Chapter 551 I Didn't Expect This to Happen

Throughout the night, I stayed in the Bronze tripod to study the various Bronze tripod.

I understand a lot of what Runes means, but that kind of thing is too complicated, like a heavenly book.

After a long time, I felt dizzy and had to leave the Bronze tripod and come outside.

Last night, they had a meal on the island covered in coconut forest. Many people had drunk and were still not up at this time.

I left the paradise and didn't expect Li Lixin and elder sister Zhen to have disappeared. They really had the feeling of avoiding me and not wanting to say another word to me.

Pine tower turned into a little man with wings and sat on my shoulder. She reminded me to check the bracelet.

I clicked on the bracelet and didn't see anyone sending me a message, but the ranking list was already up to earth level.

All the names and teams occupied the prefecture-level rankings. Although the prefecture-level rankings were opened, the rankings of the people rankings were almost unchanged.

It was only natural that I didn't find my name on the list. After all, I'm not a participant in the Guo King incident.

As I was browsing through the list, I was surprised to receive a message from Yang Chuyu. The young lady with a military background wanted to meet me, but she didn't say what to talk about after the meeting.

Now that I'm free, I'll call her to see what she wants to talk to me about.

The call went through quickly, and Yang Chuyu didn't beat around the bush. She said it was for national security, so she wanted to meet me.

Hearing her reason, I had a feeling that I expected, but I wasn't interested in what she said about national security.

"I was embarrassed by what happened before, and I don't have the ability to participate in national security. Now I want to take a good rest."

Yang Chuyu was dissatisfied with what I said. "Don't you want to know some top secret information?"

I knew she was trying to seduce me, but I couldn't help but wonder, "Top secret information about what?"

"The moon!" Yang Chuyu said in a clear voice, "The moon is a very strange object, its various data are incompatible with other planets, the moon is likely to be a man-made satellite, of course, it is definitely not the product of our era's civilization, are you interested now?"

"What does this have to do with national security?"

"You'll know when you meet me. I won't force you if you don't want to attend!"

With that, Yang Chuyu hung up and I asked Pine tower, Guo King, directly about the moon.

"As far as I know!" Pine tower's tone was serious. "The moon is indeed not a natural product. I don't know what life forms it was made of."

"There is a prehistoric civilization on earth, which means that the moon is probably left behind by a prehistoric civilization, right?"

"You can say that." Pine tower's tone was full of affirmation.

"Can you tell me something about prehistoric civilization, Pine tower?"

"I don't know everything."

I looked at Pine tower speechlessly. She was such a useless Guo King.

And songta felt despised by me. She explained, "You know, I was Guo King who was killed by other Guo King many years ago, so in fact, I was very weak and failed. Don't have too much hope for me."

Her words left me speechless.

Back in the paradise, I saw the lazy senior Wu.

She saw me say, "We'll leave later."

"Is it that urgent?" I was surprised. "Is it okay to stay here for a few more days?"

"Of course not. I like this place very much, but we haven't finished what we were dealing with before, so we have to continue."

"Do you need my help?" I said reflexively.

"Don't keep us here as a help!"

I nodded helplessly. "Anyway, you guys really shouldn't do anything dangerous."

Senior Wu smiled lazily and promised me, "Have you learned anything about the lessons the king of nations has arranged for you?"

"What kind of course does he teach me?" I can't help but complain.

"There are some things I forgot to say. The king of nations says that if you can understand something, he will arrange for you to enter a place to study."

"Oh?" I was a little surprised by this. "I did realize something last night..."

"Not enough!" Senior Wu smiled and shook his head. "I am only in charge of informing you of this. When you come to a certain point, the king of all nations will make arrangements for you."

As we spoke, Zhang Jiayao and Ye Qianyu walked out of the villa with vines. They were ready to leave.

Zhang Jiayao seems to have a lot to say to me, but she can't say it at this time.

"Let's go. We'll meet soon anyway!"

"No matter what, you must be careful."

"You should be careful!"

Under their words, I watched them leave the paradise.

The younger generation of the Peach got up at this time and ran around the island with their backpacks.

I looked at them from afar and did not go up to greet them, while Miss Ching Mang quietly appeared beside me.

"Your place is much better than the kingdom of god school." She sighed.

"Are you going to stay, teacher?" I couldn't help but ask her to stay.

"What am I staying for?" Miss Ching Mang looked at me seriously and asked me, "Chen Ming, have you decided what you want to do?"

I shook my head awkwardly. "There's only one goal for so many of us here, and that is to live, but I haven't figured out how to live."

"If you don't understand this, I won't stay!" Miss Ching Mang said seriously, "Besides, I'm not satisfied with what you've done before!"

"Teacher, you don't think I should have compromised with those grimace Guo King people before, but I was trying not to let the war break out!"

"Do you see yourself as the savior?" Miss Ching Mang's eyes were extremely stern.

"I don't think so. I'm just doing what I can."

Miss Ching Mang's eyes softened and she reached out to touch my head. "I'm not blaming you. From a human point of view, you're doing well, but from an elder's point of view, I'm feeling sorry for you. Maybe one day you'll do something extremely dangerous for this paradise. I don't want to see that happen, so I won't stay."

I took a deep breath and smiled brightly at her. "Let's not talk about this. How's Tang Grandma?"

"She wants to stay here."

"Absolutely not!"

Seeing how I reacted, Miss Ching Mang couldn't help but laugh.

"Didn't you admit that I was your grandmother?" The little old lady appeared with a dark face.

"I said that before because I respected you, but you are not respected. You should go back to the Shenguo school."

The little old lady glared at me unhappily. If she stayed here, she would definitely encourage me to have a baby or something every day.

"Where are you going after that? Do you want to go to the Shenguo school?" Miss Ching Mang invited me.

"I really want to go to school." I looked at grandma tang and shook her head helplessly. "But I was worried that I would bring some disaster to the school again, so I still didn't go."

"Did Yang Shujiang ask his granddaughter to contact you?" Tang Grandma actually knew about this.

"Yes." I nodded in acknowledgement and looked at Tang Grandma in surprise.

"Then you go. That old boy Yang Shujiang is reliable. He won't hurt you. But if he asks you what you want, you should do as you can. Don't be fooled by him."

It seems that Tang Grandma knows Yang Chuyu's grandfather Yang Shujiang.

In that case, I'll tell you what Yang Chuyu said on the phone and see what Tang Grandma thinks.

"They actually used the moon to attract you. I didn't expect this to happen." Tang Grandma let out a long sigh.

"Is there anything in the moon?" Miss Ching Mang didn't know much about the moon either.

Tang Grandma shook her head. She might know something, but she didn't say it.

They left just like that, and I was even more curious about the moon's secret. I couldn't wait to meet Yang Chuyu and listen to her in detail...