Chapter 791 Earth Is the Dream of All Living Things

A beam of light appeared on the moon and landed on the modified terminal beside me.

The end of order represented the laws of nature, and all the laws of nature that Guo King had tampered with in the new era were restored.

The cracked earth healed, the sea became calm, the volcano subsided, the beast broke, and the wind stopped.

In the new era of rule-breaking, Guo King was killed like a virus, as if time were going backwards, and the earth returned to its former tranquility.

This was not a reversal of time, but the order terminal fixed all the errors.

At this time, the people who were fighting in the sky were all dumbfounded.

The Runes that I intercepted, they were all dead people, and now, their bodies have been quickly repaired and returned from death!

At this moment, I learned how to bring a person back to life. The northern lights, as colorful as the northern lights, swept across the world's sky. A light rain bathed the world's life in them. This is my world. Next, I will repair and modify this world within the scope of the rules.

I can't reverse time, but I can reverse some events.

"The arrival of Guo King will be canceled, and the participants of the Guo King incident have been tampered with as infertile by the new era Guo King. Now you can have children, and you can produce more powerful descendants. Those who were involved in the Guo King incident because of an accident, those who lost their lives in the Guo King incident, I will return your lives to you, but the memory of the Guo King incident will not appear in your minds..."

The shattered city building was quickly restored by the Runes.

Although time cannot be reversed, the world's dates can be changed.

I will erase their memories and make them think that they still live in the past.

In the empty Yunxi high school, old students appeared one after another.

The class bully was smoking in the hallway, while Wang Hua and Ye Hao were bullying the little radish. The potbellied class teacher yelled at them angrily.

"Chen Ming, you can't do this. Don't erase our memories!" Zhu Dachang and the others saw the situation at the Yunxi high school, and they were so scared that they shouted at me.

"No, I won't erase your memories. I still need you. There's still a huge crisis on earth. The galactic astrolabe needs someone to protect it. I will build a school to nurture the strong. Guo King will no longer control everyone in the way he came. They will become teachers in the school. Are you interested in becoming teachers?"

Hearing what I said, they all laughed.

"Order, erase the memory of the Guo King incident from all ordinary people, send messages to all participants of the Guo King incident, and let them choose whether they want to be students of the school, and those who don't want to join our school, give them freedom!"

"Master, what's the name of our school?"

"Call it super high school. You have to pay attention to all kinds of life forms in the world. I need all kinds of life forms with all kinds of talents. No matter what kind of talents they have, remember to invite them to join super high school!"

Under my orders, all kinds of changes are happening in the world.

Time was still moving forward, but in everyone's eyes, everything returned to a peaceful past.

The super universities were built underground, and the environment in the inner earth was suitable for training combat talents.

At this time, I went to The city of the firmament. The city of the firmament was in the earth's atmosphere. It was no longer yellow sand in the sky, but a thriving place.

Winnie woke up. Pine tower left her body and entered her body with great excitement.

Holt was also resurrected, including his sister, sunflower, and the Apollo corps were still stationed at the front.

The so-called frontline was actually a passage between the earth and the astrolabe. They were stationed on the frontline because they were worried that hostile people would enter the earth through the passage.

I once heard that The city of the firmament protected the earth, but their enemies were not the source.

At this time, Uncle Yuen from the source of justice came to me and told me that he had discovered microorganisms on mars.

Yan huang village's astrolabe was bathed in the Fu Wenyu and benefited not only from earth but also from other planets in the galaxy, which meant that The city of the firmament was established to resist alien life.

The sources of justice and evil that once roamed The city of the firmament were all survivors of prehistoric civilizations who did not want to give in to their mysterious existence.

Now, I intend to accept them and let them enter the earth, and I will give them freedom.

From now on, the people of origin will no longer be called Guo King.

"I didn't expect it. I really didn't expect it. You actually made it this far!" Pine tower looked me up and down. She knew I was good, but she didn't know who I really was.

"Pine tower, are you interested in teaching at a super high school?"

"Do you really want me to be a teacher, or do you want to keep me by your side?"

"I want to. What about you? Promise me?"

"I'm really sorry. I'm not a big deal, so I'm not going to mislead people. But if you think of me one day, I'll be happy to have sex with you..." Songta blinked at me, clearly trying to seduce me.

I touched her head with a smile, not bewitched by her.

After leaving The city of the firmament, I came to Yunxi city and entered the Yunxi high school. I saw many familiar faces.

However, they didn't know me because I deleted me from their memories.

Li Lixin also returned to the Yunxi high school and continued to be an english teacher. Her memory was not erased. When she saw me, she smiled happily. "I once told you to explore and give me a different answer. Now, are you ready to give me the answer?"

Faced with Li Lixin's question, I smiled and shook my head. "If you're asking about earth, then I have an answer. If you're asking about the entire universe, I don't have an answer."

"Then tell me what kind of existence is earth?"

"Earth is a paradise, an ideal country, and the longing of all living things!"

Li Lixin's head was covered in black lines, so she naturally didn't believe what I said.

And I continued, "This is the original intention of earth's construction, but unfortunately, the earth and the xanadu and the republic are not close at all, but this is the direction of our efforts!"

At this moment, Li Lixin understood something and smiled at me.

"Do you want to change schools to become teachers?"

"I don't have the qualifications. I'm fine here."

In that case, I left the Yunxi high school and stood high above the planet.

There are all kinds of problems in human beings, but even the laws of nature cannot change them.

The law of nature is not a program, but it can become a program, but if it is done, every newborn will be like a product produced by a factory assembly line.

A long time ago, the prince of the eternal kingdom led a group of people to open up the earth, their purpose was to create a paradise, not to produce killing machines.

When I arrived at the entrance to The king's tower, Xiaobudian had recovered and was running around giggling.

Seeing me, she jumped at me with great excitement. So far, she was the only descendant of a participant in the Guo King incident.

In the future, people like her will be born, but those people will not be called participants in the Guo King incident.

I wanted to invite Tower keeper to the kingdom of eternity, but he refused. He was Tower keeper, the earth was The king's tower, and he had to protect the earth. Although he didn't plan to go to the kingdom of eternity, he was happy to be a teacher at a super high school.

Finally, I returned to Xuan bee island.

If there is a paradise on earth, it must be Xuan bee island.

Compared to the outside world, nothing in Xuan bee island has changed.

To my surprise, when I approached Zhang Xuelin and the others, the summoning order given to me by the kings of all nations had changed.

I took out the summons order and the dna structure collapsed into the air. Zhang Xuelin looked at me and burst into tears. At that moment, she thought of something strange. She realized that she was the descendant of those mysterious beings.

In this way, some of the special situations that had happened to Zhang Xuelin were explained.

Although Zhang Jiayao and Zhang Xuelin were sisters, she didn't feel anything. Maybe Zhang Xuelin inherited more ancestors...