Do You Want to Kill Him?

Chang Manni was like this, sometimes talking was completely brainless.

She was so tired last night that she spent the whole night in a pillow fight with Zheng Chenxuan, and the war was adjourned after three in the morning.

The first day I moved into the Zheng family, I used up so much energy and didn't get enough protein, so I had to sleep on the floor at night.

Chang Manni picked up his bowl and ate it exceptionally well.

The old lady at the Zheng family liked it more and more. She remembered that when she had dinner with An Yafu, the child often said to keep in shape.

The meal was just a few mouthfuls and even if it was full, it was tasteless to eat at a delicious feast with An Yafu.

Zheng Chenxuan's face was unhappy. He squinted at Chang Manni, only to find that the girl was focused on her job and ignored his warning.

Zheng Chenxuan coughed awkwardly, trying to get Chang Manni to notice him.

Chang Manni was finally willing to put down his job, but ignored him. Instead, he picked up a few slices of beef for the old lady and the old man of the Zheng family.

As she scooped vegetables into their bowls, she dutifully said, "Grandpa and grandma, it's good for your health to eat more vegetables."

The old man's eyes narrowed into a straight line and he was about to burst into laughter. He could not help but nod his head in admiration, "Good boy, this child is so sensible."

Zheng Chenxuan watched coldly as Chang Manni courted his family. What a scheming woman.

She captured her grandparents' hearts so quickly.

After a few minutes of silence, Zheng Chenxuan finally couldn't bear it.

Under the table, he raised his leg and stomped on Chang Manni.

Chang Manni frowned and shouted, "Ouch, it hurts. Who is it?"

Chang Manni instinctively turned to look at Zheng Chenxuan and whispered in his ear, "What's wrong now? Can't you let me finish this breakfast?"

Chang Manni really couldn't understand that the two of them were getting married by agreement. This marriage was good for both of them.

But why did Zheng Chenxuan love to trouble her?

Zheng Chenxuan glanced sideways at her without saying a word, and sat there all the time, as cold as a statue.

Chang Manni shook his head helplessly. Forget it. Don't argue with him.

If one day Zheng Chenxuan was as gentle and considerate as Zheng Chenyi, she wouldn't be able to get used to it, would she?

Chang Manni had a quick breakfast and was ready to get up for school.

Although she was about to marry into a rich family, she had not graduated yet, so she must not miss her classes.

Chang Manni had just stood up from his seat when the Zheng family kid ran over and hugged her. He said in a plaintive voice, "Aunt Manni, where are you going? Don't you care about my brother and me?"

Well, Chang Manni petrified.

How could she forget about this!

The Zheng family has two children waiting for her to take care of.


She's going to be late for school.

Chang Manni looked at the kid in his arms with difficulty, lowered his head and pleaded softly, "I'm sorry, I have class today. I have to go now, or I'll be late."

Chang Manni's face was full of guilt and sincerity, but the Zheng family kid didn't appreciate it. His eyes were cold and unhappy. He turned around and snorted, "I thought you would really care about us and love us."

After that, the Zheng family kid squatted on the ground and covered his face with his hands. His shoulders twitched as if he was crying.

Chang Manni looked at Zheng Yuanhang and the softness in his heart gradually melted.

Alas, who made her too soft.

Chang Manni sighed helplessly, then gently picked Zheng Yuanhang up from the ground and held him in his arms, patting him on the back and comforting him, "Okay, okay, I'm wrong. I'll take care of you and your brother for dinner now, okay?"

Zheng Yuanhang was in a daze. He released his little hand and stared at Chang Manni with blinking eyes.

This was completely different from the plan he had imagined.

Shouldn't she have abandoned herself and left?

Why are you staying?

Why are you so gentle to him and his brother?

Zhengjianainai was distressed that Mani had to go to school and take care of the children, so he called the housekeeper, "Let Auntie liu take care of the children."

When Zheng Yuanhang heard that his great-grandmother wanted Auntie liu to come over, he grabbed Chang Manni by the corner of his shirt and said that he would not let go.

Chang Manni looked down at Zheng Yuanhang, then smiled and shook his head, "Grandma, let me take care of them. It's okay."

It's rare for this arrogant little ghost to stick to her like this today. Is this an initiative?

Zhengjianainai thought about it, and it was indeed a good opportunity for them to communicate, so he nodded and agreed to Mani's request.

After dinner, the two old men went for a walk in the nearby park.

In the dining room, only Mani, Zheng Chenxuan and two children were left.

Zheng Chenxuan sat there calmly, watching Chang Manni deal with the two treasures.

Chang Manni first asked Zheng Yuanhang to sit in the dining chair obediently, then took zheng xingqi, who was one and a half years old, from the servant and held her in his arms.

The maid handed the milk powder to Chang Manni.

Zheng Chenxuan, who had been silent, suddenly said coldly, "Can you make milk powder?"

Chang Manni looked down and thought about it. She had seen it on tv before, but she didn't know exactly how much milk powder to pour, how much hot water to put, and how much water to water.

Chang Manni shook his head truthfully, "I don't know. I haven't had a baby. But I'm a fast learner."

Chang Manni smiled awkwardly at the maid standing by, then asked modestly, "This auntie, I want to ask, what position should I use when I hold her? And how do I feed him? How can I be sure that he's full?"

Taking care of a one-and-a-half year old baby requires more than just love, patience and responsibility.

Even though Chang Manni grew up with the children in the orphanage, he had never taken care of such a small baby.

The servant took the baby back into his arms and showed him over and over again how to take care of the baby.

Chang Manni stood aside and studied hard, and soon mastered some skills.

The servant saw that she had learned and quietly left the restaurant.

Chang Manni held the baby in his right hand and took the bottle in his left to test the temperature. It didn't seem to be so hot anymore, so he pointed the bottle at the baby's mouth and began feeding it to him.

Zheng Chenxuan and Zheng Yuanhang, the Zheng family kid, both frowned and looked at Chang Manni without a word.

As expected, she was very smart. She knew a lot of things as soon as she taught them.

Zheng Chenxuan glanced at his watch. It was almost time to go to the company.

He was about to leave when no one expected the baby to be in trouble.

Chang Manni began to feed her well, but then, somehow, the baby's small face turned red and blinked at Mani innocently.

Mani panicked and screamed, "Auntie, auntie, come and take a look. There's something wrong with the baby."

He seemed very uncomfortable.

When the maid heard Chang Manni's cry, she ran over and saw the baby's red face. She was so scared that she snatched the baby from manni's arms."

The maid turned the baby upside down and gently patted the baby on the back.

The baby spat out the milk that he had drunk, which relieved everyone.

Zheng Chenxuan walked over and grabbed Chang Manni's arm rudely. His deep and cold eyes locked her tightly in. The next second, a frightening voice asked coldly, "What did you do to the baby? Do you want to kill him?"

Chang Manni's eyes were misty and he looked innocently at Zheng Chenxuan, but his body was trembling.

At this moment, she was more worried, more afraid, and more guilty than Zheng Chenxuan!