Chapter 793 The Situation Here Must Have Something to Do with Lucheng

With Zhang Xuelin joining in, Zhang Jiayao was yelling about what he was going to squeeze me for.

But unfortunately, my body was so strong that even Wu Mei and the others couldn't do anything to me.

The next day, the two of them couldn't get out of bed and could only hide under the covers pitifully.

No one laughed at them when they found out about this. Instead, Wu Mei and the others gave me a good beating with their fists.

They yelled that I was a big bad guy who didn't know how to cherish girls, and they kept their distance from me, which made me reflect deeply.

I really couldn't laugh or cry at this situation. Of course, because of the xanadu drink, the sisters recovered quickly.

But because of this, they had a cold war with me, so I had to stay away from the moon palace for a while and let them slowly build the moon palace according to their ideas.

I used to walk through the front lines, but now I tell them everything that happened to me on the front lines.

The king of nations assessed how much combat power it would take to get through the front line, and then couldn't wait to arrange for students to train.

The situation on earth is very peaceful. The crisis brought by Guo King in the new era has been solved, and there is nothing to worry about here.

I was able to communicate between the kingdom of eternity and the earth, as well as travel back and forth from time to time, so I didn't emphasize on reminding them that I had left.

Zhang Jiayao and Wu Mei are all in the moon palace now, and they want to create a paradise that belongs only to us.

I left here with kun, Black mud and the Kaka, drew a circle in the void, and easily entered the eternal kingdom.

Once again in the kingdom of eternity, my first stop was naturally in Forest building.

Huimei smiled sweetly when she saw me. "Last time I saw you, you looked worried, but now you look very relaxed. You must have dealt with some trouble, right?"

I smiled and nodded, but didn't explain the situation on earth. I picked her up and sat her down at a large desk.

Sensing my aggressive demeanor, huimei's breathing quickened. "You finally want me, but unfortunately, I just happened to be here."

What a coincidence, but I'm not depressed. I know this mature and beautiful woman only belongs to me.

"Has the hall of descent been built in our village?" Having Huimei sit on my lap, I asked, "In a while, there will be more and more comers. They will become an important force in Yan huang village. Of course, they have to go through some education to let them know what it means to share weal and woe. I don't want them to be like the comers of the Dragon city and leave when the disaster strikes at the Dragon city."

Hearing what I said, Huimei said that she would make arrangements immediately.

Dressed in a tailored uniform, she really felt like a workaholic.

Huimei began to get busy. I didn't disturb her. Forest building was thriving under huimei's management. I went to the Dragon city in a very happy mood.

Gong Zhufei, who became the queen of the Dragon city, was also extremely busy.

I didn't show up, but secretly checked the Dragon city.

Yanying and Xiaoyu were assisting Gong Zhufei as assistants, while Jie Wangzi was leading the arrival of the Dragon city to manage the city order.

Flying dragon city was a little less lively than before, but it gave people a sense of rules and order.

Not far from the Dragon city in Fire city, I naturally went to see it. Old man devil told me earlier that Old man in black had returned to Fire city to contribute his strength. Now, I saw the result of Old man in black's efforts.

On the ruins of Fire city, a small city with tens of thousands of people appeared.

That small city could be called the wandering tribe, but they were different from the wandering tribe.

The wandering tribes had lost all hope for the future, but the people in that small town had some hope for the future.

I also went to Carnival city. The three cities surrounding Carnival city pushed down the city walls and merged completely with Carnival city. Although the people of the four cities might not be able to get along for the time being, the people of carnival city, their fate had indeed changed.

Although the whole of Dongzhou was shrouded in an unknown crisis, the cities of Dongzhou were fairly calm.

Of course, I didn't forget the Lucheng that destroyed Yan huang village into a lake. Previously, I felt that I was no match for Lucheng, so I didn't take revenge. Now, I plan to go to Lucheng for a walk.

When I found out the location of Lucheng, I was about to leave, but I didn't expect that soft girl Mozhanai would appear next to me out of thin air.

"Brother Chenming..." Mozhanai was embarrassed when she suddenly appeared.

"Your queen found out I was back, so she asked you to come over and supervise me?"

Hearing my question, Mozhanai was even more embarrassed. "No, no, the queen just asked me to come over and accompany Brother Chenming."

I smiled and stroked her head. A city as big as Daughter city has formed an alliance with Yan huang village. For a strange existence like me, the queen naturally wanted to supervise me. However, she did not secretly supervise me, but openly sent Mozhanai. I did not feel disgusted with such a thing.

"Didn't Six Nights and Xue Li come together?"

"The queen thought it would be annoying to have too many people, Brother Chenming, so she assigned them other tasks."

"What a pity. I plan to travel to Lucheng now. It would be better if there were more people."

"It seems that they can't know about this, or they will cry!" Mozhanai covered her mouth and snickered. "Is Brother Chenming really going to Lucheng? I know something about Lucheng. I can be your guide."

"Oh, were you on a mission to Lucheng before?"

"It's not a mission, it's a learning exchange."

Lucheng is a little far from where we are. The further we go, the more energy we need. Besides, I am not in a hurry to go to Lucheng. There is a girl beside me. I let kun take our transportation and fly slowly towards Lucheng.

Although Wu Mei and the others were no longer in kun's body, I did not invite Mozhanai into it.

Sitting on kun and looking at the scenery below is a good choice. I know very little about Dongzhou and the kingdom of eternity.

Nothing happened along the way. Mozhanai was a native of the kingdom of eternity. She knew the world better than I did. I asked her all sorts of questions about the kingdom of eternity, and she could answer almost all of them.

A few hundred kilometers away from Lucheng, which already belonged to Lucheng.

At this moment, I sensed a faint signal, which was a little like sos distress signal.

Below was a wasteland covered with weeds. I let kun fall and stood on the wasteland. I could smell death.

Not far away, a few ferocious beasts were grinding their teeth with human skulls in their arms. I used my golden eyes to look at the wasteland, but I didn't expect to see layers of corpses.

I found the thing that sent the distress signal. It looked like someone had purposely placed it here to attract the attention of others. Without the distress signal, I would never have thought that tens of thousands of bodies were buried in this seemingly calm wasteland.

"What's wrong?" Mozhanai didn't find anything underground.

"Nothing." I didn't tell her so as not to scare her.

The nearest city to this place is Lucheng, so the pit of ten thousand people under this wasteland must have something to do with Lucheng...