Chapter 465 Dig Your Own Grave

Not only Tai Lung, but also Four Xi looked at Meng Xinyao with the same eyes as if he was laughing at her. Isn't that stupid? He knew that the prince cared so much about the princess, but now he had to speak ill of the princess in front of the prince. Isn't that insane?

But Four Xi didn't say anything. He just looked at Meng Xinyao indifferently, waiting to see what happened next.

Hearing Meng Xinyao's words, it was rare for Chu Qifeng not to be angry at all. Instead, he looked at Meng Xinyao with a deep gaze and looked very surprised. "Oh? My princess actually stopped Miss Meng. Why didn't I know anything about this?" Chu Qifeng turned to look at Tai Lung in doubt and asked coldly, "Tai Lung, do you know what Miss Meng said?"

"Your highness, your subordinates have never heard of such a thing, and the princess is a kind person and would never do such a thing." Tai Lung stood there straight, his eyes cold, and he didn't even look at Meng Xinyao.

He was really afraid that one more look at Meng Xinyao would stain his eyes. Such a person was not worthy of the qi palace. If Han Mingyue had not left her here, Tai Lung would have packed her up and thrown her out of Prince qi's mansion.

Who knew that Meng Xinyao was not happy to hear Tai Lung's words. "Hey, what do you mean by that? Do you think I'm just talking nonsense and wronging people?" Meng Xinyao gave Tai Lung a blank look. She was naturally very unhappy with what Tai Lung had just said. He actually offered to help Han Mingyue.

He cursed in his heart.

But Tai Lung did not understand meng xinyao's angry look at all, and continued to change back to that iceberg-like appearance, stood there expressionless, looking ahead.

"Your majesty, look at him?" Meng Xinyao was very unhappy. What Tai Lung just said made her lose face in front of Chu Qifeng. She was afraid that Chu Qifeng would misunderstand her, so she tried her best to defend herself.

Chu Qifeng didn't seem to care. The more anxious Meng Xinyao was, the calmer Chu Qifeng was. Since he had picked up the cup of tea on the table that had dissipated, he put it to his mouth, but did not drink it.

Some of them wanted tea, but they were not in the mood.

"If Miss Meng doesn't mind, why don't you tell me about what happened just now?" Chu Qifeng said patiently, without a trace of anger between his words, but the expression in his eyes deepened.

Anyway, he was planning to have a good chat with Meng Xinyao today, so he couldn't be angry right now.

Originally, Meng Xinyao was still thinking about how to explain to Chu Qifeng, but now Chu Qifeng was not angry, but calmly asked her to explain. Meng Xinyao was overjoyed.

"Prince, when xinyao first came to the qi palace, although she came with the emperor's orders, Xinyao really adored the prince for you. Coincidentally, the emperor and father actually connected us. Maybe it was fate. Maybe it was because of this reason that Miss Han didn't seem to welcome me, so he knew from the beginning that I was looking for the prince. Then he stopped the news." Chu Qifeng looked at how Meng Xinyao had not felt guilty before he panicked. The teacup in his hand was almost crushed by Chu Qifeng.

"How could that be?" Chu Qifeng was surprised, but this surprise was to pretend that Han Mingyue was not the cunning person Meng Xinyao mentioned. Needless to say, Chu Qifeng was also very clear.

"How could Xinyao lie to the prince? Maybe Miss Han knew about our engagement and was worried about something." Meng Xinyao said sarcastically, mocking Han Mingyue even more in his heart.

Originally, she thought it would be difficult, but now that she had come into contact with Chu Qifeng like this, Meng Xinyao felt that she had thought too much before, or that Chu Qifeng had covered it up too well. Could it be that all those things before were for Han Mingyue to see?

Even Four Xi and Tai Lung were sweating for Meng Xinyao as they listened, not expecting Meng Xinyao to be so unafraid of death.

You should know that if anyone dared to say a word of disrespect to han Ming Yue, there would only be one result, and that would be very pitiful.

"How dare she treat you like this? There are no rules at all!" Chu Qifeng was very angry that the teacup in his hand had been thrown on the table by him, making a loud noise. The tea that had not been drunk was spilled all over the table.

Meng Xinyao's eyes flashed with pride and joy.

Her goal was finally achieved. Chu Qifeng had already misunderstood han Ming Yue, so the next second, it was not necessary to drive Han Mingyue out of the house.

"Your highness, it's not possible that Miss Han did a lot of such things while you were away." Meng Xinyao looked happy.

"Hmph." Chu Qifeng was furious. "You are indeed a vicious woman." Chu Qifeng suddenly complained. His eyes seemed to shoot out fire. "My princess has helped you so much. Not only did she take the initiative to stay and arrange everything for you, but she even treated you as her own sister. However, not only did you not have any gratitude, you spoke ill of her behind her back to me. What a snake and a scorpion." Before Meng Xinyao could understand why Chu Qifeng had suddenly changed, Chu Qifeng's face was already filled with displeasure and indifference.

There was one type of person that Chu Qifeng hated the most, and that was - the villain. And Meng Xinyao had completely broken Chu Qifeng's last shred of pity.

Meng Xinyao was frightened by Chu Qifeng's sudden change, but she was the first to react. She knelt on the ground with a normal voice. "Prince, this is not the case. This is definitely not the case." She didn't expect things to turn out like this. Wasn't it all right just now?

All of a sudden, he fell from the clouds to hell, looking at all the people in front of him with a ferocious look. Meng Xinyao began to feel a little scared.

But Chu Qifeng did not give her such a chance at all. She did not know when Chu Qifeng, who had been sitting on the other side, was standing in front of her, only a step away from her.

Meng Xinyao snorted. Hehe, didn't he want to be too close to himself? Why isn't he afraid now?

While she was laughing in her heart, she was more worried.

"Prince, did Miss Han say something to you that would make you misunderstand Xinyao so much..." Meng Xinyao looked at Chu Qifeng with open eyes, trying to see a hint of forgiveness in his dark eyes.

Unfortunately, there was nothing in those black eyes that she wanted, only anger.

"From the moment you entered the palace, I have already told you that she is not an outsider. She is my wife, and the only wife, and the master of this palace. And you, Miss Meng of the general's mansion, you are just a guest. The princess is so protective of you, and even treats you as a sister. But how about you, who slander her so much in front of me behind her back? I really don't know how General Meng taught Miss Meng, not even the most basic principles of life." Chu Qifeng's voice was very cold, as if it were coming from hell, and there was a bloodthirsty gleam in his eyes.

These words made Meng Xinyao feel like she was in hell, and made her very afraid. Chu Qifeng's words were like a spell, lingering in her ears, and could not be forgotten.

"My lord, Xinyao is not lying, but what Xinyao said is true..." But before she could finish her defense, her slender neck had been violently pinched by a pair of strong hands, and the sound she made had turned into a whine.

Her beautiful eyes were wide open. She looked at the completely changed Chu Qifeng in front of her in horror. Looking at the obvious murderous look in his eyes, she seemed to believe that the man in front of her would kill her.

But now that she has done so, even if she apologizes now, it seems that it is too late.

Meng Xinyao had closed her eyes in despair, but she was still very unwilling.

Cai er was frightened by the sudden change and saw Chu Qifeng's sudden and furious attack on Meng Xinyao. But when Chu Qifeng was already looking at Meng Xinyao with murderous intent, Cai er was scared.

"Lord, please, please don't hurt my lady." Cai er knelt in front of Chu Qifeng, crying and begging for mercy. "Lord, my lady is the only daughter of the general. If anything happens to my lady, the general will not let you go." At this anxious moment, Cai er was in a hurry and said something he shouldn't have.

These words obviously stimulated Chu Qifeng, who was already very angry. Cai er did not know that the last thing Chu Qifeng wanted to hear right now was about the meng family.

Cai er's plea for mercy did not bring Chu Qifeng's sympathy at all. Instead, it made Chu Qifeng completely furious.

Seeing that Chu Qifeng still refused to let go of Meng Xinyao, Cai er was in a panic. Suddenly, he stepped forward and hugged Chu Qifeng's leg. He cried out, "Prince, you should go around the eldest lady. If you want to punish me, you can punish me. I am willing to take the punishment for her." Cai er's cry was accompanied by Meng Xinyao's pleading voice, which was particularly abrupt in the hall. Four Xi, who was standing by, frowned uncomfortably.

It was a complete contempt for the actions of the two masters and servants in front of him. When he was doing these things, he should have thought that he would have such a result.

It's called digging your own grave. You deserve to die!

Meng Xinyao's neck was very thin, very thin, and Chu Qifeng's big hand was strong and powerful. As long as Chu Qifeng exerted a little force now, the thin neck would be completely broken under his strength, and Meng Xinyao's life would end at this time.

Strong hands gripped her neck, making it difficult for her to breathe. Meng Xinyao felt that she had never been so close to death before. It was like stepping on one foot and you would die and leave this world.