Chapter 464 Revenge for Kindness

Han Mingyue saw that Meng Xinyao would be so happy, and he really overestimated her, making such a plan, but in the end, Chu Qifeng could not stand in front of her.

What a mistake.

Han Mingyue did not think that when she was in Dragon fire country, when he was still surrounded by Long Yanting, Chu Qifeng had more thoughts than she had now, and even felt uneasy. But when it came to Han Mingyue, she did not seem to be worried.

No matter what Meng Xinyao did, it couldn't affect the relationship between her and Chu Qifeng. It seemed like a tacit understanding!

With Chu Qifeng's permission, Meng Xinyao was overjoyed. When he left, his bright voice was still shy and giggling. Cai er saw that his miss was so abnormal, so he naturally followed her around to take care of her.

It was only after Meng Xinyao's front foot disappeared from their sight that Han Mingyue's back foot fell into Chu Qifeng's arms, looking exhausted.

Chu Qifeng hurriedly held Han Mingyue, his dark eyes filled with heartache, but there was no reproach. "Girl, you are not alone now. There are many things you don't need to pay attention to." Chu Qifeng was referring to Meng Xinyao. No matter what she wanted to do, Han Mingyue didn't really care. He would solve it.

He knew that Meng Xinyao's stay in Prince qi's mansion was bound to cause a lot of trouble for Han Mingyue and him, and recently he was trying to find a way to send Meng Xinyao away. But it will take some time.

"Prince, I'm a little tired. Let's go back." Han Mingyue leaned into Chu Qifeng's arms and spoke softly. Only in front of Chu Qifeng would she reveal her fragile side. Chu Qifeng did not say anything, but gently bent down to pick Han Mingyue up carefully, and then strode towards their Dong Yuan. Not far behind them, Lian Xin and Four Xi seemed to be saying something.

"How can you let the princess walk such a long way?" Four Xi said worriedly, "Look at how worried the prince was just now." More importantly, if Chu Qifeng was to blame, then the first person to be punished was Lian Xin.

Perhaps because of his stupidity, Four Xi's words of concern changed when they were spoken.

Lian Xin was already a little angry, but now that Four Xi criticized her, she could no longer hide her anger.

"Do you think I want the princess to walk such a long way?" Lian Xin stopped abruptly and turned around to face Four Xi. She put her hands around her waist and glared at Four Xi fiercely." How important is it that the princess is pregnant now? Don't I know? But that Miss Meng always came to pester the princess and couldn't get rid of her if she wanted to. More importantly, the princess was not angry and always acquiesced to her rude requests. Take today's incident as an example. Lian Xin was really angry today. Seeing that Meng Xinyao was not happy with Han Mingyue, but he could not help. Now he was being questioned by Four Xi, Lian Xin could not be angry.

Fortunately, the distance between them and Chu Qifeng and Han Mingyue had been pulled apart, and the conversation between them had not affected them.

Tai Lung walked behind them and saw the two of them starting to quarrel. He looked at Four Xi and the red-faced Lian Xin as if nothing had happened. He walked past them and chased after Chu Qifeng.

Now, no one bothered them.

Being questioned by Lian Xin, Four Xi was so nervous that he couldn't speak. Originally, he just wanted to care about Lian Xin, but he didn't think that what he said would make Lian Xin so angry. He was worried for a moment, afraid that Lian Xin would misunderstand him further, but he couldn't find the right words to defend himself. He remembered to blush and bloat.

"Why are you talking? Are you in the wrong? Do you know how sad I am about what you just said? In this palace, I am the only one who cares about the princess the most, so you can't say that about me." Seeing that Four Xi didn't say anything, Lian Xin thought that Four Xi felt that he was in the wrong and didn't dare to say anything. But in fact, Four Xi was too anxious and nervous to know what to say. He was afraid that if he opened his mouth because of his stupidity, he would only make Lian Xin unhappy again.

Just like that, she stood there silently, and was scolded by Lian Xin until all the anger in her heart was released. When Lian Xin was fine, it was already an hour later.

After Han Mingyue was brought back to Dong Yuan by Chu Qifeng, he gently placed Han Mingyue on the bed and gently removed Han Mingyue's embroidered shoes.

Han Ming Yue had already fallen asleep when he was in his arms, and the tired look made Chu Qifeng feel heartbroken. With a gentle kiss on Han Mingyue's quiet sleeping face, Chu Qifeng walked out of the inner hall.

He could no longer tolerate these things. Although he knew that Han Mingyue did not want to get involved in this, he could not watch Han Mingyue get tired of such trivial things every day. It would not be good for Han Mingyue or their children.

He promised han Ming Yue that he would create a happy and peaceful environment for them.

"Tai Lung, you should go to the general's mansion immediately." Chu Qifeng explained coldly that Meng Xinyao must have been instructed to stay in the qi palace like this. If ye baili made the decision alone, then this matter would be easier to deal with.

"Yes, my lord." Tai Lung took the order and turned around. The man had quickly disappeared.

Tai Lung stood aside. "Prince, just a few days ago, a subordinate found a suspicious person outside Prince qi's mansion. He seemed to want to come in, but he ended up squatting outside." How could he have entered the qi palace if he wanted to?

"From the general's mansion?" Chu Qifeng frowned and guessed coldly.

There were probably not many people who dared to keep watch around Prince qi's mansion, not even Ye Nan Jun, who was his enemy everywhere. There was only one person who dared to do this, and that was Meng Congshu.

"They are indeed from the general's mansion." After the man left, Zuo had already followed him. The man in black had no idea that he was being watched while he was watching others. At the same time, his whereabouts and purpose were also discovered by others.

You can't steal a chicken without eating rice. Stupid enough.

"That Meng Congshu was probably afraid of what I would do to his precious daughter so he could send someone to keep an eye on her." Chu Qifeng's voice was still cold, but there was a cold smile on his lips. "Since such a treasure is here, why did you send it to the qi palace? If I don't do anything to give it back to the general, wouldn't I be sorry for this opportunity?"

Even Zuo, who was standing next to Chu Qifeng, could feel the chill emanating from Chu Qifeng's forehead. He retreated to his bones and inevitably took a few steps back.

Early in the morning, Meng Xinyao got up and was busy. All the clothes and accessories brought from the general's mansion were dug out by Meng Xinyao and tried one by one.

Cai er saw that she was so happy, and did not say the worry in her heart. If she said it, it would only make Meng Xinyao more unhappy. Seeing how happy she was, Cai er just stood by and quietly packed her things.

Ever since the news that Chu Qifeng was going to see Meng Xinyao came from the family early in the morning, the Xiyuan had never been quiet again.

Not long after, Four Xi came to Xiyuan. "Miss Meng, our prince asked you to go down with him to see him. Would you like to?" Four Xi looked at Meng Xinyao coldly and received too much negative news about Meng Xinyao from lian xin, so Four Xi also disliked Meng Xinyao very much.

"Then I'll trouble the officials." Meng Xinyao said with a smile and a soft voice, then followed Four Xi with small steps.

Chu Qifeng sat there with a cold face. As soon as Meng Xinyao entered the room, her beautiful eyes met Chu Qifeng. "Prince, xinyao is late. Let the prince wait for a long time." Today, Meng Xinyao wore the lavender dress that she was most satisfied with, and the makeup on her face was specially modified, making her look very energetic and beautiful.

But Chu Qifeng's eyes were not at all stunning, nor were they completely attracted to her. His expression was still faint.

Although Meng Xinyao was satisfied with this expression, at least now Chu Qifeng was not angry at him. Meng Xinyao was satisfied with this alone.

"Thank you for giving Xinyao a chance today, prince." Meng Xinyao smiled tentatively and looked at Chu Qifeng closely, her heart bursting with joy.

"The king of japan asked you to come here today. There are indeed some important things to discuss with Miss Meng." Chu Qifeng's attitude finally eased a little, but the coldness in his eyes could not be hidden, but now Meng Xinyao could not care less.

This situation was beyond Meng Xinyao's expectations. As long as Chu Qifeng was willing to contact her, it was a good start.

That proves that what she has done in the qi palace these days is not wasted in vain. She just said that such a perfect woman would not be moved in front of anyone?

Meng Xinyao was confident of his charm.

"Prince, Xinyao had been looking for you before, but the princess didn't seem to want Xinyao to see you. She seemed to be worried about something." Meng Xinyao's originally happy face suddenly became a little embarrassed. Before that, he had a very close look with Han Mingyue, and even the name changed in front of Chu Qifeng.

The speed of this change in face was comparable to the first ah, in front of Han Mingyue before a sister called out, in front of Chu Qifeng suddenly changed everything.

The other people saw her attitude towards Han Mingyue before, but she was as calm as a person who had nothing to do with it.

There was nothing wrong with saying these things.

Tai Lung wondered, this woman is really stupid, actually in front of the prince's revenge?