Chapter 555 The Sun, Moon And Stars Are Floating in Your Eyes

Red, blue and black Runes, the more I look at them, the more familiar they look!

It took me a while to realize that those Runes were the three melted gemstones in my body!

The melted gems did not merge with me, but into light rain and the milky way!

With the fall of all kinds of fu wen light rain, the number of stars in the galaxy has increased, and the milky way looks bigger!

And I know in my heart that the center of that galaxy is the mysterious seed. If I'm not mistaken, what I see now is what I see in my body!

That is to say, the Bronze tripod, which had infiltrated my body, and everything that had been swallowed up by the black hole, had turned into a rain of light in the milky way!

Light rain can make the milky way even more dazzling, and it's in my body!

I couldn't help but think of the golden dragon that once took me to the milky way.

I also thought about the things that I could easily put together a Runes and then play out.

At this moment, I felt something very mysterious in my heart.

With a thought in my mind, I flew all over the galaxy, but I couldn't get into it. I could only look at the edge of the galaxy and see the Runes falling from the dark sky forming planets!

I remembered the strange phenomenon that appeared in my body in the vanguard Sky mother ship.

I remember when Tower keeper opened a door in The king's tower, Sea bottom city, and I saw the starry sky outside.

I wanted to enter the milky way, but without the help of the golden dragon, I could not enter it as before.

In that case, I had to sit in the void and quietly watch the endless stream of Runes fall, building a planet bit by bit.

I don't know if the universe was formed like this.

But I knew in my heart that the milky way before me was an illusion.

To be precise, it's not a fake. It should be a very small galaxy.

After all, what this galaxy looks like is inside me!

I studied and memorized the Runes that built the planet, and it took me a lot of energy to do this.

When I felt extremely tired, the whole world went into a trance, and my consciousness returned to the dark room.

Smelling the calming fragrance that wafted through the air, I felt a little refreshed. I opened my hands and looked inside. I could vaguely see the stars under my skin.

"Pine tower, do you know what's going on in my body?"

"I know." Songta answered, but she didn't explain anything. "It's late. Zhang Xuelin and the others are waiting for you in the room."

This guy is changing the subject. There are some things that Guo King shouldn't be able to tell me, and I don't care.

When I got up and pushed open the door, there was no bald old man outside. It was already midnight. When I walked outside, I looked up. The whole island was shrouded in the dark night sky.

I thought of the blue sky that Tower keeper helped create. It should be something made by Runes.

Everyone on the island had fallen asleep, and the lights in the villa had been turned off, but Zhang Xuelin and the others might not have fallen asleep.

As I walked towards the villa, I felt more connected to the world with each step.

I used to have this feeling that I was a part of this world, and I was no different from those mountains and trees.

Pushing away the villas, Wu Mei sat lazily on the sofa in the dark living room. She propped her face up with her hands. After a busy day, she had already fallen asleep, and the reason she was sitting here was obviously waiting for me.

I stepped forward and gently picked her up.

"Little elder brother..." The moment I picked him up, the vixen woke up.

"Wu Meijie, I'll take you back to your room." As I spoke, I had already walked up the stairs.

Holding Wu Mei in the princess' arms, she looked at me quietly in the dark. She did not speak. It was rare for us to get along so quietly.

When I put her on the bed, she grabbed my neck and kissed me gently on the cheek.

"Are you worried about me?" I sat down by the bed and smiled at her.

"I was a little worried before, but I'm not worried now."

Wu Mei was smiling, too. She looked at me intently, her eyes filled with endless tenderness.

I couldn't help but reach out and caress her fair cheeks. "In the past, it's been hard on you, Wu Meijie. In the future, it's been hard on you..."

"This is my responsibility, this is my home, and I don't have your hard work."

"No matter what, I want to thank Wu Meijie for your efforts..."

"Don't say that. It sounds like I'm a little uneasy. I'm going to Central city next. You're leaving again. Go with them."

I didn't know what would happen next, so I didn't promise Wu Mei anything.

I lowered my head and kissed her forehead before leaving the room.

Next door was Shen Danqi's room. Shen Danqi had been yelling about what she had done, but now she had slept in a terrible sleep.

Cards were scattered all over the bed. Fei Zi was lying on his back next to her, and Zhang Xuelin was huddled in a corner pitifully. The bed was huge, but the position was occupied by the two guys who didn't sleep.

Zhang Xuelin didn't fall asleep. When she saw me coming, she looked at me with twinkling eyes.

At this time, perhaps due to the influence of the milky way in my body, I discovered Zhang Xuelin's unusual situation, and I also realized what was going on with the treasure hunt diamond hanging in my chest.

The treasure hunt diamond, to put it bluntly, was a Runes program.

However, fixing a program like that into a tool is not something ordinary people can do.

I waved at Zhang Xuelin, and she quickly rolled over and threw herself into my arms. I sat down beside the bed with her in my arms.

"Take off your clothes and let me have a good look, will you?" I said this with a smile.

"Yes." Zhang Xuelin did not hesitate. She quickly took off her pajamas in the dark.

I've seen Zhang Xuelin's body many times, and of course I'm not tired of it, but I'm not looking at her body now.

Without the cover of her clothes, I could clearly see the glowing Runes flashing in her body.

"Can you see the Runes in your body?" When I asked this question, Zhang Xuelin shook his head in confusion. "So, elder sister Zhen got the Runes into your body and transformed you?"

"I don't know, but I saw Runes enter my body before I asked elder sister Zhen to transform me."

"Oh, is there such a thing? When did that happen?"

"Brother Chenming, when you made out with me..."

Zhang Xuelin said such a thing shyly.

Pine tower was attached to Zhang Xuelin, so we got close.

I once guessed that there were so many people in this world, there must be some people who could make Guo King safe.

Zhang Xuelin should belong to that kind of person. Her body was naturally special, because she was possessed by Pine tower, Guo King, and then intimate with me, this special being. Therefore, her body had a strange reaction, and elder sister Zhen should have found out that Zhang Xuelin was different, so he made some special modifications to Zhang Xuelin.

"Brother Chenming, your eyes are so beautiful!" Zhang Xuelin looked into my eyes. The look on her face was both surprised and happy. "There are stars in your eyes..."

I smiled and reached out my hand, touching the glowing Runes in Zhang Xuelin's body.

My fingertips came into contact with Zhang Xuelin's skin and there was a faint starlight.

Zhang Xuelin didn't have many Runes on him, but I was a little fascinated, and Zhang Xuelin enjoyed my touch.

However, we forgot that there were two other guys beside us. Fei Zi was woken up by Zhang Xuelin's voice. She rolled over and lay on my back, hugged my neck, and bit my ear. She grumbled bitterly that she wanted it too. She thought I was making out with Zhang Xuelin, so she wanted it too.

When Fei Zi woke up, Shen Danqi couldn't sleep either.

That rich beauty was not as bold as the two young girls. She woke up pretending to be asleep.

But seeing that Fei Zi had taken off his pajamas and was about to do something indescribable with me, Shen Danqi couldn't help but turn around and yell at her not to mess around in her room.

However, the more she screamed not to mess around, the more messed up Fei Zi and Zhang Xuelin were.

The two girls took off Shen Danqi's nightgown and threw it away in front of me.

Shen Danqi, who was rich and beautiful, was not a vegetarian. She broke down like a broken pot, and she didn't care to reach out her hand to fight back.