Chapter 547 From Now On, We Will Divide the Camp

On a deserted island, the battle was already raging!

The sky carrier was no longer able to provide humanoid monsters and kill slaves!

Under the fierce fighting force of each team, those things were getting less and less killed!

The battle between Guo King and Su Xin, the grimace, was still going on. The battle between them was truly terrifying!

Falling from the sky, filled with endless power, I couldn't help but join them in the battle!

"Chen Ming, nice to meet you!" Guo King grimace and Su Xin grimace were a little difficult to deal with, and she was very happy with my appearance.

"Jie jie... Chen Ming, all of you will die. We have recorded all the people who came here. Maybe you won't die now, but soon, they will be liquidated one by one. With you as bait, we didn't catch any big fish, but those Xiaoyu, can't escape!"

"You're dying. What are you dreaming about?"

"You have help, so do I!"

In the sky, the huge sky carrier sent out black smoke and tilted toward the sea bit by bit. The expressionless Xia Anran and Zaojilingmei appeared again. Not only them, but also the middle-aged men Lin Zhonghu and Old Man In Grey. The five of them fell from the sky and stood in the same camp as grim-faced Guo King!

Zhu Dachang and the others rushed over to me and Su Xin the ghost.

At this moment, hundreds of us are confronting grimace Guo King and the others!

The mother ship exploded violently and caused a huge wave in the sea.

We were at daggers drawn against each other in this context, and I knew very well that even if they were only five people, the hundreds of people on our side were not necessarily their opponents. The humanoid monsters and slaving slaves just now consumed Zhu Dachang and his men too much strength!

"The Poseidon, the Poseidon, the Poseidon, and the Poseidon... Very good, very good. I have noted you down. You have all chosen the old era, the new era is coming and you will be eliminated. Chen Ming, thank you so much for cooperating with us in this investigation!" Grimace Guo King's words made the faces of all the teams very ugly.

"In the dark, there are still many wonderful things that haven't appeared." Grim-faced Guo King looked up into the air. The carriages and sailboats that had appeared in the air had long since disappeared. "But that's okay. This is the general trend of the world. No one can remain neutral. Chen Ming, you are not their savior, and you can't be the hope of mankind. You are just a sad piece of chess. They are using you, and we just made good use of you!"

Even after losing a valuable aerial carrier, grimace Guo King was in a good mood!

"One team is fighting another team. This kind of battle is really boring. It has been sixty or seventy years since the world war between countries started. Your old world is out of line with the times. You can no longer defend the so-called peace. From now on, we will divide the camp. We will attack, you will guard, see if this world will be protected by you, or will be broken by us!"

Grimacing Guo King looked at me and said these words with a smile.

"What good is it for you to start a war?" I couldn't help but ask him this question.

"That's the dumbest question I've ever heard, Chen Ming. Why are you breathing? Why are you eating and sleeping?"

Grimace Guo King asked me in a mocking tone. I instantly understood that war was a cruel thing to us, but to them it was as normal as breathing!

"It's not early. We should leave!" The kingdom of grimace smiled mockingly as he threw a transparent dice!

"Don't let them run away!" Someone roared and a long gun shot out of the crowd, but it failed to stab grim-faced Guo King.

Grimace Guo King and the five of them disappeared just like that. To them, this time, things didn't work out for them. They wanted to draw out some great things, but it was a pity that some Guo King was more careful than they expected. It was not good for them to continue fighting, so they chose to leave.

This was a conspiracy, but now it has become a declaration of war between the new Guo King and the old Guo King!

At this moment, the whole world came to a great time. Perhaps, there will be a world war in the future!

If they didn't want the war to burn the whole world, Guo King, who was in charge of keeping the peace, had a lot to do!

After grimace Guo King and the others left, the Poseidon team didn't stay to say anything to me. They all left in a hurry.

In the blink of an eye, he looked at the deserted island full of people, and now only blood and broken limbs were left.

Zhang Jiayao and the others walked towards me, and when I saw that none of them were hurt, I heaved a long sigh of relief.

Kaka looked at me, and it slipped into the sunken waters of the sky mother ship. The sky mother ship was made of special materials and was a delicious existence for kaka, who liked to devour metal. The black mud released Xiaobudian, Curly-haired Girl, and Plump girl, and it followed kaka into the sea.

"It's time for us to leave." Xiaobudian held Curly-haired Girl's hand and said to me.

"Aren't you considering staying?" I don't really want this Xiaobudian to leave. After all, she and I are the same kind, and the special state of her body is even more powerful than me. "I have a paradise..."

"That's not the paradise I want." Xiaobudian shook his head at me rationally.

"Well, if you need help, remember to contact me."

Xiaobudian smiled and nodded. "Elder brother, I look after you."

Xiaobudian pulled the curly-haired girl to the seaside. As soon as they reached the seaside, a metal turtle like a small boat appeared in the sea. The two of them walked up to the turtle's back and waved at me with a smile. Then they left on the turtle.

"Me, is it okay to stay?" Plump girl, in her white coat, was a little embarrassed when she saw Zhang Jiayao and the others. After all, she was from the sky carrier.

"It's okay. I'm sure Professor Mai will welcome you." I sent Plump girl straight to the paradise.

"Junior." Senior Wu, who looked a little lazy, walked towards me. "How are you? Are you okay?"

"Nothing." I smiled at her and shook my head. My body was fine. After all, I was very resilient.

"That's good." Senior Wu breathed a sigh of relief. "The king of nations has arranged some lessons for you. If you want to learn, remember to look for me later."

Senior Wu didn't say what the king of nations had arranged for the course, but something struck me and I guessed something.

Seeing senior Wu enter the paradise, I walked towards yi nan tian. Yi Nantian led the The great spirit team to save me first. Unfortunately, everyone else left the world, leaving him alone.

"Uncle yi." I handed him a bottle of xanadu drink, and he was badly injured.

"I'm not old enough to look at!" He took the drink and laughed at himself.

"Uncle yi, everyone's fighting capacity is limited by various factors. Perhaps your fighting capacity is not the top existence, but you have countless fighting experience. This time, you stay and don't go."

Yi Nantian was hesitant and ashamed of my invitation.

I invited him to leave New moon island before, but he chose the The great spirit team.

Ou Xiong came over at this time. "Have you heard of the peach people? You saw their terrible fighting style just now. Don't you want to educate them?"

Of course, Yi Nantian knew that Ou Xiong's words had provoked him.

He finished his xanadu drink in one gulp and nodded heavily.

I walked over and chatted with Huang Shaotian and the others for a while. I really wanted them to grow up together in the paradise.

But they were not part of the same team, and they had to complete all kinds of compulsory tasks every month.

After sending them away, Su Xin the ghost left without knowing when. I came to Zhang Jiayao's side. Although we hadn't been apart for a long time, we hadn't stayed together to talk. Now we finally had a chance. Although this place was a little creepy, we didn't care.

Walking on the beach, Zhang Jiayao was filled with emotion. "What that man said just now, it sounds really scary."

I nodded. I was also horrified by what grimace Guo King said. Sixty or seventy years ago, the flames of the world war were burning all over the world. If such a great war happened again in this era, the whole world would definitely fall into the horror of doomsday.

"Will you stop those horrible things from happening?" Zhang Jiayao was curious about this.

"I really want to stop it!" I nodded affirmatively, "But do you think I can stop it by myself?"

I don't think I can change the world by myself.

Throughout the thousands of years of history, no one has ever been able to change the world on their own.

Now, I still want to live as long as I can, and do what I can while I can.