Chapter 552 Master Them And You Can Change the Laws of Nature

After Miss Ching Mang and the others left, I asked kun to leave for Central city, where Yang Chuyu was.

Although kun was very fast, it took a lot of time to reach Central city.

Taking advantage of this time, I intend to enjoy this rare leisure time with Wu Mei and the others.

Knowing that kun was on his way to Central city, Fei Zi and the others knew that I was going to do something else. She and Zhang Xuelin hugged me and hung on to me. They didn't want to be separated from me for a moment.

Wu Mei has a lot to say to me, but she has a lot to do.

Perhaps Shen Danqi was much more diligent than before because he saw me trapped in a big transparent clock.

With their two older sisters handling the affairs of the paradise, I stayed in the paradise and did almost nothing.

"Chen Ming, where are the gemstones found in the Shenguo school?" Fei Zi, a money-grubber, was still obsessed with Wang Kaixuan's orange gem.

"That gem was absorbed by the black hole." I explained rather helplessly, "However, I don't know exactly where the black hole is absorbing, but it should all be in my body."

With this answer, Fei Zi nodded with satisfaction. "Since you got it, Chen Ming, where are we going this time?"

This petite Tigress lay on my back and hugged my neck. She was very worried that something dangerous would happen.

"Don't worry, I won't let that happen again."

"I don't believe it." Fei Zi hugged me and muttered softly.

Zhang Xuelin snuggled up to me. She didn't say anything. She was looking at my body curiously. She seemed to see something.

I reached out and pinched the girl's baby face, and songta suddenly said in my head, "She seems to have seen me."

What the hell is going on with this girl? After thinking about it, I pulled Zhang Xuelin towards the lab. "I don't know what elder sister Zhen did to you. Let's go get Professor Mai to check it out, shall we?"

"No!" Zhang Xuelin was very resistant to such a thing.

"Chen Ming, check her out!" Fei Zi was on the side, afraid that the world would not be chaotic.

I can't check this girl, but since Zhang Xuelin doesn't want to, I won't force her.

Zhang Xuelin was worried that I would examine her, so she shook my arm hurriedly. "Brother Chenming, I wrote all the hidden runes in the Treasure map. Do you want to take a look?"

"Of course!" I learned a lot about the Runes last night, and now I'm a little excited to hear Zhang Xuelin say that. Maybe I can understand what the Runes means.

Seeing me nod, Zhang Xuelin hurriedly went upstairs to get me her Runes notebook.

"Chen Ming, you big bad guy, give me a kiss!" Fei Zi was still playing coquettish on my back.

"How about a kiss? How about a hundred?" I pulled that Tigress over and kissed her in my arms.

"Hmph!" Tigress turned his head away. "I won't remind you. You didn't take the initiative to make out with me. I'm hurt!"

"Where are you hurt, in your heart? Let me rub it for you..."

"Big bad guy, what do you want to do in broad daylight? I'll go first. You can study the Runes. In the evening, hehe..."

Before Fei Zi could finish her sentence, Zhang Xuelin's footsteps came up the stairs and she left with a blush.

Hearing Fei Zi say this, I think I should accompany them well. I told kun who was rushing to Central city to slow down. I am not in a hurry to go to Central city now.

Zhang Xuelin handed me the notebook and sat quietly beside me like a cat.

Opening the notebook, there were dense Runes on it, and those Runes looked like ancient words.

I looked at it word by word. Some Runes I understand, some don't.

Every line was a sentence, and I tried to figure out what those mysterious Runes were describing.

"Brother Chenming..." I don't know how long after that, Zhang Xuelin's soft voice came from beside me, and she gently touched my arm.

"What's wrong?" I turned my head to look at the young girl, whose face was full of fear and her eyes were red. "Did you see something bad again?"

Zhang Xuelin shook his head hurriedly. "Brother Chenming, your body was glowing just now. It looks like it's going to disappear from this world."

I looked at myself in puzzlement. I really didn't notice it.

"Don't think too much. I won't leave this world!" I smiled and touched the girl's head.

"Mmm!" Zhang Xuelin nodded heavily, and she couldn't help hugging my arm. "Brother Chenming, don't leave us behind. Although you're not in the paradise most of the time, you're our backbone. We were so worried about what happened before. We were so worried that we almost died. Even Wu Meijie was so strong that I saw her cry."

"Don't worry, that won't happen again!"

"But, I dreamed of something bad before..."

"Maybe you see the future, but the future may change at any time. Don't worry!"

I nodded and kissed her forehead. I didn't expect her to raise her baby face and dare to pout and kiss me.

I kissed her soft and sweet little mouth for a long time before the girl shyly parted from me.

She blushed and changed the subject. "Chen, Brother Chenming, did you understand those Runes just now?"

"Well, I did understand a little, but I only understood some Runes. I don't know what they mean by combining them."

"Brother Chenming, you're amazing!" The baby face looked up at me, her big eyes filled with admiration.

And I shook my head, laughing and crying. "I'm not that good, you know, these Runes are very good, they can change the laws of nature."

"Change the laws of nature?" Zhang Xuelin was a little confused.

The law of nature is the law of nature. For example, a person has a life span. After a person dies, changing the law can bring a person back to life. Or, by changing the law, a person can quickly age or become young."

When he was in the Yunxi high school, the villain Guo King made Hua Kexin grow old quickly. He probably changed the rules.

However, Pine tower told me very clearly that she did not understand the Runes in front of her. Guo King the villain probably used some kind of tool to do that.

For example, the ability to make phone calls between mobile phones actually takes advantage of the transmission rules of things like radio waves.

Mr. Zhou was right. Guo King was not a god, but a high-tech being!

Guo King could use the rules, but the rules of this world were made by a secret and mysterious existence!

If our future opponents were those mysterious beings, it would be hopeless to think about it. It would be a bit like asking someone who just learned a few english words to take an exam with a native english speaker.

"Brother Chenming, what are you thinking? Why are you in a daze again?"

"There are too many mysterious and strange things in this world!"

I sighed and continued to look at the Runes in my notebook. After reading these pages carefully from the Runes, I still didn't understand what it meant to write them together.

However, my attention was elsewhere.

For example, in the case of battle dharma, I can express the battle dharma such as the battle dharma of fighting dharma through meditation and hand gestures!

I understand some Runes now. I put them together, how do I show them?

After thinking about it for a while, I thought about Old Man In Grey using his crutch to release endless black tentacles, I thought about grimace Guo King roaring at the wind and obeying orders. At that time, they were using some kind of law as if I were making a hand gesture!

Thinking about these things, I think I should figure out how to release some Runes together.

Does it create a law to combine Runes?

Thinking of such a thing, I couldn't help but get excited.

I couldn't help but make some gestures, trying to release some of the combined Runes!

I was so excited that I forgot that Zhang Xuelin was still sitting next to me. I made several gestures in succession. When my hand accidentally touched her arm, her clothes burst into pieces...