The Spoiled Sexy Wife

01 Go to the Wrong Room

A city, intercontinental Kokusai Hotel.

The night was hazy and the lights were dim.

Chang Manni lay in bed tossing and turning, unable to sleep soundly. She seemed to have a dream, such a real but very illusory dream.

In the dream, a man was staring at her, his eyes as cold as the beginning of spring, and through layers of ambiguous atmosphere, he came straight to her.

Chang Manni narrowed his eyes slightly and called out in a low voice of doubt, "Tianyou?"

Chang Manni only remembered that she had come to the hotel to find her boyfriend, Lin Tianyou.

She rubbed her hair in frustration. Everything in front of her gradually became blurry, and her consciousness became more and more hazy.

The man did not respond to her, but his gaze on Chang Manni became even hotter.

Chang Manni didn't know if she was still awake, half asleep.

The man did not speak, but the flames in his eyes were burning.

The next second, he gazed affectionately and leaned over to leave a light kiss on her cheek.

She put her hand around the man's neck and whispered, "Tianyou, you know how much I like you."

She was confessing, and she was starting a fire.

The corners of the man's mouth curled up slightly, and his cold voice flowed slowly into Chang Manni's heart like a stream: "You are mine. It will always be mine."

A warm night.

The next morning, a breeze followed the morning light into the room, gradually blowing away the ambiguous atmosphere in the room.

On the huge double bed, Chang Manni was sleeping soundly while the man beside her was slightly frowned by the glare of the light.

The man sleeping next to Chang Manni was the owner of the hotel, Zheng Chenxuan.

He frowned and reached out to cover the light above his head. His eyelashes moved slightly, then he opened his eyes lazily.

Zheng Chenxuan wanted to get up, but he found something pressing on his right arm. He turned his head and his face turned livid.

There was a woman beside him, and this woman! But not her!

Zheng Chenxuan leaned over to observe the woman. She slept soundly. Although her eyes were closed, it was not difficult to see that she was beautiful and should be pretty.

"Who the hell are you?"

Zheng Chenxuan suddenly lost his patience and kicked Chang Manni out of bed.

"Ouch! Who is it? It's sick!"

Chang Manni felt like he was about to die of pain, and the drowsy man didn't know where he was.

She opened her eyes wide and looked at Zheng Chenxuan on the bed.

The next second, Chang Manni suddenly froze.

Uh... What's going on here?

"You, you, you!"

Chang Manni pointed at the beautiful man on the bed and was speechless. God, how could there be such a handsome man?

Zheng Chenxuan leaned lazily against the back of the bed.

Chang Manni stared at the flawless face in a daze. His features were exquisite and his eyes were deep, but it felt a little cold.

Wait a minute. When it comes to coldness, Chang Manni feels chilly all over.

She looked down and screamed in an instant.

"Oh my god, oh my god, what happened? Why me? Why you!"

Chang Manni was completely stunned. Why were they both sneaking around?

Even a fool would have guessed what happened to them last night, right?

Chang Manni quickly calmed himself down and kept thinking about what happened last night.

"Damn it, I'm here to catch someone. How come I didn't find anything and sent myself to someone else's bed instead?"

Chang Manni remembered that it was as if she had entered the room on her own initiative, and she could not remember the rest.

She couldn't have jumped on it, could she?

Alcohol, that's right. It's all because I drank too much yesterday.

Chang Manni looked around the room, and all kinds of high-end bottles were scattered on the floor.

It seems that this man also drank a lot of wine.

It was all the alcohol!

Chang Manni never thought that his own would be given to a stranger!

Zheng Chenxuan stared at Chang Manni for a long time, his dark eyes filled with indifference. He asked in a cold voice, "Who sent it to you? Tell me, what's your purpose?"

Chang Manni blinked stupidly. Is this man crazy?

What was her purpose?

She doesn't even know him, okay?

Say, who is behind your back? Did Chenyi ask you to do that?"

Zheng Chenxuan got out of bed and stood in front of Chang Manni condescendingly, bending over and holding her chin so that she could not move.

Chang Manni looked straight at the man in front of her. His voice was exceptionally beautiful, but his eyes made her tremble a little...