There's A Woman Making Trouble, Get Out!

Chang Manni didn't expect that just feeding the baby milk, such a simple thing would almost kill the baby.

She looked at the baby in the servant's arms, and he looked much more comfortable, waving his little pink fist at her and laughing.

It seemed like he was telling Chang Manni that he didn't care about her mistake, as if he had forgiven her.

Chang Manni could not help but lower his head, feeling even more guilty.

The baby was so cute, but she was so stupid that she couldn't take care of him.

These things were not as simple as she had imagined.

Chang Manni laughed at himself. Yes, it was not easy to be a mother.

Not to mention being a stepmother.

Chang Manni wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes, threw away Zheng Chenxuan's arm coldly, and a small white porcelain face was raised stubbornly, "I admit it was my mistake. I'm sorry I almost hurt him just now. But I never wanted to hurt him. He's so cute. How could I bear to hurt him?"

Zheng Chenxuan frowned and opened his mouth slightly, trying to say something.

But when he saw Chang Manni's sincere expression and her remorse just now. But he could not say another word to blame her.

In fact, as a father, he was not the usual stepmother, Mani.

Isn't it?

Chang Manni let out a long breath, then said firmly, "Since I signed the contract with you, I will do my best to fulfill my responsibility. I will learn all about parenting in the shortest time possible."

Chang Manni picked up his schoolbag on the floor and turned around to come to the little ghost Zheng Yuanhang. He bent down and gently touched his head. He explained guiltily, "I'm sorry. It seems that you have to settle this breakfast by yourself. I'll be with you tomorrow."

After calming the children down, Chang Manni turned around and left the Zheng family villa without looking back.

Zheng Chenxuan's tall figure stood there alone, next to Zheng Yuanhang with the same lonely face.

It seems that the man in this family has not been paid so much attention in a long time, right?

Zheng Yuanhang did not know why his heart felt strange at this moment.

He wanted to mess with her and drive her out of the house!

But why...

Zheng Yuanhang shook his head, looked up and whispered to Zheng Chenxuan, "I'm going to kindergarten."

Zheng Chenxuan looked down at his son and nodded as he walked out of the living room and into the driver's car.

He was always cold to his sons.

The Zheng family had arranged for a driver to take Chang Manni to and from school.

But Chang Manni always thought it was too obvious, so she kindly rejected Zhengjianainai's kindness.

She arrived at the school on the subway as usual. After entering the gate, Xiao Xiao and ah yun immediately surrounded her and took her to a corner on the south side of the campus.

"Why did you come here? Big sister, look at the time! You're a whole class late."

Chang Manni has always been a good student in the school, especially professor zhang's class. Chang Manni has never been absent.

Xiao Xiao looked at Chang Manni with a puzzled face and felt that she had really changed a lot compared to before.

She seemed to be hiding a lot of secrets.

Faced with Xiao Xiao's question, Chang Manni had no choice but to make up an excuse, "You know I've been busy lately. The professor didn't say anything, did he? Just sign in for me."

Chang Manni was about to rush into the classroom with her schoolbag in hand, but Xiao Xiao and ah yun stopped her, "Now, are you still in the mood to care about the professor's class? Something happened to Brother zhiyuan."

Xiao Xiao's words stunned Chang Manni.

After a few seconds, Chang Manni grabbed Xiao Xiao's hands anxiously, "What's wrong with Brother zhiyuan?"

Xiao Xiao's hand hurt from Mani's scratch. She knew that Mani cared about Brother zhiyuan very much.

Ah yun came over and explained patiently, "It's not for you! Today, everyone will take professor zhang's class together. You are professor zhang's precious student. He is curious why you didn't come to class today. And asked us if you were feeling unwell or if something happened at home."

After ah yun explained the reason, Xiao Xiao continued, "Then that dead girl Wang Danni said that you might be fooling around with another man. The bad thing is, not only did Lin Tianyou not stop Wang Danni, but they also coaxed that they didn't expect you to be such a cheap girl and that you wouldn't have to go to class if you had the money."

Chang Manni heard the whole story and understood what happened to brother Zhiyuan.

"So Brother zhiyuan hit Lin Tianyou?"

Ever since she was a child, Brother zhiyuan had been standing in front of her to protect her.

Lin Tianyou and Wang Danni slandered her so much, how could Brother zhiyuan just ignore her?

Xiao Xiao nodded painfully, "Lin Tianyou is getting married to Wang Danni. The Wang family is rich and powerful. A lot of boys have helped to curry favor with Lin Tianyou. Brother Zhiyuan was badly injured..."

Chang Manni felt like her heart was about to break. That was her dearest Brother zhiyuan, even though they were not related by blood.

But to Chang Manni, Brother zhiyuan was her family, her own brother.

Lin Tianyou, how dare she hurt her closest family?

That's too much!

"Where's brother Zhiyuan? In the health room or in the hospital?"

In order not to worry Mani, Xiao Xiao comforted her, "I went to the hospital. It's true that I was hurt a little badly, but my life is not in danger. Don't worry, that scumbag Lin Tianyou isn't any better either! Brother zhiyuan was beating his head to the size of a pig's head. But Wang Danni refused to let go and said that he would unite with the student union to pursue Brother zhiyuan's responsibility. They're going to sue him."

Chang Manni reached out and rubbed his temples, feeling dizzy.

She was angry.

That scumbag couple was too arrogant to bully Brother zhiyuan's family.

Brother zhiyuan's father, like Chang Manni's father, was a pilot. How could his family background compare to a rich man's daughter?

Chang Manni walked around anxiously, pressing her thumb into her mouth and nibbling.

Who could she ask for help at this moment?

All of their backgrounds combined, they couldn't compete with the Wang family.

If you want to fight the Wang family...

Suddenly, Chang Manni thought of someone!

Zheng Chenxuan!

Zheng family is one of the best on the Forbes list of rich people, and is ranked in the top ten in china.

Wang family, although powerful, was only a few hundred places away.

Such a disparity in power is the capital of a savage Wang family.

Chang Manni threw his bag to Xiao Xiao and ran straight out the door.

Xiao Xiao and ah yun chased after her, "Mani, where are you going?"

Mani turned around and said, "Xiao, ah yun, go to the hospital to take care of Brother zhiyuan first. I'll get help."

Xiao Xiao and ah yun stopped and looked at each other. They didn't know who Mani was looking for to settle the matter.

After Chang Manni left the school, he took a taxi to Zheng Chenxuan's company.

Cheng group, who doesn't know this place?

The driver stopped in front of the zheng's building. Chang Manni got out of the car and rushed in.

However, in the hall, the security guards were stopped at the first level.

"Miss, who are you looking for?"

"Zheng Chenxuan, I'm looking for Zheng Chenxuan!"

Chang Manni anxiously said Zheng Chenxuan's name, but the security guard used the walkie-talkie to call the other security guards: "There is a woman making trouble here, get out!"