11 Come in Tonight

Zheng Chenxuan leaned against the door and looked at Chang Manni's warm back. She was touched.

In fact, he knew deep down that even if An Yafu came home, he would not be so considerate to the child.

Maybe it's a good thing to let Chang Manni marry in. At least she's really nice to her kids.

Zheng Chenxuan did not go in to disturb her, but quietly turned around and went upstairs to the study.

Somehow, at this time, Zheng Chenxuan didn't want to see her, and even if he did, he didn't know what to say.

Zheng Chenyi saw Chen Xuan leave from the corner of his eye and frowned slightly. He didn't know why Zheng Chenxuan wanted to avoid Chang Manni.

Zheng Chenyi ignored his brother who had left and turned away to focus on chang manni.

He found this woman really special and attractive.

After the song ended, Chang Manni watched the sleeping baby kiss and kiss.

This cute little guy is chubby. He really likes it more and more.

Chang Manni put the baby back on the crib, tucked him in, and left the nursery with Zheng Chenyi.

Outside the corridor, Chang Manni was still very excited. She kept waving her pink fist and gesticulating back and forth, "You see, she's so small. She's only so big."

Chang Manni wasn't ready to be a mother, but if she was a stepmother, she should be okay.

Zheng chenyi chuckled and looked at Chang Manni with doting eyes.

"I'll take you for a walk in the garden."

Zheng Chenyi knew that Zheng Chenxuan was upstairs. For some reason, he didn't want Mani and Chen Xuan to meet.

Chang Manni nodded, "Okay."

So they walked out of the villa and sat down in a pavilion in the back garden.

The sun was setting and the whole garden was bathed in golden afterglow.

Chang Manni looked at everything in front of him, warm, lazy and comfortable.

Unconsciously, she stretched and leaned against the pillar of the pavilion, staring blankly at Zheng Chenyi.

It was a family, and Zheng Chenyi and Zheng Chenxuan were so different.

Chang Manni liked to be alone with Zheng Chenyi. There was no pressure, and he was much more relaxed.

Zheng chenyi looked at Chang Manni, raised his eyelids, narrowed his long and narrow eyes, and asked very seriously, "Mani, I heard you agreed to this marriage?"

Chang Manni nodded and replied, "Yes, that's right."

Zheng chenyi paused, then continued, "As far as I know, you have a boyfriend who has been dating at school for two years. But did you suddenly agree to Chen Xuan's proposal because you loved him?"

The question was too awkward and sharp.

Chang Manni shook his head without thinking, then smiled bitterly, "Honestly, I don't love chen xuan. I don't think he loves me either. In fact, at first I just wanted to piss off my boyfriend and his new woman. He spoke big on impulse. But when I thought about it later, why should I worry so much when I lost my love?"

Chang Manni didn't think it was a shame that she and Zheng Chenxuan had agreed to get married.

She knew exactly what she wanted. Since there was no love, she had to gain something from her career.

She wasn't selling her body, she was helping Zheng Chenxuan to deceive the media and the outside world, and she was also helping her to solve that lie.

Zheng Chenyi was surprised by chang manni's directness and naivety.

The smile on his face became clearer and clearer, and there was more tenderness in his eyes when he looked at Chang Manni.

Zheng Chenxuan was in the study upstairs. He knew Chang Manni hadn't left.

Even though he was sitting at his desk, he was always so upset that he couldn't even read the documents in front of him.

Irritated, he pressed the beeper on the table, "Where are Chenyi and Chang Manni now?"

The butler heard Zheng Chenxuan's voice and immediately replied, "Young master, it's in the back garden downstairs."

Zheng Chenxuan got up and went to the french window. From his angle, he could see what was inside the pavilion.

Chang Manni leaned lazily against the pillar, his charming eyes almost bent into crescents. He was looking at his good cousin, who was looking at Chang Manni tenderly.

The two of them sat in the sunset, surrounded by blooming flowers.

The smile on her face was so moving, and the love in his eyes was so deep.

The two of them sat there as if they were painted in oil, so beautiful and so compatible.

Zheng Chenxuan stood upstairs and looked at the two of them. His hands clenched and his joints turned white.

He was not an easily angered person. Although he was usually too cold and arrogant, he rarely lost control of his emotions like today.

Zheng Chenxuan lowered his eyes, which were dark.

He just felt that the smile on Chang Manni's lips was so bright that it made his eyes hurt.

Zheng Chenxuan pushed the door open and went down.

When the butler and the other servants saw him coming out, they immediately bowed their heads and greeted him.

Zheng Chenxuan just looked ahead, staring out the window at Chang Manni and Zheng Chenyi.

He walked straight ahead, out of the villa and into the back garden.

Zheng Chenyi and Chang Manni chatted so hard that they did not realize that Zheng Chenxuan, with a gloomy face, was standing behind them at some point.

"As my fiancée, you talk and laugh with other men. What's wrong with you?"

A cold voice came from behind, breaking the beautiful and harmonious scene in the garden.

Chang Manni's laughter stopped abruptly.

The two of them turned around in surprise. When Chang Manni saw Zheng Chenxuan behind them, he was even more surprised and speechless.

He went home?

When did he come back? When did he stand behind them?

Why didn't she feel anything?

Chang Manni didn't answer.

Zheng Chenxuan looked at her condescendingly, his dark eyes shining brightly, a powerful force, but his eyes were filled with cold emotions.

Chang Manni looked up at him. He was really tall. It was so tiring to look at his neck like that.

But what bothered Chang Manni the most was that the afterglow of the setting sun was very warm on her body, but at this moment, why did she feel so cold?

The man in front of him, the cold lunar calendar can destroy a person in an instant.

Chang Manni did not know what he had done to provoke him, but Zheng Chenxuan had always been a fickle person.

Chang Manni had to answer his question patiently, "Isn't it a family? I'm just talking to my big brother."

She's going to marry into the Zheng family. Isn't Zheng Chenxuan's cousin her big brother?

Zheng Chenxuan interrupted Chang Manni impatiently, "He's not your big brother."

At this moment, Zheng Chenyi suddenly stood up and protected chang manni behind him, "I brought manni here, and I took the initiative to chat with Mani. If there's any fire, just aim at me. Don't take it out on manni."

Zheng Chenyi's tall figure shone in front of Mani, and she could not help but look at the man in front of her.

Good man.

Zheng Chenxuan's face darkened. What was that expression on Chang Manni's face?

Was this ignorant woman also bewitched by her cousin?

Zheng Chenxuan's eyes tightened and he took a rude step forward and pulled Chang Manni from behind Zheng Chenyi.

"Go home and pack your bags. Come in tonight."

His fiancee, he would educate himself.

Even if it was just a chess piece to stimulate An Yafu, he would not allow her to have an affair with another man.

Chang Manni froze and looked at Zheng Chenxuan with a cold face.

What happened to him today?

He's not jealous right now, is he?