Chapter 792 I Think It's Time to Fulfill My Promise

In the inner earth world, super colleges and universities are in full swing.

The laws of nature have been restored, and of course some changes have been made. The Guo King of the past have now become teachers in the school.

Many of those involved in the Guo King incident chose to return to their normal lives.

Not everyone in this world likes to fight and kill.

Although I became the president of a super high school, I didn't participate in the construction of a super high school. That kind of thing, just leave it to old man rickets and Zhu Dachang, they are very excited about that kind of thing.

Even though peace was restored on earth.

But everyone around me knows that the world is still bound by the Runes.

The astrolabe guarded by Yan huang village corresponds to the milky way. Perhaps the entire galaxy will be destroyed in the next second!

Although they were full of unease, I didn't tell them that the Yan huang village astrolabe had actually entered my body.

The reason I didn't say it was because I didn't know how to explain it, and the sense of crisis that the astrolabe was destroyed was always present, and it was a spur to the entire super high school.

The kings of all kingdoms entered the earth's core world, and Sky Que on the moon became empty.

This thing belongs to me. I can't help but want to build this place into a moon palace.

However, it was a big project to transform the moon, and it would never be completed in a day or two. However, after hearing my thoughts, Zhang Jiayao and the others became excited. They did not participate in the construction of the super high school. They did not have to worry about the situation in Xuan bee island. They were worried about nothing to do.

"So, we've taken over this place. We'll call it the girls'dormitory from now on. No miscellaneous people are allowed in!"

"Hee hee, I heard that the moon is a mechanical life like kun. Can we let the moon fly away?"

"Order, I want blue skies and white clouds, and I want to build a pool here!"

"Here, here, build a villa..."

Zhang Jiayao, Fei Zi, and Shen Danqi had a good time.

The order terminal could be said to respond to their every request, no matter what request they have, they will agree to it.

The sky appeared and the pool was built. One by one, they put on sexy swimsuits and jumped into the water. This was the interior of the moon. The gravity was much smaller than the earth.

Compared to the heartless Fei Zi and the others, Wu Mei and senior Wu examined everything inside the moon carefully.

While I was lying comfortably in a recliner by the pool, drinking a drink, I smiled and watched the beautiful view of the pool.

"That's the big and small li of the Organization of the kingdom of god, and Yao chi's yun shang. She looks so serious all the time. I didn't expect her to be so crazy right now. Little elder brother, why are all the people you invited women, and they are so beautiful women? Tell me honestly, when you said you wanted to build the moon palace, you wanted to build a crystal palace that only belonged to you, didn't you?"

Wu Mei, who had been wandering around for a while, came back. She sat on me rudely and saw through my plan at once.

"That's right. This is my crystal palace and my resting place. All the women here belong to me!" I said proudly.

"Did you hear that? This big turnip admitted it!" Wu mei smiled and told the others.

After a while, xiao li and yun shang, who were blushing and mumbling to leave, liked this place very much, but didn't like me, so they didn't want to be my woman.

If they want to leave, the order terminal will send them away.

In the blink of an eye, a large group of people left, and the crowded pool became empty, causing fei zi and the others to giggle.

And I was extremely depressed. I thought those guys were willing to come here as a promise to join my crystal palace. It seems that I was thinking too much.

"Aren't there enough of us for you to enjoy?" Wu Mei, who was sitting on me, questioned me with resentment.

"Ahem, men. I wish all the beautiful girls in the world belonged to me."

"You can do that. Don't you think it's good to have the order terminal set up so that women all over the world like you?"

"Of course I can do that, but I prefer you to me!" As I spoke, I grabbed Wu Mei by the waist, intending to do something bad to her.

However, Wu Mei's face was not that thick. She hurriedly broke away from my bad hand and kept a distance from me. "Is it really okay for you to let us stay here? After all, no one knows what will happen to the eternal kingdom."

Wu Mei asked this question and everyone who was playing calmly looked at me.

I smiled at them. "Don't worry. Although I told the others that it was serious, in fact, as long as I don't die, there won't be much problem here or on earth."

"In that case, can you not go to the kingdom of eternity and stay here forever?"

"This is impossible. If I stay here all the time, someone might come to me. I haven't figured out what happened to me yet, but don't worry, you'll be very safe!"

Although I said that, I still felt a little uneasy.

When the people of origin ruled the earth, they had experienced the catastrophe of destroying the heavens and the earth.

I still haven't figured out what happened to that catastrophe.

Perhaps it was Guo King of the eternal kingdom who caused the havoc, or perhaps it was related to the hidden existence of some Deicide organization.

After that, I will return to the kingdom of eternity. I want to find out what happened between Guo King and the prince.

Because the astrolabe is in my body, I can go back and forth between the kingdom of eternity and earth at will. For this reason, I forbade Wu Mei and the others from crossing the frontline to the kingdom of eternity.

The kingdom of eternity is dangerous. I don't want them to suffer any harm.

With the help of the order terminal, and because of the astrolabe in my body, even though I am on the moon now, I can receive information from another world, the eternal kingdom.

Huimei reports to me about Yan huang village every day.

Now everything is fine and Daughter city is very peaceful, so I plan to stay in the moon palace for a while longer.

I confirmed my identity, and I was able to protect them. At a time like this, I was able to untie the knot in my heart.

This night, I pushed Zhang Jiayao down. As for the other guys, I wasn't in a hurry to do anything to them. I tasted every one of them carefully.

However, I know very well that I still can't get a woman pregnant.

My genes were blocked because of Guo King of the eternal kingdom.

Fortunately, I'm not ready to be a father, so it's not a big deal for me.

The thought of a bunch of children calling me dad with snot running down their noses gave me a headache.

"I didn't expect that you, the bad guy, would take so long to eat me up!" After becoming my woman, Zhang Jiayao snuggled up to me and said, "When I used to live with you outside of school and lie down with you, I thought this day would come soon. I didn't expect it to take so long."

"Why, from your tone, you seem to feel disappointed waiting so long. Did you want to do this with me long ago?"

"I don't think so!" Zhang Jiayao bashfully punched me. "I know why you didn't want me in such a hurry before. I'm so happy."

"Are you happy now?"


"Continue to be happy!"

"Ah, big bad guy, no, I just did it a few times. I feel like I can't walk tomorrow. You want me to die laughing at them!"

"If they dare laugh at you, I will keep them out of bed for days!"

"You, you scoundrel, be gentle..."

"Dong dong dong..." Zhang jiayao and I merged into one, and the door of the room was suddenly knocked on. "Sister, are you hurt? Do you want me to help you?"

Before we could say anything, the door of the room was pushed open and Zhang Xuelin, the young girl, came in with flushed cheeks.

How could she not know what we were doing? She boldly walked over, looked at us with wide eyes, and humiliated Zhang Jiayao to death. "You, what are you looking at? Your sister, I was bullied by this bad guy. Please help me!"

"Yes, how can we save him?"

"I, I can't stand it. You, come and share..."

Zhang Xuelin blushed and sat down beside the bed. She unbuttoned her clothes and mumbled, "A long time ago, my sister promised Brother Chenming that we were sleeping with you or something. That promise was never fulfilled. I, I think, now is the time to fulfill it..."