Chapter 794 Don't Be Nervous, Wait for Me to Come Back

There were tens of thousands of human corpses under the wasteland.

I don't know why they were killed in this place.

But I think the pit of ten thousand people under this wasteland is definitely related to Lucheng.

After a short pause in the wilderness, Mozhanai and I set off for Lucheng again.

A hundred kilometers away from Lucheng, there were people from all kinds of wandering tribes or small villages and small cities below. They gathered in the outskirts of Lucheng and didn't know what they were waiting for.

Mozhanai and I landed on the ground and did some research and got this news.

City lord's daughter in Lucheng would usually choose her husband in a contest.

Not long after, one of City lord's daughters in Lucheng was about to reach adulthood, and according to tradition, there would be a contest to recruit relatives. Now, the people gathered in the outskirts of Lucheng were all here for this.

Of course, most people had self-awareness and did not think they could become the husband of princess Lucheng.

However, the matchmaking was a stage to show themselves. Over the past few years, many people who came to power had not been able to become the princess's husband, but they had shown their talents, so that they could leave the wandering tribes or leave the undeveloped villages and join Lucheng.

"Is Brother Chenming going to Lucheng at this time for princess Lucheng?" Mozhanai couldn't help but blush and tease me when he heard about the matchmaking.

"It's a complete coincidence. I didn't know there was a competition. Besides, Lucheng people are all deer. I'm not interested in a woman with a pair of antlers on her head. I don't even want a woman like that!"

"Really? The people of Lucheng are deer, but their horns can be removed."

"Even so, I'm not interested. I like you more than princess Lucheng."

Hearing what I said, Mozhanai blushed and stopped talking to me.

Taking kun to continue forward, we arrived at the grand entrance of Lucheng city. Lucheng naturally built a very high wall. Although there was no protective cover above the wall, nothing could enter Lucheng from the air.

Because there was going to be a contest to recruit relatives and so on, Lucheng was under martial law. Every living creature that entered Lucheng, regardless of race, had to undergo blood collection and extremely strict registration. In the queue, I saw black and blue blood, but I didn't see gold blood.

In order not to expose myself, I used runes to create a fake arm on me.

If it was Old man devil, they would have seen through my little trick at a glance, but the person responsible for collecting blood was just an ordinary guard.

Mozhanai and I got a pass and entered deer city. Lucheng was no different from other big cities. There was a registration office not far from the city gate. The place was crowded with people.

I ignored the place, and only then did Mozhanai know that I really didn't come for princess Lucheng.

"I thought there would be a herd of deer in the city. I didn't expect there to be so many." I grabbed Mozhanai's hand and asked her to hold my arm. "Stay close to me. Don't lose it. We didn't eat anything on the way. Let's try some Lucheng food first."

Mozhanai was dragged along the street in a daze by me until I put the delicious food into her mouth before she came back to her senses.

"So, what are you thinking? You told me before that you wanted to be my guide. How can you be my guide like this?"

"I, I just feel like I'm dating Brother Chenming. Six Nights and Xue Li must never know about this, or they'll beat me up!" Mozhanai said this nervously.

I smiled and nodded, asking Zhan Ai if it was his first date with a man.

Mozhanai nodded sheepishly. She said something about herself, and I smiled and listened.

In fact, I didn't care much about what Mozhanai said. My attention was focused on the noisy shop.

It was lunchtime, and many people in the shop were chatting and drinking.

"I didn't expect so many of us to join in the contest. I thought only the fourth one could get the qualification. I didn't expect us to have the qualification. This is really a surprise!"

"You can't say that. As humans, we do look bad, but compared to other races, we are still very handsome. I saw that a rat with a rat's head was qualified. It was totally expected that we would be qualified to fight for relatives!"

"Speaking of which, fourth has been picked up and taken away for several days. Why didn't he contact us?"

"Did that guy get rich and not want to get involved with us?"

"Don't talk nonsense. Fourth is the most righteous. He didn't contact us because he had to obey the rules so that everyone wouldn't know what kind of test he was going to face!"

"That's what I said, but I heard that the test is very strict, and many people die every time!"


All kinds of happy or sad emotions pervaded the dining tables of the hotel.

I eavesdropped on the discussions in the hotel and wondered if the contest had anything to do with the pit of ten thousand people in the wilderness outside the city.

The wanren pit may have something to do with fighting for relatives, but the strange thing is that the wanren pit was full of people who were killed. There were no other races. Could it be that the dead races were buried separately?

This is obviously impossible!

The wanren pit was obviously a random burial, who would specifically classify the bodies according to race!

I have no idea what's going on.

Mozhanai and I stayed in the hotel for a long time, and I got all kinds of information when I left.

However, I haven't found anything yet. I need to comb through the information.

However, before I could sort out the information, we were surrounded by a dozen guards who had just left the hotel.

"May I ask who is Mozhanai? Please come with us!" When the leader's guard asked, his eyes fell on Mozhanai. He was able to stop us, indicating that we had been located. It was estimated that the pass that he received at the city gate had the function of locating.

I asked kaka to steal Mozhanai's pass. I stepped forward. "May I ask what's the matter?"

"I'm the Lucheng guard. I've been ordered to ask Mozhanai to come with us for some formalities."

"Well, I'm Mozhanai." What I said made Mozhanai shake my arm in a hurry.

"Please show me your pass."


Mozhanai's pass had been stolen, but there were no photos and only names on it. Although it wasn't easy to fake, this guard didn't specifically check my identity. Since I admitted that I was Mozhanai, he nodded to signal me to follow them away.

Mozhanai was very anxious about my actions.

I asked kaka to accompany Zhan Ai and patted her buttocks. "Don't be nervous. I think I'll be back at night. You should go to a comfortable room first, then wash up and wait for me to come back."

Hearing what I said, Mozhanai was shy and anxious.

She knew that I was not an ordinary person, and since I had made my decision, she could only wave and watch me leave.

On the way, the guards didn't say anything. They took me into a floating car and rushed me to a building where a man dressed as a nurse was waiting for me.

Seeing me, the nurse confirmed my identity and anxiously led me into the building elevator.

She quickly explained something to me in the elevator, saying that my blood file was uploaded to the Lucheng network after I was taken and examined at the city gate. Someone was injured and needed my blood type urgently, so they arranged for the guards to bring me here to donate blood.

I was a little embarrassed to know such a thing.

Just now, I felt that something was wrong, so I stepped forward to come here in place of the magic slayer.

I didn't expect this to happen after I came here. I was thinking about how to explain later that I wasn't Mozhanai.

At this time, we reached a floor and the nurse handed me over to someone else. As I walked through a long corridor, although I didn't see the situation in the ward on both sides of the corridor, I heard a lot of strange noises. If this was a hospital, the patient would wail helplessly because of the pain.

But with my keen senses, I could hear the roar of a beast...