You Sleep on the Floor

Chang Manni was moved by the sadness and sadness of little zheng tai.

Who was little zhengtai's biological mother and who was the woman who gave birth to two children for Zheng Chenxuan?

Chang Manni's heart itched.

But as for that woman, it was unclear and indestructible.

Chang Manni couldn't even ask.

That woman was the most taboo topic in the Zheng family.

Chang Manni sighed helplessly as he watched the young lady leave.

Even if she wanted to help untie the child's heart knot, she had no way to do it.

Everything had to go with the flow.

After packing, Chang Manni went downstairs to have dinner with everyone, although the overall atmosphere was rather dull.

But Chang Manni could take it.

After dinner, everyone went back to their rooms to rest, and there was no communication between them.

Chang Manni had a comfortable first night at the Zheng family.

However, god did not want to follow Chang Manni's mind.

Three days later, the old lady of the Zheng family came with the old man. After Chang Manni came home from school, Zheng Chenxuan stopped him at the door.

"My grandma and grandpa are here. You'd better pay attention to them."

Zheng Chenxuan frowned slightly. Although he looked relaxed, his face was a little stiff, which made him look very uncomfortable.

Chang Manni couldn't help but chuckle and finally let her find it.

It turned out that Zheng Chenxuan's achilles heel was his grandparents.

Especially the old lady from the Zheng family, who seemed to be a great person, even Zheng Chenxuan had to listen to her.

Chang Manni blinked evilly and made a direct offer, "You want me to cooperate with your grandmother in front of you. That's ok. But you have to do one thing with me."

Zheng Chenxuan was a little surprised that Chang Manni was actually sitting on the ground and negotiating terms with him.

It seems that Chang Manni is not simple.

Zheng Chenxuan's eyes darkened and he said coldly, "What condition?"

Chang Manni chuckled. "It's very simple. My ex-boyfriend Lin Tianyou and his fiancee are getting married on the 20th of this month. So you have to accompany me to their wedding and show off your love with me at the wedding."

Well, Chang Manni admitted that he was really hypocritical.

Her marriage to Zheng Chenxuan was clearly just a business deal, but she still had to stand up and act like she was loved in front of everyone.

Yes, it's all fake.

But as long as others take it seriously, it's okay.

Chang Manni finally mustered up the courage to say what she wanted. She stood in front of Zheng Chenxuan, her thick, curly eyelashes resting quietly like a butterfly's wing.

His small, white face had a serious expression.

If Zheng Chenxuan didn't agree, she would be laughed at to death.

Zheng Chenxuan looked down for a moment, then looked up and said, "I'm too lazy to show off my love at someone else's wedding. You just want to show off. In that case, our wedding will be on the 20th of this month."

Chang Manni waited for a long time, but he didn't expect to get such an answer in the end.

She opened her mouth slightly and was so surprised that she could not speak.

Get married on the 20th of this month?

So soon?

"But time is too tight, and I haven't had time to inform my family and friends."

She and Lin Tianyou were both married on the 20th of this month, and others must have thought that she was deliberately fighting with Lin Tianyou.

She really doesn't have that idea, okay?

Zheng Chenxuan completely disregarded Chang Manni's thoughts, narrowed his long and narrow eyes, and raised the corner of his mouth coldly and elegantly, "I married you, and it's already your supreme honor. Don't be too greedy. Come with me. Remember, you know what to say and what not to say in front of my grandmother."

It seemed that marrying on the same day was the limit of Zheng Chenxuan's patience.

What could Chang Manni expect?

She nodded helplessly. That was all she could do.

Chang Manni followed Zheng Chenxuan into the villa.

Little zhengtai was still in a bad mood. He locked himself in his room and refused to come down.

When the old lady and the old man of the Zheng family saw Chang Manni, they were all smiles.

The old lady came over and warmly held Mani's hands, "You little girl finally got over it. You can rest assured that although our Zheng family is a wealthy family, we are very open-minded. Your mother-in-law and father-in-law went out of town to attend a friend's birthday party, so they couldn't come to see you. But your mother-in-law is a very gentle person."

Chang Manni curled her lips awkwardly. Indeed, the family was different from the family she had imagined.

They were more affectionate and warm than she had imagined.

Chang Manni sat down and nodded in agreement.

However, the old lady had something important to do today, and she suddenly grimaced and taught Chang Manni and Zheng Chenxuan in a cold voice.

"I heard you sleep in separate rooms? This is ridiculous. How can a married person sleep in separate rooms? Butler, you go pack up Mani's luggage and move to chen xuan's room."

It turned out that the old lady and the old man were here to spy on them.

The young couple was so slow and warm that the old lady had no choice but to assist them.

Zheng Chenxuan did not expect his grandmother to act rashly. He lowered his eyes and his face stiffened.

However, he could not refute grandma's request.

Zheng Chenxuan was cold and Chang Manni was even more embarrassed.

I thought the two old children would leave after dinner.

But it never occurred to them that after dinner, the two old men actually asked the housekeeper to clean up a guest room.

"We're going to stay here for a few more days."

As soon as the old lady spoke, she was immediately met with Zheng Chenxuan's strong resistance.

"No, it's not convenient for you two to stay here."

The old lady glared at Zheng Chenxuan and snorted, "Why is it inconvenient? Both my great-grandchildren are here. Can't I come in and see the children?"

The old lady used the children as a shield.

Zheng Chenxuan had no choice but to acquiesce to the decision of the two old men.

It was getting dark. After Chang Manni took a bath, under the old lady's gaze, he could only return to Zheng Chenxuan's bedroom.

In the room, Zheng Chenxuan was lying on the bed reading the newspaper when she came in and pointed at the floor coldly, "You sleep on the floor tonight."

Chang Manni frowned unhappily, pinching his waist with both hands and protesting forcefully, "Why should I sleep on the floor? You are a man. You should be humble to me in this situation, not to me."

With that, Chang Manni walked proudly to the bed and climbed directly onto the soft bed.

Damn it, the world of the rich is just too beautiful.

This bed is so comfortable that I don't want to go down when I get up.

Zheng Chenxuan looked at Chang Manni as he climbed up, his eyes extremely cold, and his voice hoarsely threatened, "Get off me."

Chang Manni looked at him disdainfully, "The agreement doesn't say I have to sleep on the floor. I won't go down anyway."

Zheng Chenxuan's eyes were cold and his long legs stretched out, kicking Chang Manni out of bed.

With a bang, Chang Manni fell to the floor.

"Bastard, I've never seen a man as selfish and cold as you."

Chang Manni's eyes blazed with anger, and he quickly climbed onto the bed, rolled up his sleeves, grabbed the pillow next to him and smashed it hard on Zheng Chenxuan's face.

Although she was small and thin, she was quite powerful. After a few rounds, she pushed Zheng Chenxuan out of bed as well.

After a while, Zheng Chenxuan angrily climbed up from the floor and looked at her with long eagle eyes, deep and long.

Chang Manni was not frightened by his imposing manner and lay lazily on the bed, following his hair.

Soon, Zheng Chenxuan started to fight back and kicked her out of bed again.

Chang Manni gnashed his teeth in hatred, getting up again and again, and being kicked down again and again.

In the guest room not far from Zheng Chenxuan's bedroom, the old lady and the old man listened to the sound of "Bang bang," and their faces were filled with pride and excitement, "Chen Xuan is just cold outside and hot inside. Look at how close they are to each other. If this continues, we will soon have a big, fat grandson."