I Have the Final Say in This House

Zheng Chenxuan insisted that Chang Manni must stay in his villa tonight.

Seeing that the two brothers were about to quarrel, Chang Manni nodded and agreed, "Ok, I'll move. I'll go home and get my luggage now."

Chang Manni didn't care. Whether she moved now or later, she would move in sooner or later.

Zheng Chenyi's heart ached for Chang Manni, and Chang Manni winked at Zheng Chenyi, signaling him not to argue with chen xuan again over this matter.

"I'll take her back to get her luggage."

Zheng Chenyi instantly regained his senses, glanced at Zheng Chenxuan indifferently, and led Mani into the car.

The car started slowly, and Chang Manni sat in the passenger seat, watching Zheng Chenxuan stubbornly stand there staring at her.

Chang Manni frowned slightly. Today's Zheng Chenxuan was too strange. His indifferent, cold and arrogant face was slightly moved at the moment.

Was it because of her?

Chang Manni could not help but lower his head and laugh at himself.

How is that possible?

Although she was not bad looking, Zheng Chenxuan wouldn't be interested in her in just a few days, would he?

Chang Manni always felt that he knew himself well.

Curious Chang Manni turned his eyes to Zheng Chenyi, his eyebrows curled up nicely, "To be honest, you and Chen Xuan are a lot worse in character and style."

Zheng Chenyi shook his head helplessly. Obviously, he didn't want to continue discussing his cousin, "Chen xuan and I are only cousins, so it's normal for us to have too many different personalities. I'm fine, but you're going to stay in tonight. Are you prepared?"

Chang Manni smiled, took a deep breath, subconsciously clenched his fist, looked up at Zheng Chenyi, and pretended to be relaxed, saying, "You're prepared for the day you decide to get married. The soldiers are here to block the water and cover the ground."

Chang Manni was still very optimistic about this. The Zheng family father and son are hateful. Can they still eat themselves?

What's more, the younger son is only one and a half years old, naive and romantic, so cute that people want to take a bite.

Chang Manni only needed to deal with Zheng Chenxuan and his eldest son.

The two of them unknowingly chatted all the way. After Chang Manni took the luggage, Zheng Chenyi sent Chang Manni back to Zheng Chenxuan's mansion.

At this moment, Zheng Chenxuan was upstairs in the study, staring blankly at Chang Manni's information with a dark face.

The woman looked at Zheng Chenyi's expression and thought that it was not normal.

The butler came up and knocked on the door, "Young master, Miss Manni is here."

Zheng Chenxuan did not get up. He reminded her coldly through the door, "From today on, she is your young madam."

The housekeeper was taken aback by Zheng Chenxuan's forceful attitude.

Didn't the young master like miss An Yafu?

The butler shook his head and immediately withdrew his thoughts and replied, "We know."

Zheng Chenxuan was silent for a long time before he suddenly said, "Take her to the guest room."

"Yes, I know, young master."

The butler turned around and went downstairs to meet Chang Manni. He arranged for the other servants to carry her luggage upstairs.

"Young madam, your room is here."

In the corridor on the second floor, the butler stood respectfully, leading chang manni in front of him.

But the sound of young madam scared Chang Manni so much that he almost threw the bag on the ground.

Well, Chang Manni was clearly not used to this title.

But there was no reason to refute it.

Mani remained silent and followed the housekeeper into the guest room.

The room was still decorated in black and white, simple and generous, which Chang Manni liked.

After briefly introducing the furniture, the butler quietly left the room.

Chang Manni put down her luggage and began to pack her clothes.

The housekeeper had just reminded her to go to the restaurant for dinner in an hour.

However, the thought of having dinner with Zheng Chenxuan's iceberg face made Chang Manni feel disappointed.

But what? You have to do your duty when you take someone's money.

Chang Manni kept reminding herself in her heart that from this moment, from the moment she moved into Zheng Chenxuan's villa, she was Zheng Chenxuan's so-called wife, the stepmother of two children.

She must fulfill her duties as a wife and a mother.

Knock knock"

Zheng Yuanhang stood at the door and knocked. Chang Manni answered softly, "Come in. The door is unlocked."

With Chang Manni's permission, little zheng tai pushed the door and entered. Seeing that she was packing, he handed a few pieces of white paper to Chang Manni discontentedly.

These are my usual habits and precautions. Keep that in mind. Don't make mistakes in front of me."

Little zhengtai's overbearing side leaked, his cold eyes staring at Chang Manni without blinking.

Chang Manni blinked, took the paper and looked at it.

Rule 1: give me whatever I want, whatever I say.

The second rule: don't bully me and my brother, and don't force us to do things we don't like.

There were many other explanations.

This is an unfair treaty!

Chang Manni stuffed the white paper into the little boy's arms and crooked the corners of his lips wickedly, threatening, "From today on I will be your stepmother, and you will be under my control, so you better be obedient to me! Also, since I'm your stepmother now, I have to adapt to my style. I don't like your attitude. I'd better change it."

Chang Manni touched the young lady's head, then continued to lower his head to tidy up the clothes in the suitcase.

It's not good for a little child to be so arrogant.

However, when the little guy came in, he knew to knock on the door first and came in after getting her permission, which meant that Zheng Yuanhang was not bad.

He probably learned this from his father.

Little zhengtai had always been so arrogant that he did not expect Chang Manni to refuse him.

"You! You! You..."

She pointed at chang manni, her face flushed with anger.

Chang Manni shook his head in amusement and reached out to pinch his pink face, "Don't worry, I won't hurt you."

Xiao zheng snorted too coldly and shouted with a twist of his head, "Stepmother is not a good person."

Chang Manni frowned slightly. Who told this child?

"You can't say that. Not all stepmothers are bad people."

"Have you heard cinderella's story?"

Little zheng tai counted them one by one. The first example was cinderella.

Chang Manni nodded, and then little zheng tai said with a straight face, "Do you know cinderella's stepmother?"

Chang Manni paused for a few seconds, then smiled awkwardly.

Cinderella's stepmother was really hateful.

Seeing that she had nothing to say, the young lady continued, "Snow white, do you know?"

Chang Manni's face was even darker. Yes, snow white's stepmother was even more vicious.

But how did the child come about as a child?

"Stop! There's no need to continue. Fairy tales are fairy tales, reality is reality. Haven't you heard the lyrics? Fairy tales are all lies! Are you a boy who grew up listening to these little girl fairy tales every day?"

With such indifference on the outside, could it be that there was also a small public eunuch living in the heart?

She lowered her head and lowered her eyes. After a long time, she said coldly, "My mother never told me fairy tales. These fairy tales were told by the girls in the kindergarten class."

Speaking of his mother, the color on little zhengtai's face suddenly disappeared.

At this moment, he was standing there with his head down like a child with an inferiority complex.

Chang Manni looked at him, his eyes red and his heart twisted into a ball.