Chapter 553 If You Study It Forcefully, You Will Be Punished by Heaven

Zhang Xuelin's clothes burst into pieces!

She sat naked next to me in a daze, unable to understand what was going on.

Seeing such a scene, I did not feel excited with nosebleed. Instead of being excited, I was scared to death!

Just now, I was fumbling for the Runes group that was trying to make the item explode, because touching Zhang Xuelin's relationship actually made her clothes explode!

Fortunately, her clothes burst. If her body burst, the consequences would be unimaginable!

"Brother Chenming, you scoundrel!" Zhang Xuelin came back to her senses, and she turned her back to me shyly.

"Xue Lin, I'm really sorry. Are you okay? Are you feeling unwell?" I asked anxiously.

"I, I'm fine..." Hearing my anxious tone, Zhang Xuelin turned to look at me doubtfully. "Brother Chenming, what did you do just now?"

"I was trying to figure out how to use the Runes when something like this happened..."

"Brother Chenming, do you know how to use these Runes?" Zhang Xuelin was extremely excited to hear such a thing.

"I can't say I know. I'm in a state of groping!"

"Brother Chenming, you're amazing!" Zhang Xuelin was so happy that she couldn't help but turn around, but she quickly realized the problem and hurriedly turned her back to me. She was so shy that her ears turned red."

"It's not like that..." I was a little dumbfounded. Zhang Xuelin thought I was trying to figure out how to pop other people's clothes. "I'll explain it to you later. I'll take you back to your room and put on your clothes."

Zhang Xuelin's clothes fell to the ground in pieces, so it was impossible for her to walk upstairs naked.

I picked her up and hurried upstairs to take her back to her room.

"Brother Chenming, am I pretty?" Putting the girl on the bed, I was just about to leave when I didn't expect her to have the guts to ask this question.

"Of course it looks good!" I nodded without hesitation.

"How does it compare to my sister?" This girl was really a little afraid that the world would not be chaotic, and she dared to ask such a question.

"Your sister is more mature than you, you are more green than your sister, so each has its own shine!"

"So Brother Chenming, do you like mature or green?"

"Sometimes I like to be mature, sometimes I like to be green."

"... What a bad guy. Can't you say you like me?"

"I'm telling the truth!" I touched her head. "Don't ask any strange questions. Put on your clothes quickly and don't catch a cold."

I hurried out of the room in case the girl continued to ask, but as I walked to the door and was about to close the door, the baby-faced girl quickly reminded me in a low voice, "Brother Chenming, can you accompany me tonight..."

Without waiting for me to answer, the girl got into my bed like an ostrich.

Not long ago, when Fei Zi left, he said something about giggling tonight, so Tigress probably wanted to be with me too.

This is interesting. Fei Zi and Zhang Xuelin are easy to deal with. If Wu Mei and the others want to get in touch with me at night, should we sleep together tonight?

Back downstairs, I cleaned up Zhang Xuelin's torn clothes.

Shen Danqi saw what I had in my hand, and she immediately complained to me, "You can't wait to do something bad this morning. You tore the girl's clothes to pieces. Chen Ming, you're such a jerk!"

Shen Danqi didn't like it when she spat at me. When she saw that there was no one around, she quickly walked over and grabbed my collar, bit my lips hard, and then quickly said in my ear, "After that, you have to go somewhere else. Remember to look for me at night. Sister, I will give up!"

Blushing, he winked at me and Shen Danqi left quickly.

I stood there a little dumbfounded, wondering if they had agreed to deliberately trick me and give me a problem.

However, this is not a difficult problem. Everyone is living together tacitly, so we can sleep together at the worst tonight.

I asked Pine tower in my heart about what happened just now. Pine tower appeared in front of me as a little white person. Her expression was full of surprise. "You really turned into those mysterious beings as Tower keeper said!"

"Because I can use those Runes?" I asked in puzzlement.

"You can say that, but you don't know how scary you were just doing. You have to find a way to create a body for me!"

"You're making things difficult for me. I just wanted to make things explode, but my clothes just burst. Do you think this thing is easy to achieve?"

"Didn't I have a body last night? Those Runes automatically formed my body. You just have to write it down!"

"You put it simply. Last night in the Bronze tripod, there were probably hundreds of thousands of Runes that made up your body. I don't understand what that means, I don't know how to arrange them, and I don't know how to use them. Take your time with your body. I'm just touching the threshold of the right now."

Pine tower nodded helplessly. "That's right. Senior Wu said that you realized something. The king of nations will contact you, and now the king of nations has not contacted you, which means that your understanding is not enough."

After a few words with songta, I left the villa.

I think it's very difficult for me to understand the Runes alone. I plan to talk to the bald old man.

The bald-headed old man had an intersection with Tower keeper, and the Treasure map was probably made by Tower keeper.

On the island clearing, majestic Ou Xiong and bearded Yi Nantian were instructing the younger generation of the Peach in training.

The bald old man was sitting on a rocking chair under the cannibal tree, drinking tea leisurely. It seemed that he enjoyed himself here.

"I thought you weren't coming to see me." He said with a smile when he saw me.

"You guessed I was coming?" I was surprised.

"Of course, you must have come to tell me that you were going to marry Tao Tao Tao, right?"

My head was covered in black thread. This old man was determined to help me connect with his granddaughter. "Old man, I have a girlfriend."

"Well, I see. There are several. It doesn't matter if there's one more."

"You're pushing your granddaughter into the fire!"

"I know who you are. Let me remind you that if you don't date Tao Tao Tao, I won't help you no matter what help you ask me for!"

"... Are you an old man? You eat my food here and use mine. Are you happy?"

"That's why I gave you my granddaughter. I'm just thanking you!"

"... Stop talking nonsense. I need your help!"

"I can't help you!" The bald old man's expression became serious. "I know what you want to ask me. Do you know why I didn't help you when you were trapped on that deserted island? I'm not weak, am I?"

The balding old man did not join the war in the face of the attacks of the grim-faced Guo King.

I looked at him in disbelief, and he explained with extreme seriousness, "Some powers do not belong to us mortals. If we study them forcefully, we will be punished by heaven!"

I was shocked and immediately understood what he meant. "Have you been warned by some mysterious existence?"

"It's more than a warning. I would have died if I hadn't been strong enough. Unfortunately, my other old friends didn't survive."

"Old man, the world has changed. Those mysterious beings have relaxed some rules. Do you want to try again?"

"Really?" His cloudy eyes lit up when he heard me say that.

"Of course, I can guarantee that the world is getting more and more chaotic because of the change in rules."

The bald old man nodded thoughtfully. "Chen Ming, you must promise me that if I die..."

"I will take care of your granddaughter!" I said before him.

"You want to marry her!" The bald old man glared at me. "You should have a baby!"

"Old man, I know you're doing this for your children and grandchildren. To be honest, I'm facing a problem like yours right now. This world is very dangerous, so I think it's better not to create descendants. They came to this world only to suffer. You couldn't control your lower body back then, so now it's so much trouble. You have to bear the responsibility of creating your own descendants with gritted teeth. Don't give me the mess, so you better not die!"

The bald old man felt helpless and depressed when I retorted. He didn't say anything about marriage or children...