.

"Elder sister Yue, Xinyao has just come to the qi palace. He is not very familiar with everything in Prince qi's mansion. If elder sister Yue can, he can take Xinyao around and familiarize himself with the environment. After all, it will take a long time for the general's mansion to be reorganized." With that, those big round eyes looked at Han Mingyue expectantly.

After hearing meng xinyao's proposal, Lian Xin was the first to object. "No, my princess can't take you." Han Mingyue was pregnant now, and the qi palace was actually very spacious. If you really walked around the qi palace from the inside out, not to mention the current Han Mingyue, even a normal person would have to work very hard.

Meng Xinyao was clearly making things difficult for Han Mingyue, so of course Lian Xin was the first to object.

How did Meng Xinyao know that after listening to lian xin's words, he suddenly sneered, "There's such an unruly servant girl there. Don't you know that the masters are talking and there's no reason for you to interrupt? Prince qi's mansion has such strict rules, how can there be such a servant girl?" Meng Xinyao looked at Lian Xin suspiciously.

He clearly knew that Lian Xin was Han Mingyue's man, but he wanted to be so sarcastic now. Wasn't it an indirect duty that Han Mingyue didn't understand the rules?

Listening to Meng Xinyao's words, Lian Xin realized how serious and foolish a mistake he had just made. It was his own blabbering that led Meng Xinyao to find fault.

She turned around and looked at Han Mingyue with remorse.

The distance between Han Mingyue and Lian Xin was very close, and where no one else could see it, Han Mingyue gently patted Lian Xin's hand, signaling him not to worry, and she would slowly resolve this matter.

"Younger sister Xinyao, you are laughing. The maid in my sister's mouth who doesn't know the rules is my sister's personal maid. My servant girl and I are not from the qi palace, and we only came to Prince qi's mansion later. Before we came here, we didn't understand many rules. Until now, our master and servant are still getting used to it, so my sister must not be offended." Han Mingyue spoke very quietly, as if he was afraid that others would hear him.

At the same time, he intentionally or unintentionally revealed to Meng Xinyao some things before he came to the qi palace.

After Meng Xinyao heard the news, she was overjoyed. She did not expect that her initiative to show her kindness would bring good news so soon. It seemed that Han Mingyue was really gullible.

While she was happy, she did not notice the mockery in Han Mingyue's eyes. She had no idea that the news she had received in high spirits was actually from Han Mingyue, who had deliberately pretended to say it unintentionally.

How could she not understand the rules? She was a member of the prime minister's office. Although Han Qingyun did not like Han Mingyue, in order not to embarrass himself, Ming Yue's rules were not bad.

If the two of them were put together and compared, Meng Xinyao would definitely lose miserably.

But she had no idea that while she was trying to trap Han Mingyue, the bigger trap that Han Mingyue had given her had already gotten her into it, and she couldn't help it, but she was secretly happy.

This is the difference between intelligence and stupidity.

"Elder sister Yue, don't worry. If elder sister Yue doesn't understand anything in the future, you can come and ask me. Xinyao was sent to the palace by his father to learn etiquette since he was young, so Xinyao did a good job in the aspect of rules." Meng Xinyao smiled at Han Mingyue and said, although she looked so innocent and harmless, Han Mingyue knew that she was telling herself that her identity was beyond the reach of ordinary people, and that she was better than herself in every aspect.

She was slowly using her status and position to oppress Han Mingyue.

"Then it's up to younger sister Xinyao." Han Mingyue smiled.

Perhaps attracted by the beautiful scenery, Meng Xinyao finally gave up the noisy chatter in front of Han Mingyue and ran forward as fast as he could, like a child, laughing like a silver bell.

They talked and laughed. Although Han Mingyue was a little tired, she kept gritting her teeth and didn't tell anyone that she was tired. Lian Xin saw all of this in her eyes, but she no longer dared to talk casually. She was afraid that she would cause trouble for Han Mingyue again, so she had to take more care of Han Mingyue.