So Stingy?

Zhen chenxuan and Chang Manni, neither of them would give in.

After a few rounds, the two of them were already drenched in sweat.

At this moment, Chang Manni collapsed on the other side of the bed, saying that he was too tired to move.

Zheng Chenxuan gasped for air and glanced sideways at Chang Manni.

This woman was really not simple. She openly resisted him without saying anything, and she was still so stubborn and tyrannical.

This is his bed, his Zheng Chenxuan's bed. Can other women just climb up?

Seeing that Zheng Chenxuan was about to fight again, Chang Manni immediately reached out and stopped, "Stop! Stop, stop, stop! Why are you such a petty man? Can you sleep in this bed alone? Why can't you give me half?"

Zheng Chenxuan sneered and glared at Chang Manni disdainfully, "You don't deserve to sleep in my bed. You can sleep on the floor if you want."

Zheng Chenxuan's arrogant attitude made Chang Manni's teeth itch.

This man is simply too much!

Chang Manni lowered his head and pondered for a while before finally coming up with a good idea.

Chang Manni looked at Zheng Chenxuan with a smug expression. His intoxicated eyes flickered and his beautiful lips slowly rose, "Grandpa and grandma seem to live next door, right? How would grandma react if I told her you let me sleep on the floor?"

Chang Manni finally realized that there was an old Zheng family lady at home!

That was her strength. If not now, when will it be?

Chang Manni moved out of grandma, which made Zheng Chenxuan's handsome face a little unhappy.

What a despicable woman! How dare she threaten him with her grandmother!

Zheng Chenxuan's lazy eyes pointed sharply at Chang Manni and asked in a deep, gnashing voice, "Do you think I'm afraid of you?"

Chang Manni raised his eyebrows and looked in the direction next door, knowing that Zheng Chenxuan would not give in easily.

She had no choice but to force it.

"Aren't you afraid of me? I don't know. But I'm not afraid of you."

Chang Manni pinched his throat and shouted in the direction of the next room, "Grandma! Grandma, Chen Xuan..."

Before she could finish her sentence, Zheng Chenxuan rushed over and covered her lips with his hand.

Chang Manni winked mischievously at him. "Mmm... Mmm."

Dozens of seconds later, Zheng Chenxuan saw that there was no movement in the next room, and slowly released his hands.

Chang Manni was even more pleased. He smiled and said, "It's easy for me to cooperate with you. Give way to each other. I'll sleep over here, you sleep over there, and we won't cross the line."

Zheng Chenxuan couldn't be reconciled, but if grandma knew that she and Chang Manni were just lying to her.

The consequences were even worse.

In desperation, Zheng Chenxuan, who refused to admit defeat, compromised.

"You're ruthless. I'm too lazy to fight you."

With that, Zheng Chenxuan lay down on his side and turned off the lights.

Chang Manni could not see Zheng Chenxuan's expression clearly in the dark, but he guessed that his handsome face must be livid, and it could not be ugly anymore.

Chang Manni was in a good mood after winning the first battle against Zheng Chenxuan, the arrogant guy.

She lay down with her back to Zheng Chenxuan. Within a few minutes, the two of them were fast asleep.

This night, too much energy was spent on both of them.

The next morning, the two of them were still sleeping soundly.

The two old men in the next room had already woken up, and the old lady got up early in the morning and went out of Chen Xuan's bedroom.

The old man followed behind the old lady and hesitated uncertainly, "Forget it. Let's go. What's the difference between you and watching them? Chen Xuan won't feel well if he finds out."

The old man knew that the old lady was naturally like this and was especially curious about the love world of her children and grandchildren.

But young people's problems should be solved by themselves.

The old lady cast a cold glance at the old man, gently pushed open the bedroom door, and peered through the crack of the door at the big bed inside.

On the bed, Chang Manni and Zheng Chenxuan slept in the same bed. Although they were a short distance apart, they looked close.

The old lady half narrowed her eyes and put on her reading glasses because she couldn't see clearly.

"Look at that bedsheet. It's too crumpled to be crumpled. It looks like they had a lot of fun last night."

The old lady smiled maliciously at the corner of her mouth. The wrinkled sheets and the scattered pillows on the floor all showed how hot the situation was last night.

In this way, the old lady was relieved.

The old lady closed the door behind her and said to herself as she went downstairs, "They must have been very tired last night. They have to make some tonics in the kitchen."

In the kitchen downstairs, the servants began to get busy.

In the pot was the stew that the old lady had specially ordered them to cook.

Several servants could not help but mutter, "The things that the old lady asked us to cook are all great tonic. For whom? Is this for the master?"

Another servant could not help but smile and shake his head, "Are you stupid? Do you still need these things? You want to eat something so nutritious for master? This must be for young master and young madam. Last night when gui went upstairs to deliver milk to the old lady, she passed by the young master's bedroom. Gui said that the voice came from the young master's room yesterday."

The servants blushed and guessed what happened to Chang Manni and Zheng Chenxuan in the room last night.

I didn't expect the new young lady to be so favored.

The servants were still whispering, and none of them noticed that at this moment, little young master Zheng Yuanhang of this house was standing outside the kitchen, listening to their discussion and clenching his fists unconsciously.

Was that woman loved so much by her father?

Little zhengtai's eyes were dim, and she lowered her eyes, her chest stuffy.

In order to save the family, it seemed that he had to do something.

A few hours later, Chang Manni finally got up in bed. When she opened her eyes, Zheng Chenxuan, who was lying in the same bed, was long gone.

Chang Manni stretched lazily, then got up and went to the bathroom.

Pushing the door open, there was a man in the bathroom, half naked, standing there, revealing his entire chest.

Chang Manni walked into the room in a daze and took a closer look. Isn't this Zheng Chenxuan?

The two of them looked at each other for a few seconds before Chang Manni turned to avoid him in a panic.

"Why aren't you dressed?"

Really, I gave her a bonus in the morning.

Zheng Chenxuan frowned unhappily. He was not used to Chang Manni's presence.

She shared a bed with him, woke up early in the morning, and endured sharing a bathroom and bathroom with herself.

He hated the fact that he was so private that Chang Manni barged in without warning.

His hoarse voice reminded him lazily, "This is my home, this is my bedroom, my bathroom and bathroom. I don't have to ask for your permission in advance to wear or lock the door."

The cold voice seemed to remind Chang Manni not to be too greedy, let alone imagine that she would become the real mistress of the family.

She was just a passer-by and would be kicked out in two years.

Here, she might never have a place.

Zheng Chenxuan changed and went downstairs. Chang Manni didn't care about Zheng Chenxuan's indifference.

She hastily washed her face, brushed her teeth, changed into a casual outfit and went downstairs to eat.

In the dining room, Zheng Chenxuan and Chang Manni sat down together. The old man and the old lady sat down opposite them.

Chang Manni felt sore all over and couldn't help yawning.

Seeing that she was too tired, the old lady smiled and asked, "Mani, you look very tired."

Without thinking, Chang Manni nodded, "Yes, grandma, I was really tired last night."