Chapter 795 No Matter What You Ask For, I Will Promise You

Hearing the roar of a beast, I opened my eyes and looked into the ward on both sides of the corridor.

As my eyes went through the wall, I saw all kinds of strange races, which seemed to be forced together by two races, giving a very strange feeling.

At this moment, I suddenly thought of the perfect species made by the Blue moon academy.

Earlier in the Blue moon academy, I heard this saying that almost every capable city or academy was experimenting with perfect species.

So this place is not a hospital, but a research institute.

Mozhanai's blood information was uploaded to the Lucheng network. It was estimated that the people at the institute found something in Mozhanai's blood that they needed, so they asked the guards to find him. The nurse told me earlier that it was a blood transfusion or something, and it must have been to appease the client in case he went berserk.

I guessed in my heart, and at this time, the guide led me to a gate at the end of the corridor.

The guide scanned his pupils to confirm his identity and opened the door. Inside the door was a hall filled with women.

However, just as we walked through the gate into the hall, a middle-aged man came up from the corridor. He reached out his tentacle-like arm to stop us. "What happened?"

He asked in a low voice, and the people who led me here immediately reported the situation.

The middle-aged man picked up Mozhanai's pass and looked at it carefully. His eyes became stern. He stared at me with certainty. "You're not Mozhanai!"

The other party was so sure of my identity that I immediately guessed the reason, because the people gathered in the hall next to me were all women, which meant that the middle-aged man was very clear that they were collecting women, and the leader of this matter was not clear, so I, the man, was brought all the way to this place.

"What is going on? You have to explain!" The middle-aged man closed the door of the hall. He looked at me aggressively, his whole body emitting an extremely dangerous aura. At the same time, a group of guards came quickly from the corridor, obviously intending to control me.

These people in front of me are no match for me, but I have no intention of resisting. After all, I want to investigate the current situation. Once I resist, although I can escape completely, I will definitely alert the enemy.

"Mozhanai is my sister. I was worried that you guys were looking for her all of a sudden, so I pretended to be her and came with you to see what was going on."

"A bunch of idiots!" After my explanation, the middle-aged man did not suspect me. He cursed angrily and waved his hand impatiently.

He didn't intend to do anything to me. He waved to the guards to send me out of the building.

Just like that, I left this building safe and sound, hiding some kind of secret.

At present, I'm just sure there's some kind of secret in this building. I don't know what kind of research is going on in this building. Walking on the street, I plan to sneak into that building and take a closer look.

But unexpectedly, another group of guards found me at this time. "Excuse me, are you Chen Ming?"

The guards were dressed in darker colors than the guards who had been looking for Mozhanai.

"That's right. Why are you looking for me?" I was a little surprised that Mozhanai was found just now, and now I am.

"Congratulations!" The guard who was speaking to me had a bright smile on his face. "You're in the princess's eye."

"Huh?" When the guard said this, I didn't know what was going on. "Did you make a mistake? I didn't sign up for any competition."

"We are not in charge of the recruitment of relatives through martial arts. We are the guards beside the princess. We came to look for you with a very simple meaning. The princess saw you when she was checking the surveillance at the city gate, so she asked us to look for you. In short, you are favored by the princess. Please come with us to see the princess!"

After being explained by the guards, I hesitated and nodded to follow them to see the princess.

I don't think the princess of Lucheng will fall in love with me at first sight. I wonder if the princess of Lucheng recognized me.

After all, I had a deep conflict with Lucheng. I hunted and killed Luchengshao Chief, and Lucheng sank Yan huang village into a lake in a fit of anger. There was a deep hatred between me and Lucheng. The princes and princesses in Lucheng had definitely seen my photos and knew me.

So, now the guards tell me that what the princess sees in me is definitely a conspiracy!

Even so, I decided to meet the princess. On the way, I didn't forget to send a message to Mozhanai for her to be careful.

I still don't know why the institute collected so many women, but no matter what, it's not a good thing.

After giving Mozhanai some advice, the levitation car stopped in front of the princess' castle very quickly.

It was a castle that had been imprinted with the traces of time. The gray castle looked like it had been abandoned for a long time.

The guard led me to the gate of the castle and stopped. He smiled and signaled me to go inside.

It was a little dark inside the castle. I didn't feel any danger. I walked forward. I wanted to see what the princess who liked me wanted to do.

Through a passage, I entered a dark and luxurious hall.

It was a living room with no windows or lights on all four walls, but the fire in the fireplace was burning brightly.

The fire from the fireplace lit up the surroundings. I saw paintings on the wall, crystal chandeliers, and lazy women leaning on the sofa drinking red wine.

The woman was not fat, but she gave off a feeling of fullness. She was like a character in an oil painting.

At this moment, she beckoned at me with one hand and the other holding a goblet. I walked over, and the woman came at me barefoot on the sofa. She was as enthusiastic as a newly married wife welcoming her husband home.

I dodged the woman's hug, but she didn't care. Instead, she giggled. "I didn't scare you. You don't know who I am. If you knew who I am, you wouldn't be surprised. Come and sit down next to me. I want to have a good chat with you. I'll promise you whatever you want!"

I sat down on the sofa nearest to the fireplace, and the woman leaned against me.

Her clothes looked like a nightgown, and the straps slipped off her shoulders, exposing her upper body almost to the air. She was naked inside, and her enthusiasm was hotter than the fire in the fireplace.

"Chen Ming, I know you. You killed my brother, but don't worry. If my brother didn't die, he would have become City lord of Lucheng. But if he died, the city would have fallen into my hands. So, now do you know why I'm so happy to see you? I asked you to chase the deer. I know what kind of ability you have. If you're willing to stay in Lucheng to help me, Then I will fulfill your wishes, including mine!"

As she spoke, the princess of Lucheng offered her fiery red lips.

I didn't dodge. I tasted the princess's passionate kiss.

She was extremely enthusiastic and took the initiative, holding my hand, incomparably matching my intimate actions.

If she was acting, there was no way she could do this with the enemy. She was extremely excited. She was releasing her excited feelings in this way, and expressing that she was not my enemy in this way.

"I have deleted the picture you were taken when you entered Lucheng. The others in Lucheng do not know about your existence. Please stay and help me. You must stay for me!" Princess Lucheng was entangled with me. She hugged me tightly and wished she could be one with me.

"You investigated me, didn't you?" Although princess Lucheng was passionate, I was very calm.

"Yes, I have investigated you, and I know that you are a very pitiful person for women, so please pity me."

"Pity you?" I don't understand. "You're going to be queen of Lucheng. How can I pity you?"

"Theoretically, I would be queen, but my antlers have been taken away by them for a long time. Most importantly, they are now reviving my brother!"

"Resurrection?" I was surprised. "Do they want to resurrect Luchengshao Chief? Is he that important?"

"I'm not sure about that either. In short, they hunted and killed more than a hundred thousand people in order to revive my brother!"

"Hmm?" Once again, I was surprised that on earth, with the help of the order terminal, I had resurrected many people who died in the Guo King incident. In my opinion, it was not difficult to resurrect a person. After all, the body and soul of a person were made up of Runes. "The purpose of killing hundreds of thousands of people is to resurrect Luchengshao Chief. What's the matter?"

"I don't know." Princess Lucheng shook her head regretfully. "All I know is that they are reviving my brother. They hunted many races. I don't know if you found them. There are endless skeletons buried around Lucheng. Rumor has it that those skeletons form a rune array!"