Chapter 546 You Should Be Mentally Prepared for the Fall

Pine tower helped me to hold on to something that looked like the god of death, but she and the god of death had a chemical reaction, melting each other in the sound of moaning, which was a very bad situation!

I quickly used the black gemstone to open a black hole in my hand, and that death-like thing was instantly absorbed by the black hole!

"Pine tower, how are you?" I'm a little worried that songta will disappear.

"I don't know." Pine tower's voice was extremely weak.

"Rest well and don't do such a thing!"

To remind Pine tower in his heart, I rushed over to Curly-haired Girl and Xiaobudian's safety.

Before I could meet Curly-haired Girl and the others, the figure of Xia Anran appeared in the corridor. To be precise, he was not a little boy, nor was he Xia Anran. His expressionless face showed a kind of gray, which was the color of a dead man. He had been invaded by the dying old man!

At this moment, the expressionless Xia Anran walked towards me step by step, bringing me a great sense of crisis!

At this moment, a feeling of being on top of mount tai appeared in the sky, a transparent hand appeared in the void, a slap sent Xia Anran flying, the dangerous Xia Anran flying backwards at the end of the corridor, and a hole in the wall made of special materials was made by him, which was enough to prove how terrifying the power of the slap was!

"Let's go. Guo King has helped you, but they are bound by the rules and can't break them!" Pine tower urged me in a weak voice.

"Boom!" Xia Anran, who was taken away, was not dead. I turned around and ran away, not going to fight Xia Anran who was possessed!

But I didn't expect to run into Zaojilingmei when I walked through a corridor. Her skin was gray, and she was obviously invaded by some immortals. This was definitely a very dangerous thing!

Once again, I turned around and ran away, but Zaojilingmei, with a sly smile on her face, caught up with me unhurriedly.

Without saying a word, she raised her hand and slapped me. Her movements seemed slow, but I had a feeling that I couldn't escape. I subconsciously reached out to fight against her, but with a crack, my arm broke. I felt like I was hit by a truck, and an unstoppable force knocked me to the ground!

Zaojilingmei stretched out her foot to crush me, and at this moment, she was thrown out by an invisible force without warning!

I ran away again, and my broken arm recovered quickly with my strong recovery ability!

This time, I managed to find Curly-haired Girl and Xiaobudian. Curly-haired Girl had found the bomb Xia Anran had given her. The Kaka and the Black mud were still fighting in the distance. I could only let them follow me. I wanted to take them away, but I still wanted to destroy this unit!

"They're here. I don't think we'll be able to reach the power source!" Pine tower reminded me worriedly.

"Hurry up and leave!" I took the bomb and pushed Curly-haired Girl and Xiaobudian. "Their target is me, you guys get out of here!"

"Elder brother, they're so scary..." Xiaobudian trembled with fear when she saw the dead Xia Anran and Zaojilingmei.

"I know, leave this to me!" I gave them another push.

This time, in order to give the two of them a chance to escape, I took the initiative to meet Zaojilingmei and Xia Anran!

Ruby, sapphire, black, and three gemstones were used together. I had a silver edge all over my body. Their bodies did not belong to them. Facing the blue sword in my hand, they had some scruples. Moreover, I, who had an endless stream of power, was no less than them in terms of reaction speed or strength!

"Go to hell!" A sword struck at them, and I expected them to dodge. Since Pine tower decided that we couldn't reach the power source of the Sky mother ship, I threw the bomb directly at them and destroyed as much as I could!

"Boom!" There was a loud explosion, and the corridor was ablaze with smoke!

This was the bomb Xia Anran had collected to destroy the Sky mother ship.

Although everything here was metal, under the bombardment of special bombs, those special metals simply split like clay!

I didn't expect this bomb to work so well. I threw the bombs in my hands one by one in all directions!

After a while, the Sky mother ship was buzzing and the red alarm lights were flashing!

"Chen Ming, there are semi-finished products there!" When the bomb blasted open a wall, Pine tower shouted excitedly.

"I see. It's interesting now. Let them feel what it means to lift a rock and hit their own feet!"

The half-finished product that Pine tower was talking about was, of course, some uncontrolled humanoid monsters, as well as some slavers, whether it was humanoid monsters or killing efforts, none of them were members of the shogunate or the blood donation team. Those were all prisoners of war, and they used some kind of method to manipulate those people to fight!

Today, the bomb blasted through the walls of a laboratory.

To be precise, it wasn't a lab, it was more like a slave factory!

There were many workers there who installed the mechanical devices to control the slaves. Those slaves, should be said to be those captives who were locked up in the cage waiting to be manipulated. At this time, I stepped forward and swung my sword to split the cages of the captives. For a while, the captives in the cage rushed out in a frenzy and hunted down the workers who installed the mechanical devices for them!

Not only that, I dodged the pursuit of Zaojilingmei and Xia Anran as I quickly found the place where the crippled Guo King were being held.

In a laboratory, I saw a huge round ball with many complicated Runes engraved on it. Because of the relationship between the Runes, the black pressure of the incomplete Guo King in the huge ball was all restrained. When I swung my sword to break the ball, it was as if I had pressed a dark switch. The incomplete Guo King rushed out of the ball and immediately filled the whole ship with them!

Even the gray Xia Anran and Zaojilingmei were extremely passive in the face of the crippled Guo King of freedom.

I took the opportunity to escape again, and in the meantime, an invisible force pushed behind me and pushed me straight to a place!

The place was surrounded by darkness, and in the middle of it was something that looked like a luminous pearl.

Unfortunately, there was already a Old Man In Grey standing next to the pearl, and the old man obviously wanted to directly control the Sky mother ship!

"You found this place!" Seeing me, the old man in grey was obviously very surprised.

"Old man, today is your death day next year!"

"Little yellow girl, die!"

Old Man In Grey put his hand into the night pearl, and now he can control any inch of the Sky mother ship!

Before the ground cracked open, I leapt into the air, and with a sword, I split the wall that had been erected from the ground. At lightning speed, I killed the grey-robed old man. His body was instantly covered with metal armour. He was obviously worried that I would chop his sword. At the same time, he used the power source of the night pearl to try to leave this place!

"This thing looks fun. I'll play with it too!" I reached out and grabbed the pearl!

"How dare you!" Old Man In Grey dodged quickly, but he wasn't as fast as I was!

"Hahaha, why don't I dare? You look like a victim. You shouldn't let me board this Sky mother ship. Since you let me in here, you should be prepared for the fall!" I touched the smooth surface of the luminous pearl, but my hand couldn't reach inside.

In that case, I directly opened the black hole in my hand!

A black hole that could devour everything in the world, along with Old Man In Grey's hands that he didn't have time to pull out!

Devouring a luminous pearl that could power the Sky mother ship, my entire body was about to explode!

"All of you, fall!" I grabbed Old Man In Grey, who was trying to escape, and threw him to the ground. A hole was made in the metal floor. At this moment, this Sky mother ship made of special materials was as fragile as paper in front of me!



I don't have to do it. This Sky mother ship is already rocking. Something's wrong!

The old man ran away very quickly. I didn't stay here. I quickly found the Kaka and Curly-haired Girl and Xiaobudian. I took them away from the falling Sky mother ship...