Chapter 554 Find It And Learn from It

The bald old man did study the Runes.

But as he had just said, some powers do not belong to mortals, and forced research will be punished.

Even though I said some rules were relaxed, he couldn't believe me right away.

He left the recliner and said he was going to look into the situation. He didn't know when he would be able to talk to me about the Runes, so I had to wait patiently.

After that, I received a message from Huang Shaotian and the others.

I once told Huang Shaotian, Gao Xun and Jin Haoyue about the alliance.

Guo King, who controlled them, was very interested in this matter. Although we haven't officially formed an alliance yet, they sent me all kinds of messages to tell me about the recent appearance of the prefecture-level rankings.

According to the intelligence obtained by their team, with the appearance of the prefecture-level rankings, the vanguard of the future Guo King team took action.

Grimace Guo King had said before that there was a need to divide the camp or something, and that was what the pioneers were doing now.

Whether it was the individual or team rankings, all the people and teams in front of them were attacked by the vanguard of the future Guo King.

The Guo King of the old era could never be on equal footing with the Guo King of the future. Facing the crazy vanguard of the Guo King of the future, the Guo King of the old era were brewing something. Unfortunately, whether it was Guo King who dominated the Xu kong team or the imperial capital, their strength was too weak to participate in the preparation of the Guo King at all.

Knowing such a thing, I couldn't help but think of Yang Chuyu's phone call.

Perhaps Yang Chuyu's moon secrets had something to do with the plans that Guo King and his men were planning.

I don't know what happened to the bald old man, but he didn't come to me until noon.

But I haven't been waiting for him to come. I've been staying with the logistics department all this time.

Many peach people joined the logistics department and worked together to build this paradise.

Zhu Dachang was not in the logistics department as he used to be. He was now training with the peach people, and he realized that he was too weak.

I talked to Cao Huiyi and the others in the logistics department for a while, and Tao Tao Tao, the bald man's granddaughter, came to see me.

The reason why Tao Tao Tao came here, of course, was that the old man had something to do with me.

Perhaps worried about what I was going to say, Tao Tao Tao walked quickly and took me to where the bald old man lived in a few steps.

Seeing that his granddaughter had brought me here so quickly, the bald old man was so angry that he was flabbergasted. He watched the guilty Tao Tao Tao leave as if he were talking about how you gave up the opportunity you created.

"Old man, you wanted to tell me something, didn't you?" I spoke first, lest the old man say anything about his granddaughter.

"Yes." The bald old man's expression became serious and he motioned for me to sit down. "You asked about the Peach Charm before, and I can tell you now."

Hearing the Peach Charm, I immediately raised my ears. The old man was finally going to tell me about it.

When I entered the underground Taoyuan village, he gave me a cup of tea, and I drank the so-called Peach Charm in the tea.

"You already know about our escape from Xuan bee island. We took a lot of useful things with us when we escaped from Xuan bee island. Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to develop missiles or anything underground. Peach Charm? That's what we got back then. I think you already know what the Peach Charm is. That's right, it's the mysterious ones."

"I don't quite understand." I shook my head. "You made me drink a cup of tea. What did you mean by saying that the Peach Charm was in the water?"

"I saw you make some handprints earlier. You were using mysterious power, weren't you? How did you get that kind of mysterious power?"

The bald old man asked this question, and I told him about the five stones without hesitation.

He was not surprised by the incident, but continued with a smile. "Some Runes are carved in stone, but some of the Runes are integrated into the water."

I frowned again. "Old man, do you know that there's actually a Runes in the xanadu drinks we drink every day?"

"No!" The bald old man shook his head and denied my statement. "There is no Runes in the xanadu drinks you make. The reason why the water becomes strange is that the water changes when the Runes passes through the water. It doesn't fit in. The cup of tea I gave you, it fits into the water. The cast and engraved parts are in the water. Do you know?"

I understand what the bald old man means. That cup of tea is actually the carrier of the Peach Charm.

"There are more than one Runes in the water. To be exact, it's an Runes, so we call that rune'.' you can interpret it as a martial arts secret book. We studied it when we were young, but the power of' is frightening, and it caused us to suffer punishment. Ou Long wanted to get it."

"I'm drinking the Peach Charm now, but I don't seem to have changed. How do I find it and use its power?"

"I don't know either." The bald old man shook his head. "Your physique is very special, very special..."

"I didn't know you'd let me drink the Peach Charm. Aren't you worried about killing me?" I was extremely speechless towards the old man.

"How dare you think so? It seems that you don't know what's in your body!" The bald old man picked up his cup and took a sip of tea. He looked at me with a smile, which made me a little nervous.

What exactly is in my body? I looked at him with a dark face, hoping that he would help me answer my questions.

"Your situation, how to say it, can only be sensed and unspeakable!"

"..." I don't know what to say about this old man." So, what's the purpose of calling me here?

The bald old man didn't say anything. He dipped his finger into the cup of tea and wrote a complicated Runes on the table.

When he wrote the first Runes, nothing happened. When he wrote the second Runes, his fingers not only slowed down, but also the coffee table trembled slightly, as if it had been an earthquake, but the other things in the room did not tremble.

Click, after the second Runes was written, a few cracks appeared on the coffee table!

"Did you use any force?" I asked the bald old man in surprise.

"No!" He did not continue to write. He put away his hand and took a long breath. "This is the power of the Runes itself!"

"Isn't that too much of an exaggeration?" I thought of the mysterious Runes cast on the bronze cauldron, and of the hidden Runes, the Runes, which were all gathered together without such a situation.

"As I said earlier, Peach Charm is very powerful. At first, we had high hopes for the Peach Charm. We hoped that the Peach Charm would help us create a paradise, so we called it' a'. Now that it's in your body, you find it and learn it well!"

"Aren't you going to teach me?"

"This kind of thing can only be thought of and cannot be spoken of, not to mention that I am a mortal, I cannot bear that kind of power!"

Since he said so, I had to nod my head. The bald old man got up and led me into a room, which was lit with something that could calm people down. The soundproof effect of the room was very good, and after entering, everything outside was blocked.

"It was in this environment that we realized it back then. If you would give it a try."

"Will there be a punishment?" I'm a little worried about this.

"Didn't you say that the rules of heaven and earth have been relaxed?"

"I'm just saying it. I'm not sure."


The old man shut the door without hesitation and left me in this quiet and dark room.

I sat down in the middle of the room and emptied my heart. The moment I closed my eyes, I felt my body glow.

I don't know what happened. I felt like I was in a dream in an instant. I reappeared in the deep and dark universe, and before my eyes was a vast galaxy.

The golden dragon did not help my relationship. I could only look at the milky way from afar.

Not long after, a light rain appeared in the sky of the milky way. Looking closely, it was not light rain, but a complex and mysterious Runes. The colors of the Runes were different, red, blue, black and gold and so on!

The Runes is like a rain of light falling on the milky way. I clearly feel that the milky way has changed. It seems to be getting bigger, and the number of stars has also increased...