Ten for One And Two for Free

Zheng Yuanhang's sudden appearance made Zheng Chenyi very helpless.

He wanted Chang Manni to be prepared to tell her about Chen Xuan's son.

Zheng Yuanhang looked Chang Manni up and down. She was not too tall, with a fair face and a light willow eyebrows. With those nimble eyes, there was some aura.

Looking at her outfit, white and pure white tshift paired with a pair of simple jeans, little zheng looked at it again and again and found that it was not a brand.

She looked fine, but her dress was too simple. He was not very satisfied with the upcoming stepmother.

Little zhengtai glanced at her and opened his mouth expressionlessly, "How dare you marry him without knowing his background? I forgot to tell you, not one, but two!"

Little zhengtai stretched out two fingers and gestured proudly.

Zheng chenyi wanted to stop everything, but it was too late. He could only allow his gaffe to continue.

Chang Manni couldn't understand what Zheng Yuanhang was talking about. She squatted down and tried to shorten the distance between her and the child, "Two? What two?"

Xiao zheng pouted his mouth and hit Chang Manni's head with his hand, "Are you really a student at a famous university? I can't even understand what I'm saying! I'll say two. He has a younger son besides me."

"What? And a son?"

Chang Manni jumped up when he heard the truth.

What the hell? Has that Zheng Chenxuan been busy giving birth to a son all these years?

One is the limit, two! They were all sons!

Chang Manni suddenly felt dizzy.

"He's cheating! The contract didn't say anything about his son, and he didn't say he had two sons."

Stepmother, this job is too challenging.

Chang Manni looked at the cold and proud little boy in front of him, and it was not hard to imagine what that child would look like.

She can't handle it!

Little zheng was too handsome to be impatient.

"My father doesn't despise you, but you despise us?"

Chang Manni didn't want to argue with a child, but the child's arrogance really upset her. She lowered her head again and said seriously, "Little friend, you may not know. In this market, second-hand men like your father are really not popular. Not to mention carrying two oil cans!"

Chang Manni was straightforward, but the moment she said it, she regretted it.

God, what did she say to a five-year-old child, an innocent and cute child?

Chang Manni reached out to touch little zheng tai's face, trying to comfort his injured heart.

However, the young lady just avoided Chang Manni's extended arm and went behind her. Her deep voice spoke softly and corrected her with a straight face, "My father is not married yet. He's not really a second-hand man. Secondly, my father is very popular now. Although he has two oil bottles, he has money, power, and face!"

Little justice stood upright in front of Chang Manni, exemplifying Zheng Chenxuan's three fatal advantages.

Rich, powerful, and beautiful.

The three words fell on Chang Manni like a mountain.

She pulled the corners of her mouth awkwardly, her heart breaking down even more.

Little zheng tai was right. Although Zheng Chenxuan had a child, he was also the real king of diamonds!

So in the end, did she get a great deal out of marrying Zheng Chenxuan?

Zheng Yuanhang was a little tired. He looked at Chang Manni with disgust, then shook his head and sighed, "It's really hard to communicate with stupid people! I'll have the housekeeper bring you the rules and precautions I've written. Go back and memorize it."

Little zheng yawned lazily, then turned around and bowed respectfully to Zheng Chenyi, "Big uncle, I'll go upstairs first."

Zheng Chenyi grunted and the young lady dared to turn around and leave.

Chang Manni stood there, dumbfounded by what had just happened.

Was he fooled by a five-year-old child?

Zheng Chenxuan had signed more than n terms and a contract for him, and now even a five-year-old child had to make some rules for her?

It seems that living in this rich family is really not easy.

Zheng Chenyi walked over and suggested softly, "Go and meet that little guy. He's very cute."

Chang Manni hesitated for a moment, then nodded, "Well, it's all here anyway."

The eldest son is so cold and arrogant, and the younger son is difficult to deal with, so he is not more difficult than the eldest son, is he?

Zheng Chenyi accompanied Chang Manni upstairs. At the end of the corridor on the second floor, it was the youngest son's nursery.

Zheng Chenyi pushed the door open, and Chang Manni saw the crib in the room with all kinds of cute dolls hanging from the ceiling.

Chang Manni quietly walked to the baby's bed and found a little baby lying on it. At this moment, he found Chang Manni staring at her and laughing at her.

At that moment, Chang Manni felt his heart melting.

She pointed at the baby in surprise, "Look, he's smiling at me. He seems to like me very much."

Zheng Chenyi smiled and continued to suggest, "Do you want to hug him?"

He knew that Chang Manni would like this child.

Chang Manni wiped the sweat off his hands excitedly and asked uncertainly, "I haven't taken care of such a small child before, okay?"

Zheng Chenyi's eyes were soft and he nodded in encouragement, "He's very good. Try it."

Chang Manni took deep breaths over and over again, then gently held the baby in his arms.

This was the first time she had carried such a small child, but she learned it very well. Not only did the baby not cry in her arms, but he smiled sweetly at her.

Chang Manni looked down at the baby in her arms. Her smile was so warm, like the dawn in the sky.

Chang Manni could not help but lower his head and kiss the baby's little face. The baby's itchy smile was even happier.

Chang Manni asked Zheng Chenyi curiously, "How old is the baby?"

"One and a half years old."

No wonder children are the cutest at this time.

Chang Manni looked at the baby in his arms, but his heart ached.

Where's the child's mother?

What kind of woman would leave her one-and-a-half year old baby behind?

Chang Manni was curious but didn't ask anything.

There was a contract in Zheng Chenxuan's marriage agreement that stated that Chang Manni was not allowed to ask Zheng Chenxuan any personal questions, especially emotional ones.

Therefore, she could only hide this curiosity in her heart.

In the bright spring sun, the baby in his arms yawned and fell asleep.

Chang Manni held the baby in her arms and slowly shook her body. She opened her mouth slightly and softly hummed her favorite children's song when she was a child.

"The little paper boat swam across the river bank. The rain was coming fast. We covered the raindrops with our little hands."

The distant and clear voice gradually drifted away and spread to every corner of the villa.

As soon as Zheng Chenxuan got home, he heard a woman singing in the room upstairs.

He choked and ran upstairs quickly.

Is this the sound of An Yafu coming back?

Zheng Chenxuan walked quickly to the end of the corridor. He stood at the door, looking a little lonely and sad.

The woman in the room, it was her.

He didn't disturb her, just stood there quietly watching her coax the baby in her arms.

The singing continued, sweet and fresh, and in this warm afternoon, there was a kind of lazy warmth.

Gradually melting everyone's heart...