Chapter 463 Be Her Lobbyist

When he was tired, he quickly poured water for Han Mingyue. When he stopped, he quickly wiped Han Mingyue's sweat and rubbed his shoulders. Han Mingyue was very distressed.

Meng Xinyao was very interested at first, but she had been pampered since she was a child. Wherever she went, there was always a carriage following her. She had never walked such a long way.

As the journey progressed, Meng Xinyao had been in high spirits from the beginning until now, but fatigue had not become her first concern. She walked beside Han Mingyue and silently watched Han Mingyue, wanting to see if she was as tired as she was.

She was the one who suggested going out for a stroll. If she did not go out now, wouldn't that be a slap in the face? She wouldn't do that.

At this moment, Han Mingyue was very tired, but fortunately, Lian Xin took care of her carefully, which made Han Mingyue feel much more relaxed. However, no matter how tired, Han Mingyue's face did not show a trace of fatigue, and there was always a faint smile on his face.

As if sensing the dreamy gaze, Han Mingyue's eyes shifted to Meng Xinyao. "Younger sister Xinyao, what's wrong?" Han Mingyue asked gently.

Meng Xinyao had a plan in mind. Of course, Han Mingyue knew it, but she didn't wear anything and wanted to deal with her slowly.

Just like a smart cat, when she caught her prey, she did not eat it immediately, but first used her claws to play with it slowly. When the prey was exhausted, it would not run away, so that when she wanted to eat her, it would be easy.

It was neither painstaking nor tiring.

"It's nothing, elder sister Yue. Xinyao just thought that elder sister Yue was tired after such a long walk." Meng Xinyao said tentatively, "If elder sister Yue is tired, then xinyao can send her back."

"Younger sister Xinyao, I'm fine. Didn't younger sister Xinyao say he wanted to familiarize himself with the qi palace? We've only just walked half the way." Han Mingyue said softly, not intending to answer Meng Xinyao.

Even if she didn't want to go down, she should let Meng Xinyao bring it up. She didn't want to be a stepping stone for Meng Xinyao.

Meng Xinyao was so angry that he couldn't help but look at Han Mingyue twice, as if he wanted to make sure that Han Mingyue said it on purpose.

Before she could finish her sentence, Han Mingyue threw out a more tempting sentence. "By the way, younger sister Xinyao, if you are tired of walking, you should persevere. I know that your sister was loved by the general when she was in the general's mansion. She must have never suffered such hardship. But if she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, even if what others said was vivid and perfect, she would still have some regrets. Especially if younger sister Xinyao holds on a little longer, maybe we'll meet the prince in front of us." Han Mingyue said softly and took a special look at Meng Xinyao.

"Is what elder sister Yue said true? Will we meet the prince ahead?" Meng Xinyao was pleasantly surprised and the fatigue on his face swept away. His eyes were shining because of Chu Qifeng.

"The prince does come here often." Han Mingyue replied.

Meng Xinyao did not ask any more questions, but walked forward happily and continued to persevere, with a happy expression on his face.

As soon as Meng Xinyao left Han Mingyue's side, Lian Xin approached Han Mingyue and whispered, "Miss, why did you tell that man about the prince's whereabouts?" When Meng Xinyao heard the news just now, the smile on his face made Lian Xin feel very ironic.

I knew she wasn't really following Han Mingyue around.

Han Mingyue smiled. "It's okay to tell her. She stayed by my side and pretended to be my friend and sister just to get some information about the prince." Even if she told her where Chu Qifeng was, she had no ability to make Chu Qifeng notice her.

Then no matter how important it is, it will become worthless.

Lian Xin saw that Han Mingyue had his own plans, not blindly doing so. "Miss, I'm sorry, it's Lian Xin who's too busy." Lian Xin could never imagine that he would not be able to help each time, but would support Han Mingyue to retreat, which made Lian Xin a little helpless. It wasn't as natural as before when it came to Han Mingyue.

"How can it be too much? I just need someone as loyal and disobedient as you. You can tell me whatever you want to say anytime. Don't hold it in your heart." Lian Xin was always so good to her.

How could he disappoint this kindness?

"You'd better leave this Miss Meng thing alone for now. After all, she's not as simple as we think she is." Han Mingyue said calmly, as if afraid that lian xin would misunderstand, and added again, "I'm afraid you'll get hurt. After all, you're not her opponent."

Meng Xinyao walked in front of Han Mingyue excitedly, his bright eyes searching everywhere. As expected, he did not walk long before he found Chu Qifeng's figure in front of him.

Meng Xinyao did not think for a moment, but he quickly rushed behind Chu Qifeng and said softly, "Prince, what a coincidence. We meet again." Her eyes were always on Chu Qifeng, like a hardworking bee, and Chu Qifeng was the blooming flower that she liked, and she kept circling him attentively. He wanted to pick him clean.

Just as he heard Meng Xinyao's voice, Chu Qifeng frowned unhappily. He glanced at Tai Lung standing beside him and seemed to question Tai Lung. "Why is this person here?"

Tai Lung responded coldly, completely unaware of this matter.

Seeing that Chu Qifeng did not seem to hear his voice, Meng Xinyao once again said hello to Chu Qifeng.

After waiting for a long time, Chu Qifeng finally turned around, but the first thing he saw in his eyes was Han Mingyue behind Meng Xinyao. The frost on his face just disappeared so quickly.

He didn't even look at Meng Xinyao, and when he walked past Meng Xinyao, he thought of her as air, as if she didn't exist.

"Girl, why are you here?" Chu Qifeng spoke softly with a worried look in his eyes. After all, it was a long way from where they usually lived, and even Han Mingyue rarely came here, not to mention the special circumstances of pregnancy.

Needless to say, Chu Qifeng knew the hardships in the middle. Facing Han Mingyue's gentle shaking of his head, Chu Qifeng suddenly thought that Han Mingyue must have come here for a reason, and the culprit was standing behind him at this moment.

"Did you ask the princess to follow you here?" Chu Qifeng turned around and faced Meng Xinyao coldly. The tenderness on her face had now changed to coldness.

Meng Xinyao did not expect his enthusiasm to be ruthlessly extinguished, and the smile on his face was somewhat awkward. When he wanted to explain himself, he heard Han Mingyue's gentle voice.

"Prince, you can't blame sister xinyao for this. Younger sister Xinyao wanted to get to know Prince qi's mansion, so he took her out and walked away. Besides, it was all my concubines who wanted to follow younger sister Xinyao out alone. The prince must not blame sister xinyao." Han Mingyue's voice was very soft, but his face was serious.

Younger sister Xinyao? Chu Qifeng wondered why he felt that the relationship between the two of them had become closer since they hadn't seen each other for a while.

He took a gentle look at Han Mingyue and realized that he had put away his anger.

Meng Xinyao was a little shocked. She did not expect Han Mingyue to take the initiative to plead for her, and what she did not expect was that Han Mingyue had become Chu Qifeng's lobbyist for her.

"Prince, you don't know that younger sister Xinyao cares about prince. Since younger sister Xinyao has come to the qi palace, we must treat her well. We must not neglect younger sister Xinyao, don't you think so, prince?" Han Mingyue's voice changed from its previous gentle tone, and there was a hint of playfulness in his calm tone.

Chu Qifeng was a little helpless. He didn't want to be entangled with Meng Xinyao, but now it seemed that his beloved woman was entangled with her again.

But what exactly did Han Mingyue mean by these words? How could Chu Qifeng, who knew him well, not know?

Since han ming also wanted to be naughty, he would play with her and relieve Han Mingyue's fatigue. "Oh? Well, since Miss Meng cares so much about chu, why not give me a chance to thank Miss Meng?"

Chu Qifeng changed his cold temper and became so approachable that Meng Xinyao was a little overjoyed.

Originally, she suspected that Han Mingyue was only trying to help her, but now, in front of Chu Qifeng, she realized that Han Mingyue was actually helping her voluntarily, and now she even became her lobbyist.

The originally extinguished hope was now completely burned because of Han Mingyue, and she was now determined to get chu qifeng.

This woman is really not ordinary stupid, if such a person is qualified to stand beside Chu Qifeng, then she will only be more qualified.

She would be the only person suitable for Chu Qifeng. A fool like Han Mingyue would only be a stumbling block in his path and would not be able to help at all.

"Prince, are you really willing to give Xinyao a chance?" Meng Xinyao asked again uncertainly, his eyes circling Chu Qifeng and Han Mingyue's faces to confirm the truth of the matter.

"Younger sister Xinyao, the king's words have always been a promise." Han Mingyue said with a smile, implying that his worries were completely unnecessary.